Blow my whistle

December 26, 2012

okay this post's title is freaking wrong.
I'm gonna tell you how this blow my whistle thingy makes my life miserable
okay, in my family-from my mom's side, I'm the only one who is taking TESL as a major. yeah. 
in other words, taking English.
So, many of my family members will come to me when we talk about English and yeah, they did treat me like a 'walking dictionary' but whatever. 
So, yesterday, I have small family gathering in my Mak Tam's house and one of my nieces met me and he talked about how fluent of him in English
To be honest, I'm impressed with his effort to talk about it since it is school holiday and nobody wants to study at this time even though I'm in my study week to be honest.
So I transcribe the conversation: 

Niece:  Mak Long Ika, kite dah pandai English *dgn senyuman*
Me:  Oh, nice! cube speaking sikit
Niece:  kite tak pandai speaking lah Mak Long tapi kite blaja speaking dgn hafal lagu English.
Me:  wah, hebat tau skrg. oke, meh kiter dgr awak nyanyi lagu English.
Niece:  "can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby.let me know. Girl I'm gonna show you how to do it, and we start real slow, you just put your lips together.... bla bla*
Me:  *shocked* Okayyyyyy~~ pandai nye! so, mane tau lyrics2 ni. knp hafal lagu ni?
Niece:  Selalu dgr kat radio. Kite search lah lirik dy kat internet. Pandai kan kite nyanyi?
Me:  Pandai.. bagus2.. Ni tau tak maksud dy?
Niece:  nnt kiter nak bukak kamus, tgk mksud.
Me:  HA??? okay. lagu tu macam tak best la. Apa kata dgr lagu Maher Zain, dy pny perkataan lagi susah. nnt kalau awak gune, org mesti respek..!
Niece:  okay. lepas kite cari mksud lagu ni, kiter search lagu Maher Zain pulak ^^

Okay, seriously Flo Rida what have you done with my niece??! This song is obviously dirty and way too dirty. My first English song is I have A Dream by Westlife and my niece's first English song is Blow My Whistle by Flo Rida. To be honest, English songs nowadays are way too dirty and even me cannot handle it. I cant imagine my own children sing those dirty songs in the car, and seriously it is seriously annoying. I think learn English through songs is not valid anymore. 


December 20, 2012

I joined a competition from Samsung Malaysia and Nuffnag Mlaysia to win 5 passes to 
San Rio Hello Kitty Town. *scream*
I like Hello Kitty since I was really small :) Cutesy! 
So, basically I have to post a picture with my BFF and give an interesting caption. 
Hope I'll win those tickets! 
Pray for me guise :)

Here's the photo :D


the cure

December 18, 2012

when you feel ''I can't do it''
remember Allah is always by your side 
because He never sleeps 

The time will come
Nothing is impossible 
when He said,

almost nothing

December 16, 2012

this semester is way too heavy..
when you think it's almost over, you're wrong because there are so many assignments that piling up and you dont know where to start.

well, 'the thing' that has started is disappeared. Why is it started at the first place?

Dear me : be strong ^^

turn right

November 18, 2012

mid sem break is over.
 nomu appa T_T


August 28, 2012

because I got nothing to lose
erm.breaking free?


August 23, 2012

still doing same things
eating, meeting relatives, forgiving, ang-powing, full-house stomach

but still


August 12, 2012

full stop
can I pray to God? I want thiss..


August 10, 2012

This saturday (12/8/2012) I planned with my other friends to go Iftar at my school-SM Sains Muar. Actually,I cant attend the Iftar because I didnt register and pay for everything, but I will just go. Hehe. Wooow.. it's been a while for me-for being there. The last time, I was there for taking my SPM certificate in 2010 or early 2011 maybe. I dont even remember. 

So, I was a little bit nervous, happy, overwhelm (?) I cant even sleep. It is just how am I going to face or react in front of my friends, classmates, dorm mates, because people changed. I do. My mind now keep reminiscing my mems there. 

dorm mates

dorm mates

friends :)

soulmate. okay LAME. -.-''

This post is so childish and I'm gonna put my palm face here, because i'm too childish. This post is childish.

August 08, 2012

I think my blog posts are too clear. Damn. My talent. Someone caught me and he complained how it happened. That guy sms me,out of blue.

''So, you moved on?''
''Tell me more..''
''There's no more. I moved on.That's all''
''Because I was wasting my time. And thanks to you my school life was sucks. So I wont make you ruin my youth too. Enough?''
''Guess you will write this whole thing in your blog''
''Guess who's right? Well if you want the credit, I'll write your name bigger.''
''No thanks.''

