cant get enough

February 28, 2012

i'm really sorry. too vulnerable lately. i'm in distress and everything in a mess. i just dont get it why I'm always in rush and ppl around do the same. it's just some matters were not destined to happen like now. it's a God's timing. we just dont know.  I hate being pushed doing something that I'm not doing it not because I'm lazy or think that all that stuffs are being irrational, but I need a perfect timing. Please ...... listen to the timing.  So, some ppl told me that when you wait for a timing, it will never get right and it'll take forever. but here's what I'm thinking. If things will take forever,it'll be forever and it's a sign from the God, that you're not good enough for that. I hate being such a paranoia but things never work for me. The best conclusion ever. I just hate ppl talking when I'm. Ppl will never listen-keep it in your mind. I'm just a person with no importance. Persons who I'm holding to, leave one by one without looking back. That 's a true story.

February 26, 2012

hello ^^
one week after the second semester started. 
Alhamdullilahh... I'm still alive.
It was not so bad. Even though I received many assignments already, but I think this is better than I get the assignment at the peak time of the semester. at least I can be prepared (yeah). 

my mom said that we have to think positively and saying it everyday. so,I decided to say I'M GENIUS everyday..... : D


February 18, 2012

semester two starts on 19th. what can I do? this is my fate. I have to go back to the work. oh yeah ^^
 I hope I can reduce my whining. I'm always whining about how I hate for being in UTM. hehe... 
I try my best to be more positive with the situations. I WISH.

Since this is the first week of my second semester, I think my life will not so hectic. 
Maybe I will facing introducing myself again, course outline, find class, and oh..I want new seat arrangement. I want to sit on 2nd line. haha.


February 14, 2012

We always want the best. From the beginning till the end. 
But what if it doesn't -can we still smile and laugh?
 insecurities-complexes. I cant live without those things. That's what I am. 
Since the beginning I learn to accept the rejection and act like nothing happens. Sorry. 
I tried to be more positive and each time it becomes more worse.
So, I'm glad if someone can come and prove it isn't bad at all to be me. 
Words are not enough because tongue can lies.

I'm so okay. 


February 12, 2012

when I have a date. I really wanna do this with him :)


p/s: dear my future boyfriend, i hope you don't mind in helping me to realize my dream. o, boy it's easy.okay, 
I LOVE YOU....2012



February 02, 2012

today, I made my apple milk drink!! I'm so excited because this is my first shot and I did it. BEAUTIFUL. so, now I'm so kindhearted and I want to give the recipe. it is so easy and you'll look healthy and rich (?) while you're doing it. trust me. I had this feeling too.

okay. for the recipe, you'll just need four things.RED APPLE, MILK,SUGAR and.. BLENDER. so, for the apple I think , it is the best when you peel the skin and cut into dices. as much as you want. put it into the blender. and then pour your milk ( it is served well with your full cream milk or any kind of milk that you want) into the blender. you can pour it until the apple sink or the same level as the apple's amount or as much as you want. then put one spoon of sugar. don't put too much you can get diabetes. blend and served. and there you go....



February 01, 2012

they've met
I'm still stuck in my room.

*hearing ur voices through phone really made my day. i'll try my best for next monday or tuesday okay? pray for me. good start for February anyway.

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