September 19, 2011

so, its been so long right. i know i know. hari raya, orientation, not working wi-fi.. its HELL. but yo! here i am .okay. something big happened . you know. something that INNOCENTLY made my life in misery. it means that ME NO GUSTA . i met some DERPIES. i met some FREAKIES. i met some GORGIES. aha.. what do you expect i'm in new place. and i know i'll be okay. its all about the first impression. haha.. because i always had bad first impression towards someone but apparently...its PROVED. haha... i hope i meet no luck this time. you know what i meant? i said, i hope all my first impressions are just wrong. heh...that's what i meant. 

life in campus isn't that bad. but I feel TERRIBLE. for the time being lah. I did NOTHING. all I remember is me lying on the bed sleeping. and  I feel GREAT. but i'm a normal person. life isn't great when all you do is sleeping. wanna know bout my classmates? profs? classes? hold on. I will not tell you about those things like right now or in 2 months or in my first semester. because its 4 year thinggy-or 8 semester in whole to finish. those things are not pleasantly to share for NOW. but who knows... one day its gonna be one of my best mems. all I am looking forward is GOING TO SINGAPORE ! cheers for meia's mom approval. if not.... there gonna be a big HURMMMM...

oh I'm watching HIMYM. and thats what I DO too. :) nite !

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