I did a good job because I'm not the one who started it nor who ended it. Pls behave.


August 06, 2012

This morning was very cool and comfy. It was raining so, I got in mood. With Yiruma's songs, I wrote Hari Raya card for my friends. So this year, I give 5 kad raya. It was so random and I was asking my friends' address but they didnt. :( So, dont blame if you dont get any. I'm sad tbh. So, yesterday I went out and bought the cards. I was so surprised because the stamps value is 60 cents per envelope. The last time is 20 cents. Itsokay, 60 cents compared to the warmth of kad raya, I think it worth it. So, i'm gonna post those kad raya, tomorrow. Yeay! 

live like a lady :)

August 02, 2012

okay. I want to tell you a secret. Once upon a time, I joined art class. hah~ see? I grew up decently.I really like things that do not use much of my brain juice. More to skill, hand job . I asked my mom, if she let me join art class. And my mom, got some extra money at that time, so she registered me to one art class at my pekan. First time, I felt so awkward because I'm the only Malay in the class, and I joined class with the 2nd grade which the majority of the students is from a primary students-at that time I was in form 1.  


This is scrapping technique. you scrap while the colour still wet. 

this is my first painting. comel.

This is the hardest one. I don't really like and talented in sketching. Too much details and focus needed. You'll be fully starving after you did this. I'm not lying

this is my fav - RUST 1

WARNA PANAS. 2 weeks to complete this. seriously
Got tons of paintings, but next time ha. I attended this class for quite some time. But I quit because I have to enter boarding school. I really do like in drawing, paintings. There are many more to do in order to become a lady. If I get a chance, I want to try oil paintings which is very expensive and yoga. 


July 30, 2012

cis kelo. baru sehari dapat proper sleep now you're staying up. that's so not good. 
please be a human


July 28, 2012

hye, dah hari2 dok menghadap blog ni.  T_T Because I dont think people will read thiss. So I pour all my heart here. Oh nothing to say but some errr err complains I want to make. Something that I need to confess.

I cant spend my time on Tumblr like before because my broadband works slower than things that slower than turtle. The effect is, I spend most my time on facebook. Why I didnt spend my time on twitter? Because I dont know, maybe the feature of twitter is too heavy or something it takes time to load the page. sigh. You know, I think Barney was right. People on facebook are lame. Ok fine, I'm one of them. When you talk about facebook, the complains will be like endless. huiii.. I dont know why, I thought I had hide her STATUSES from my news feed, but it always come out. Oke, to be honest I dont like you. I like you, but the way you write your statuses are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo offended. I hope  pray people will stop liking your status so that you give up, and wont update your status for a verry long time.People will not change if you use rough words. So, you know. Thank god I'm not interested to follow your twitter account. 

T_T okay. When I'm on twitter, there is a guy. Okay my EX-crush because I dont like him anymore, he always on twitter when I'm on. Ok fine lah kan. But he always bother me like he say hi to all my friends there and he's like I'm gonna make you jealous, I'm gonna make you hate me because I dont say hi to you. Oh....what do you expect? I fall for that? I'm not even like you anymore. But dont get me wrong, maybe you want to blame me because I follow him at twitter but the thing is, HE FOLLOWED ME FIRST. astaghfirullah

ok judge me. You can say that I'm the one who give a damn. But I tried to ignore. Some say, why dont you talk to them or explain them or whatever. Hey, people nowadays are rude enough and I dont wanna be part of them. cries. dah dgn aq sekali LAME

the reason

July 27, 2012

okay. dah seminggu kiter berpuase. SELAMAT BERPUASA semua. hehe.okay, disebabkan sekarang tgh cuti sem, mmg takde pelah yg nak buat. tdo pukul 3 pagi, bagun sahur kol 4.45 pagi stay smpai suboh. pastuh tdo smpai pkul 2 petang 3 petang. pastuh selamba badak tgk TV smpai buka. manusia kah ini? hoho.. oke malam bermanfaat sikit lah sbb ade solat terawih kan. mujur lah,, ade ler aktiviti sikit. nih badan dah macam tong deram ni.

