July 28, 2012

hye, dah hari2 dok menghadap blog ni.  T_T Because I dont think people will read thiss. So I pour all my heart here. Oh nothing to say but some errr err complains I want to make. Something that I need to confess.

I cant spend my time on Tumblr like before because my broadband works slower than things that slower than turtle. The effect is, I spend most my time on facebook. Why I didnt spend my time on twitter? Because I dont know, maybe the feature of twitter is too heavy or something it takes time to load the page. sigh. You know, I think Barney was right. People on facebook are lame. Ok fine, I'm one of them. When you talk about facebook, the complains will be like endless. huiii.. I dont know why, I thought I had hide her STATUSES from my news feed, but it always come out. Oke, to be honest I dont like you. I like you, but the way you write your statuses are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo offended. I hope  pray people will stop liking your status so that you give up, and wont update your status for a verry long time.People will not change if you use rough words. So, you know. Thank god I'm not interested to follow your twitter account. 

T_T okay. When I'm on twitter, there is a guy. Okay my EX-crush because I dont like him anymore, he always on twitter when I'm on. Ok fine lah kan. But he always bother me like he say hi to all my friends there and he's like I'm gonna make you jealous, I'm gonna make you hate me because I dont say hi to you. Oh....what do you expect? I fall for that? I'm not even like you anymore. But dont get me wrong, maybe you want to blame me because I follow him at twitter but the thing is, HE FOLLOWED ME FIRST. astaghfirullah

ok judge me. You can say that I'm the one who give a damn. But I tried to ignore. Some say, why dont you talk to them or explain them or whatever. Hey, people nowadays are rude enough and I dont wanna be part of them. cries. dah dgn aq sekali LAME

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