low class of bitch

September 29, 2011

okay. hari ni, aq mengamuk tahap 1000 tahun pny volcano tak meletup. okay. ini mmg ayat clishe tp aq betul maksudkan ape yg aq ckp. AQ TAK CARI PASAL DGN ORG LAIN. tp kalau org cucuk2 aq, and saje cari pasal... mmg aq tak segan2 ar nk bagi gelaran kat kau.



aq dah tanak simpan dah. so tahan sikit. sape tak tahan, siler tutup blog saye nih. kat sini, aq sertakan skalik sebab2 knp kau dapat title nih tak pasal2. oh, yg dah bace kat twitter saye mybe dah tau. tp tak dulik.. nk ulang2 jugak. :P

1. kau tak lawa. sbb bitch biase lawa2.. *sory aq dah geram
2. kau tak kaye. stkat duit PTPTN jgn nk belagak... bukan scholar pun
3. kau tak pakai lipstick. oh please.... jgn nk kampung sgt *aq mmg budak kmpung*
4. kau tak de kereta. puhlishhhhhhhhhhhh lah.
5. kau baik. i mean kau mmg baik tp mulut kau.. kalau nk jadik high class pny bitch kau kene jahat spnjg masa.. cmonn..
6. kau tade followers pun.. what a SHAME
7. baju kau tak banyak. and tak lawa. sorry.
8. kau tade style senidiri. kau ikut kawan baik kau tuh pny style an? LAME
9. aq tak paham ape kau cuba buktikan
10. LAST : kau emo. END

so basically korg akn pggil aq bitch jugak. i know. iknow. but tp kalau korg kat position aq, tepuk pp dy laju2 pun belum tentu puas. masalah aq mmg tak besar lgsg, tp disebabbkan bukan aq yg mula and aq tak sentuh pun DY tuh, tuh yg wat aq MARAHHH sgt. kenapalah hari2 aq kene mengadap muka kau. and tadi kau boleyh nk bermesra2 dgn aq? go die. pegi gali lubang tanam muka kau. jgn harap nk dpt layann yg baik lagi lah. sekian terima kasih.


September 27, 2011

i hate random questions. since i was born. especially the things that i dont PREFER to talk about. so lately i spend most of my time thinking something weird. but possible.
I was thinking if my boys classmates ask me. "DO YOU HAVE CELLULITE?"

it is not a nice and pleasant question. but can you imagine one of ur classmates asks u the question. it is not possible rite? so what answer twill u give them.
"NO, I DON'T" damn. if u are skinny then they can believe you, if i say NO. it means i've got MANY cellulite.
or "YES, SOME PARTS" of course they will immediately set eyes on you. and vigorously imagine which parts that you meant.
scary rite. I KNOW.
so please hate random questions like me. *with sweet face*

darn it

September 23, 2011

1. class starts on 3pm
2. but i've group discussion in the morning-DUN FEEL LIKE GOING
3. tbh.here TAK BEST
4. okay. 6 pages of SHORT STORIES. have 2 come out with meaningful 10 lines and I DONT READ IT YET. 
5. have to come out with 2 lines of literature products and make the professor cry -.-""



September 19, 2011

so, its been so long right. i know i know. hari raya, orientation, not working wi-fi.. its HELL. but yo! here i am .okay. something big happened . you know. something that INNOCENTLY made my life in misery. it means that ME NO GUSTA . i met some DERPIES. i met some FREAKIES. i met some GORGIES. aha.. what do you expect i'm in new place. and i know i'll be okay. its all about the first impression. haha.. because i always had bad first impression towards someone but apparently...its PROVED. haha... i hope i meet no luck this time. you know what i meant? i said, i hope all my first impressions are just wrong. heh...that's what i meant. 

life in campus isn't that bad. but I feel TERRIBLE. for the time being lah. I did NOTHING. all I remember is me lying on the bed sleeping. and  I feel GREAT. but i'm a normal person. life isn't great when all you do is sleeping. wanna know bout my classmates? profs? classes? hold on. I will not tell you about those things like right now or in 2 months or in my first semester. because its 4 year thinggy-or 8 semester in whole to finish. those things are not pleasantly to share for NOW. but who knows... one day its gonna be one of my best mems. all I am looking forward is GOING TO SINGAPORE ! cheers for meia's mom approval. if not.... there gonna be a big HURMMMM...

oh I'm watching HIMYM. and thats what I DO too. :) nite !

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