sbnrnye nak cerite pasal ape yang aq nampak kat masjid ni. Ok, takdelah rajin sgt, sbb bnyk dah lobang2 terawikh, baru seminggu pose. Oke, sementara tunggu Isya', aq selalu lah nengok2 org nih. mmg suke pun tgk2 org. Pastuh, mata terpaku kat sorg makcik ni, dah seminggu terawikh, hari2 aq nampak dy. Hari-hari pesyen dy same jek, pkai telekung without kain sbb dy pkai jubah hitam dgn stokin hitam. Oke, makcik nih..or should I call her nenek (?) nenek kot. Ok nenek nih dy mcm bongkok tau. I mean dy tak boleyh lah nak berdiri tegak mcm kiter2 ni. Dy bongkok skitlah, tp bukan bongkok sgt. Rasenye umor dy dlm 60 an- 70 an mcm tulah. 

Aq mmg selalu buat terawikh smpai habis tau. Sama mcm nenek tuh jugak. Pernah sekali tuh, kebetulan aq sembahyang sebelah dy. Nenek ni susah lah untuk dy sujud, rukuk tuh sume since dy bongkok and movement dy pun quite slow lah. Tp dy lgsung tak solat atas kerusi ker hape. I know it is hard for her. Sedangkan aq yg sehat2 nih pun lelenguh badan lagi dy bongkok tuh kan. 

So,moral of the story, kiter yg sehat2 nih rerajin lah buat ibadat. Mama kata,'' ha tgk tuh nenek tuh, kau patut malu dgn dy kalau nak buat terawikh 8 jek, solat pun malas.. sihat2 nak buat 8 jek." Ini yg buat lagi semangat nak kasik habis 23 rakaat setiap malam. InsyaALLAH. doakan saya :)

result alert

July 27, 2012

ALLAH.. I cant ask you no more..

hope I can maintain it for another 3 years. 

and congratz to my classmates. No matter how your result is, this is maybe the best for you. 
Work harder or I can say let us work harder together :)

beautiful eyes

July 26, 2012

my spectacles' power seems increasing day by day. I mean during this mid sem break I look at TV and my laptop screen more than I look at my reflection in the mirror. See how I benefit the usage of my eyes to see everything that only you can see through screen. I know I know. How can I be so pathetic enough? So you know I spent only 7 to 8 hours in a week to see other things because I only out of my house during the weekend. If my parents are nice enough to bring me out. Ok back to the eyes.

I want to tell you about *cough*my husband-boyfriend-soulmate-to-be*cough*. I met him last month, but I found him that I cant stop thinking about him lets say 2 weeks ago. He is older than me and he is a nice guy. Straight to the point, I stalked  investigated him on facebook. So, nothing much I can get from there. So, I realized that he had tumblr account. Which is very good- because he seems more open there. So, I learnt that he is very excited about the eyes. How to put in me too.

In 100 facts column of his tumblr blog, he stated that he really likes eyes. He said that when he found someone special it's okay if she cant speak or cant hear because through eyes, he can see everything. He said that he lives to see other's eyes so that he can knows other's heart. WOW. hopeless romantic. miaow. Me too. I mean I'm not using the eyes to see other's heart, but for god sake, eyes are the most erm erm pure? Because there is a place where you cant lie. You can shed fake tears but the eyes cant make you lie.

Hey there. So nice to know you.

P/s : oh,jemaah2 masjid jamek pekan nanas. sory kalau saya tak perasaan akan diri anda. ini kerana saya rabun dan tidak memakai spek ke masjid. segala ksulitan amat dihargai 

short and precise-o my parents

July 24, 2012

I'm not tall and not even short. but reality always kills us anyway. I'm halfway-of-150cm-to-160cm tall. Just consider I'm on my way to get 160cm in my twenties which is impossible because female stop growing vertically on 20 years old unless you grow horizontally. But my height did not give me a precise how I look. I'm not cute, not petite not what you imagine. T_T but my mom's words can always give you everything that you can imagine. FAILURE

So, I was ssssssssoooooooo excited and make a fuss about Big Bang's concert in Malaysia *of course*. They're not my favourite Kpop band but they have very good songs and good in singing live not like other bands. Like you-know-who. I want to go. So I planned everything with shaza, iem, atin . I decided to buy like the cheapest ticket -RM98. Everything is under control and you-know-who-because-I've-mentioned-above will always be out of you control. Physically and mentally.

