February 02, 2012

today, I made my apple milk drink!! I'm so excited because this is my first shot and I did it. BEAUTIFUL. so, now I'm so kindhearted and I want to give the recipe. it is so easy and you'll look healthy and rich (?) while you're doing it. trust me. I had this feeling too.

okay. for the recipe, you'll just need four things.RED APPLE, MILK,SUGAR and.. BLENDER. so, for the apple I think , it is the best when you peel the skin and cut into dices. as much as you want. put it into the blender. and then pour your milk ( it is served well with your full cream milk or any kind of milk that you want) into the blender. you can pour it until the apple sink or the same level as the apple's amount or as much as you want. then put one spoon of sugar. don't put too much you can get diabetes. blend and served. and there you go....


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