short and precise-o my parents

July 24, 2012

I'm not tall and not even short. but reality always kills us anyway. I'm halfway-of-150cm-to-160cm tall. Just consider I'm on my way to get 160cm in my twenties which is impossible because female stop growing vertically on 20 years old unless you grow horizontally. But my height did not give me a precise how I look. I'm not cute, not petite not what you imagine. T_T but my mom's words can always give you everything that you can imagine. FAILURE

So, I was ssssssssoooooooo excited and make a fuss about Big Bang's concert in Malaysia *of course*. They're not my favourite Kpop band but they have very good songs and good in singing live not like other bands. Like you-know-who. I want to go. So I planned everything with shaza, iem, atin . I decided to buy like the cheapest ticket -RM98. Everything is under control and you-know-who-because-I've-mentioned-above will always be out of you control. Physically and mentally.

I'm not dissapointed or complaining how the-person-stated-above did not give the permission to go there. There will be always a reason why they do that to you. They are worried of me because I am like the pine-APPLE of their eyes. but sometimes the way they talk do not even make sense with your situation.
So my parents were shaking their head to the right and left since I was happily saying to them that I am soooo going to the concert. I was like," I'm going to the concert because I pay the cheapest ticket, I have tons of friends will join me and the oppars will see me from far". Short and precise,all-killed answer I got was "So No"

I was practically persuaded my kind-hearted mom again yesterday during watching Jejak Rasul *alhamdullilah*. She said "Hell No" this time. And I was like, "Okay fine. So when you will give me the permission to go to the concert huh?" Short and precise, all-killed answer "With your husband" 


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