Feminine Wash as Face Wash to cure Breakouts?!

July 21, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hello all. Today I would like to talk about something that I wouldn't believe I will do it one day. As for the starter, my skin is terribly having breakouts and out of the blue, I was diagnosed to have  eczema. Hmm.. my skin has changing upside down due to my pregnancy and only God knows how I'm struggling with it. My whole body is itching. There are a lot of scars from scratching and I swear I cant even stand the itchiness. But yeah. things we do for love...for my dear baby <3

Now, back to business. Not only my body suffers, my face too (of course). My face became so dull and breakouts like when I was teenagers dulu ahaks. As soon as I knew I was pregnant, I am really particular of what I put on my skin because I'm afraid it will affect my baby.  Therefore, it was hard for me to find a face wash that is suitable for pregnant woman. As a result, I only wash my face with cold water every single day. But but but I realized, my skin is getting worse. I went to Watson and picked up a Eucerin face wash-because it is claimed to be dermatological tested. However, nothing's changed. Dah lah mahal masha Allah lepastu tak effective pulakkk urgh. Maybe some of you were wondering--- why am I so bother about the breakouts since it's definitely because of the changes of hormones since I am pregnant? My answer would be- who doesnt look good even though you're bloated, fat and pregnant? -.-'' 

I thought I met a dead end, but thank god I was stumbled upon a video about curing breakouts. Most of them recommend to use feminine wash to help to cure it. I was thinking, why not? Since I got a bottle of feminine wash (no added cost involved) and I think there is no harm trying it! I mentioned before I was particular with what I put on my skin since I got pregnant right? But why am I okay with putting feminine wash on ma face- my answer would be, I dont know-I'm just using my logic here... since the 'vajayjay' is the sensitive part, so the face skin. Therefore, I think it's safe to use haha. 

The one that I'm using is Lactacyd Soft and Silky Daily Feminine Wash. It is claimed to moisturize, prevents dryness and dermatological tested. As far as I knew, the suitable pH to use for our skin in pH 5.5. And as far as I concerned, feminine wash has a little bit lower pH (means it's acidic) between pH 3.8-pH 3.5. If I'm not mistaken, lower pH can make our skin a little bit dry and worst case, they can cause acne too haha. But I'm going to try it anyway :P Furthermore, this feminine wash contains lactic acid which I believe as the cleansing agent and protection against bacteria. In other words- it fights the bacteria which if we compare to the breakouts situations I'm having now, it could be because of the bacteria on my face. 

My thoughts:
I have been using this for almost three weeks now. I cant say that I'm impressed or it was the gift from heaven ke ape, but it does reduced the breakouts that I'm having now. The small pimples are almost invisible and the big ones seems to slow down a little bit. HOWEVER, it does NOT help me to brighten ke or make my skin looks less dull than before. It is just helping me with reducing the breakouts and not more than that. Cost wise, it is super saving because you can use it for your 'vajayjay' and for your face.Will I continue to use it after labour? Maybe yes or maybe not-depending on how my skin behaves after the labour haha

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