I'm not dissapointed or complaining how the-person-stated-above did not give the permission to go there. There will be always a reason why they do that to you. They are worried of me because I am like the pine-APPLE of their eyes. but sometimes the way they talk do not even make sense with your situation.
So my parents were shaking their head to the right and left since I was happily saying to them that I am soooo going to the concert. I was like," I'm going to the concert because I pay the cheapest ticket, I have tons of friends will join me and the oppars will see me from far". Short and precise,all-killed answer I got was "So No"

I was practically persuaded my kind-hearted mom again yesterday during watching Jejak Rasul *alhamdullilah*. She said "Hell No" this time. And I was like, "Okay fine. So when you will give me the permission to go to the concert huh?" Short and precise, all-killed answer "With your husband" 


hye :)

July 19, 2012

hye. i'm in good mood :) hehe. ok bless me . AMIN.
since I have found my new love. I always smile even in my sleep. haha. oke, that's too much.
I cant wait for a new drama ''To The Beautiful You''. It' s a Korea version of Hana Kimi. 
Yess.. THAT Hana Kimi. 

actors and actress. yes the middle one is the actress. in case.

OMG YESS.. my baby Minho is the lead actor. a good looking hero is needed in a drama. no doubt.
ok ok ok ok bye :)

sbnrnye Hana Kimi jepun pun tak habis tgk lg. hoho, takpe skurang2nye tak tau ape ending dy. ececeh


July 15, 2012

i didn't mean to change my blog to tumblr :3

guy looks very attractive

July 14, 2012

guy looks very attractive while he is fixing things
guy looks very attractive when he focuses on his work
guy looks very attractive when his fingers dancing on the piano bars
guy looks very attractive when he is playing games
guy looks very attractive when he carries DSLR
guy looks very attractive when he smiles because he don't
guy looks very attractive when he stays by her side
guy looks very attractive on his intelligence
guy looks very attractive he pats on a child's head
guy looks very attractive because he's a leader
guy looks very attractive when he looks into her eyes
guy looks very attractive in a suit
guy looks very attractive in his silence
guy looks very attractive even by his voice
guy looks very attractive when he licks his lips
guy looks very attractive when he is honest
guy looks very attractive with gadgets
guy looks very attractive when he's loyal
guy looks very attractive in lather jacket
guy looks very attractive he only says what he needs
guy looks very attractive with nice timing
guy looks very attractive with black hair
guy looks very attractive not raise his eyes on any girl
guy looks very attractive doing push up
guy looks very attractive when he sweats
guy looks very attractive when he cooks

this is not a korean guy. please I've got a life.

July 12, 2012

as expected music help me to go through this.

July 11, 2012

If internet dies. I don't know whom i'll be talk to. 

whatever bnyk2 kali

May 27, 2012

i've seen many damages that had been caused by the second thoughts.
Yup,for simple-minded person like me, i became menyampah with people that always had a second thoughts. 
Cmon dude, setakat nak ajak keluar pun lu ade second thoughts, please, i advice you to stop thinking.
You think that you are cautious, matured, thoughtful person, but seriously you annoyed me. 
I mean, because of your second thought I've became left behind as you said you need time. whatever. huh whatever. 
I'm not saying that being a simple-minded person is good, but sometimes, by having second thoughts you are giving someone hope and then after your brain are blending with facts that maybe could never happen, you just destroyedddd the hope.
As a friend. you are not always right and don't over think.

May 09, 2012

I cant like the post you liked
I cant comment the post you commented
I cant be whenever you were
I cant follow you on twitter
I cant see your name on my timeline

I can only see your facebook profile
I can only see your protected twitter profile
I can only see your status
I can only see your pictures

I hope you wont forget me
I hope you wont forget me 
I hope you wont forget me
I hope you wont forget me

Because that's how we connected... Hope I'll be able to do this until you're mine

April 30, 2012



March 28, 2012

I clicked the shut down button. 
Is it possible to turn it on back?
after one day shut it down suddenly you dont feel anything already
heartless, emotionless, getting annoyed of crazy things.
I still wanna blame people around me that against what my heart wants. 
what if what they got, different from what I'll have? We're different person but why you mocking me with things that make it everything is hard.
at last, you are the one who got the smile, got to be different person 
me, I'm watching from far and smile or laugh if needed. 
at some point, it made me really furious with the fact that I already clicked the shut down button.
Now I have me, me , me and your story. 


