Conquering Kota Kinabalu Part 2 (Photos only)

November 11, 2013

At the Kanopi

At Kaung. Another spot to take phote of Mt Kinabalu's peak

At the bay

The seafood! Yummy!

Floating at Pulau Sapi and Pulau Manukan

HDR : Pulau Manukan

Hikhik at Kundasang

Remnants of World War II that found at Pulau Manukan



Snorkeling ^^

Conquering Kota Kinabalu

November 10, 2013

Salam. At last I updated my blog. It's just I don't have things to write and things were just so messing up but Alhamdulillah I'm still alive. So,the past 5 days was really fun. I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with bunch of interesting new people I met- Iskandar , Shafiq Rahim, Helmi, Didie, Shikin and Kak Syahira. My trip to Sabah was really unplanned. Because I supposed to join a program with my fellow classmates to Australia but it happened to be postponed to January. Therefore, without thinking much, I accepted an open invitation from Iskandar to join his classmates and him to go to Sabah.

To be honest I've never been to Sabah and Sarawak. So, when I got the offer from Iskandar, I thought- why not? We went there on 6th and got back to semenanjung on 9th. It was so short but it was really good for a short escape.

Day 1- Reached KK. Checked in at Api-Api Homestay and walking around KK city. Ate seafood there. We were so fascinated with the size of the seafood there. So big, pricey but delicious. I guess good taste comes from good price, lol. Thankfully, we shared the food and it only costs about RM 10. That sums up the first night in KK.

Day 2- The journey began. We decided to go to Gunung Kinabalu. it took almost two hours. On our way to Gunung Kinabalu, we stopped at Rumah Terbalik- we didnt entered the place pun. Then, we continued the our journey. Along our way to go to the picture spot at Pekan Nabalu, we can see the Gunung Kinabalu and Subhanallah it is so beautiful! We just cant stopped taking pictures from inside the car since the view was so beautiful. Our tourist guide was so sporting, he stopped at place called Kaung to take photo- since at that spot we can see Gunung Kinabalu. After some picture was taken- we went straight to Pekan Nabalu. We were in rush since usually after 9AM the fog will hide the peak of Gunung Kinabalu. Fortunately,  we still can see the view even though at time it was almost 11 AM.Then, we went to Poring Air Panas, Kanopi, Desa Dairy Farm, Kundasang and at kaki gunung of Gunung Kinabalu. Later at that night- we ate seafood again. hoho

Day 3- Day 3 was the best part of all- Island Hopping.To be honest, this is my first island Hopping because my family doesnt really like sea or beach so we rarely choose to go there. But when you visit Sabah- it's a must to go to the islands there. Hello? The islands there were certified by UNESCO and you're Malaysian and dont care to visit it. Shame on you. hehe bajet habih. The highlight activity was snorkelling. OMG. That was my first time sinking on the water and got the chance to swim at the same place with the fish. Hoho, I'm so proud of myself since I cant swim.Well, I dont even dare to learn how to swim, fyi. we went to two islands- Pulau Manukan and Pulau Sapi. Pulau Manukan was so-so. I mean there were a lot of rubbish floating on the water and it happened to have a lot of rocks and it hurts your feet. Haih. In contrast, Pulau Sapi is a lot more clean and beautiful than Pulau Manukan. It's only RM25 to go there. So cheap for me.

Day 4- Before we got back to semenanjung, we went to Pasar Filipino and bought some souvineer  for family and friends.

It only costs me around RM 400 there included food, homestay, boat, transportation and the souvineer excluded the flight ticket. Yeah, for the time being I cant afford travelling overseas-but In shaa Allah if there's rezeki, I will one day. A great moment for me and Iskandar too because before the trip we were not seeing each other so much because he's busy with his PSM. But it wort it for the quality time. Thanks for his effort :) Well, I planned with some of my friends to be in Krabi after our teaching practical. Dont want to get too excited but we can plan slowly. In shaa Allah. That one fine day! Toodles!

** I cant upload the pictures since the internet was so sloww. I'll upload the pictures next time. XOXO

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