March 21, 2012

I believe that in every part of us, we want to change. Me too. I realised that I'm going through several phases in my life. In the first ten years, I was someone who wanted to know about something new. In the next ten years, I wanted to know the meaning or reasons behind all what had happened. As I'm stepping for the another next ten years, I want to learn about how to appreciate what before me. Appreciating needs efforts and it is not easy. How can you appreciate the bad ones while we always appreciate the good ones? Doesn't make sense. But that is the one that I wanted to do in my future 20's. Things getting more serious, more fragile and crazier. 

I really hope I can find someone that appreciate what they had so, I can learn from them. Appreciation needs you to sincere with all you heart. Or maybe I should learn to be sincere first then to appreciate. but, but... I think as the process we will learn how to be sincere when we appreciate. I think. I just wanna be someone that live her life to the fullest and never regret anything that I made even though I made mistakes. You know how He arranged your life beautifully?  I just want to enjoy the journey and make the pain less. It is not easy I know but I think it is not that hard too. But you just can lessen the pain. I'm not talking about boys here, I'm just thinking what I've been doing in past 20 years. Make sense. Sometimes we just need to reflect back and take actions. Sit back and relax aren't good trends people. Pray for me. Pray for everyone that wanna make change and give people like us support and God will repay you back :)


thing that can never be done

March 06, 2012

so, what if someone wants something that maybe differ from what ppl usually want? Normal but yet just different. Oh, I can say sometimes it makes other miserable. I really want him but, since he is different from the others- makes me think 100times. maybe more. I can accept everything about him but I just cant help it to think what he thinks about me.  So, I went to one of my friends and said, '' Maybe he cant be yours, but when you need him, he'll be there''. At first, I can say, it is really hard to absorb what she said, but hell yeah, the truth is there. Maybe I want to have him because I cant have him yet.. It is all about my desire, not my need. I did asked about maybe he wanted to have a girlfriend and he said, he'll be banned and spend less time for his friends. well said. that's it.. I remain single.

And he's all I think about now. Maybe because he's the one who really understands me but I ask more from him.  damn, why am I so immature? He'll always by my side but I want him to be mine. You can ask many ppl to be by your side but to make them yours, it's not easy. Lately, relationships I had are not stable as they were. I dont know why. maybe I'm thinking too much and imagine things that will not happening will happen. I just dont know. One question : why is it so hard to be with the one you love and care about?

cant get enough

February 28, 2012

i'm really sorry. too vulnerable lately. i'm in distress and everything in a mess. i just dont get it why I'm always in rush and ppl around do the same. it's just some matters were not destined to happen like now. it's a God's timing. we just dont know.  I hate being pushed doing something that I'm not doing it not because I'm lazy or think that all that stuffs are being irrational, but I need a perfect timing. Please ...... listen to the timing.  So, some ppl told me that when you wait for a timing, it will never get right and it'll take forever. but here's what I'm thinking. If things will take forever,it'll be forever and it's a sign from the God, that you're not good enough for that. I hate being such a paranoia but things never work for me. The best conclusion ever. I just hate ppl talking when I'm. Ppl will never listen-keep it in your mind. I'm just a person with no importance. Persons who I'm holding to, leave one by one without looking back. That 's a true story.

February 26, 2012

hello ^^
one week after the second semester started. 
Alhamdullilahh... I'm still alive.
It was not so bad. Even though I received many assignments already, but I think this is better than I get the assignment at the peak time of the semester. at least I can be prepared (yeah). 

my mom said that we have to think positively and saying it everyday. so,I decided to say I'M GENIUS everyday..... : D


February 18, 2012

semester two starts on 19th. what can I do? this is my fate. I have to go back to the work. oh yeah ^^
 I hope I can reduce my whining. I'm always whining about how I hate for being in UTM. hehe... 
I try my best to be more positive with the situations. I WISH.

Since this is the first week of my second semester, I think my life will not so hectic. 
Maybe I will facing introducing myself again, course outline, find class, and oh..I want new seat arrangement. I want to sit on 2nd line. haha.


February 14, 2012

We always want the best. From the beginning till the end. 
But what if it doesn't -can we still smile and laugh?
 insecurities-complexes. I cant live without those things. That's what I am. 
Since the beginning I learn to accept the rejection and act like nothing happens. Sorry. 
I tried to be more positive and each time it becomes more worse.
So, I'm glad if someone can come and prove it isn't bad at all to be me. 
Words are not enough because tongue can lies.

I'm so okay. 


February 12, 2012

when I have a date. I really wanna do this with him :)


p/s: dear my future boyfriend, i hope you don't mind in helping me to realize my dream. o, boy it's easy.okay, 
I LOVE YOU....2012



February 02, 2012

today, I made my apple milk drink!! I'm so excited because this is my first shot and I did it. BEAUTIFUL. so, now I'm so kindhearted and I want to give the recipe. it is so easy and you'll look healthy and rich (?) while you're doing it. trust me. I had this feeling too.

okay. for the recipe, you'll just need four things.RED APPLE, MILK,SUGAR and.. BLENDER. so, for the apple I think , it is the best when you peel the skin and cut into dices. as much as you want. put it into the blender. and then pour your milk ( it is served well with your full cream milk or any kind of milk that you want) into the blender. you can pour it until the apple sink or the same level as the apple's amount or as much as you want. then put one spoon of sugar. don't put too much you can get diabetes. blend and served. and there you go....



February 01, 2012

they've met
I'm still stuck in my room.

*hearing ur voices through phone really made my day. i'll try my best for next monday or tuesday okay? pray for me. good start for February anyway.


January 31, 2012

ALHAMDULLILAH.. all is well
but i do look weird.


January 27, 2012

life is full of surprises. 
so my life.from the past few days, i've been facing with surprises that will change me forever. mark my word. FOREVER. 
and everything starts on this SUNDAY. oh my god. to be honest, i'm so freaking out for this SUNDAY-4PM. Its just I'm worried to let go something that had been with me for 20 years and looking forward for something that will not gonna let me down. 
That's why suddenly I'm not confirm about hanging out in Melaka. I hope it'll be okay if I cant make it, and my friends will understand me. I hope it'll be fine if I go there and not being judged. Because i'll be different from  someone that you've ever known.  

Semoga Allah mempermudahkan segala perjalananku untuk hari itu dan seterusnye. 

why i'm not close enough with my schooldays friends

January 22, 2012

I have traveled many places even during my schooldays. i mean inside Johor. From pekan nanas, i moved to one school at muar. its quite far more than 90km. well, even though you cant tell any differences between school in pekan nanas and muar, but for me, you cant measure the differences because it was more than the earth and the sun's distance. 

oke. let me start from my kindergarten.. i'm not remember anything.. unless syukri. oh he's my bf during my kindergarten days.  the only memory still lingering in my mind is, after class, we went to play swings, and he shared his vitagen with me. we shared the same straw. kyaaa~~ so indirect kiss happened *blush* during kindergarten days, only emad still in contact with me, but that's all

next, primary school. oke. primary school nothing happened. me with my cliques jek, like bella, zul, paan, hakim and farid. yet, when evrybody at pekan nanas and wanna hangout, then we will contact to each other. paan-he had many problemsss with me. whatever. 

for my secondary school--there were bella, tiara, nabilah hussin, uje, tikah ramli, halim? paan, farid. well, its quite few but still, they have their own life. I knew what happened to them but,,, we're you know only sometimes.

my high school. oke, tbh, they kind a weird. no I'M WEIRD. well, i'm not going to explain on them. 

UITM TESL friends are awesome... they're superb the best!!! I LOVE THEM.

UTM friends.. idk but certain ppl - anith, maira, ika. ahaha.. and i'm still awkward arund my classmates fyi. but its okay, i have another 7 sems with them. 

the reasons? IDK. i'm not cool enough . HAHA

walkie talkie

January 21, 2012

I see you cant leave ur house. Can I buy us a walkie talkie? so that we can keep talking to each other all the time. I'm sick and you're too attached. I'm still not prepared to slip out ur fingers when I am not really have a grip on you.

P/s : I wait you on my window. Find me there.

new bg

January 20, 2012

if blog dies

at least my blog will die in dignity

it's so beautiful \(^.^)/


January 18, 2012

The horrible girl remembering her last time she's crying. It was a dark night. Meeting that nice boy was ripping her heart. As they looked into each other's eyes, the horrible girl remembered of their first meeting. Their hearts were fluttering and both of them barely breathing as they were trembling. But that night, it was different..  That nice boy that previously did not has a guard to call the horrible girl, at last open his mouth. Reaching out his hands ended up with falling.The stone-hearted horrible girl cant stand her view. She quickly grabbed his man's hands. Their eyes met. 

Tears rolling out. That nice man, can't stand anymore and realize how he was in the same state. The burden between the was reaching the climax . After a long fight, they still lose. They didn't blame anyone. It was just a sign from God that they were not meant for each other. The white flag was flown.

The world remains silent. Life goes on. 

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