May 27, 2013

I need a hug hug hug. Oh a hug hug hug. oh huggggg~


May 27, 2013

I was having conversation with Kak Fasiha about what I'm gonna be after grad. To be honest- all I could think of is continuing my study a.k.a taking master. I would say, that is so TIMID version of me. before this, I was so adventurous, inspirational and so not afraid of trying. But now, I'm so lazy, cheap, broken and bent.  Where's the concept of wild, young and free?! I don't know!! Let me show you the version of me after I finished my foundation. I have so many opts- I wanna take degree in English (Literature) or I wanna take architectures or Art and Designs, or major in Masscom as a journalist *i'd like to be a food journalist* You know, one thing I've found from my lecturers in Foundation, they encouraged us to be more than a teacher.  You can see there are a lot from my batch choose English, Procom,mascom or even culinary for their first degree. The thing is, my lecturers in my foundation years were so inspiring and did not give us the pressure to be a teacher ONLY. Let me review the version of me now. All I want to do after my graduation, I just want to further my studies and at some point in my life I just wanna settle down and having kids. That's all. No more opts that I could find in my head. 

Actually, I have plans of yeah to be more me rather than following the 'educational' flow. But I think my life is all about being what society and family want  me to be. Oh gosh these things reminded me how fooled I am in recent incidents of my life. I don't wana talk about it. I've found it is so relevant to keep everything with my self and share this to no one, since I have no one interested to me nowadays. I hope it's all about timing. Maybe at this moment I just so messed up with my life and I hope one day Allah show me what I should be. Bak kata Yana- Yang terbaik pun tak semestinya mmg baik untuk aku. Indeed Allah knows the best.


May 21, 2013

a delightful evening. and yeah I got the sweater. 

Response to my questions.

May 18, 2013

"A sister asked Sheikh Yawar Baig a question regarding marriage; This was his response.


I want to get married to this man in my university who says that the best thing for him is to get married to get out of the temptations that surround him. He is still a student on scholarship and has no income or career. What is your advice?


جزاك اللهُ خيراً for your question. My advice is that you learn to eat grass. If you marry someone without an income, that is what you will need to be able to do at some point. Sorry to be rude – but as George Bernard Shaw said, ‘You must never be afraid to offend people because that is the only time that they listen.’ So I hope you are offended and can wake up from the hormone induced dream that you are in before it turns into a nightmare.

For a man to be suitable to marry, you must look for three things:

1. How is his Deen?
-Is he on the Shari’ah and Sunnah?
-Is he particular to avoid the doubtful things? (Does he eat doubtful chickens and drink Coke/Pepsi?)
-How are his manners? Not to you – but to all around him.
-Is he argumentative and combative about everything? Is he an auto-refuter?
-Is he kind and considerate to those weaker than him? Does he thank the waiter and the doorman?
-Is there a smile on his face or a frown? Does he have a sense of humor?
-Is he smart? Does he read more than comics? Can you have a serious, sensible conversation with him?
-Is his brain bigger than his biceps? (If he proposed to you without an income, I seriously doubt that it is)
-Is his language that of inclusion or exclusion – looking down on others who he considers as not so good Muslims as himself?
-Does he praise more or criticize more? Is he forgiving of others or eager to expose their faults?
-How particular is he about avoiding Haraam (Sorry to point out, but if he was having conversations with you without a Mahram, he and you were already indulging in Haraam)?

2. Can he support himself?
-How? Not dreams and smooth talk – but actual nuts and bolts. Here and now?
-Has he completed his education? How much longer will that take?
-Will his family support this marriage of yours until he can get a job (lousy situation to be in but better than eating grass)?
-What is his profession and how soon can he get a job?
-What kind of income does he have today and what can he look forward to?
-Is that enough to support you and your family?
-Believe me, today you may think that you can live on love and sunshine but I doubt that you can pay your rent with sunshine. Neither will sunshine buy you bread – that’s why I said that you may like to start eating grass because that is free and maybe you can even hire your services out as a walking lawn mower and make some money as well.

3. How compatible are you with each other and each other’s families?
-That means that you wake up and ask some basic questions like what do they eat?
-Where do they come from? Country and culture. Not race. I have seen marriages between Africans and African Americans break up in six months because Africans and African Americans are two different cultures, even though racially they are the same. Race doesn’t matter. Culture does. Difference is not bad. Incompatibility is. And many a time, difference translates as incompatibility.
-What is the relationship and expectation from the parents in law? 
-How do they live? Are they from a multi-marriage culture where your husband-to-be who can’t resist temptations today will once again not be able to resist temptations and will take unto himself another wife; and perhaps another. So how will you take to that?
-What kind of financial background do your husband’s family come from? Is there too much of a disparity?
My mother used to say, ‘To patch a tear in a muslin garment you don’t use gold brocade.’

Finally of all the dumb reasons to marry is to ‘stay out of temptation’. I know I have just put myself in line for the Fatawa of all my ‘strong’ brothers who will strike me down with this and that Hadith. But before I go down, let me say to you, my dear sister, in plain words; What he is saying in effect is that he needs a legal means for sex.

So what happens when the hormones are not boiling any longer? He’s not marrying you for yourself. He is marrying you for himself. That is the worst reason to get married to anyone for. Believe me and wake up. Or keep sleeping and find out for yourself when the dream turns into a nightmare. After all nightmares are also dreams.

I will tell you what happens in 9 cases out of 10. When things get too tough and you demand time, attention and money, he will walk away and you will be left holding the baby – quite literally. Then what are you going to do?

So wake up and answer this questionnaire and if he comes out on top, by all means marry him. If not suggest to him to take cold showers – maybe he should put his bed in the shower – and you focus on your education. You came to the university to study. Not to look at boys. He came to study. Not to look at girls. Concentrate on your education. Get distinction. And go home. And then see what Allah has in store for you in terms of your Rizq – a husband you can look up to and be proud of. A husband who will be proud of you and treat you like a princess – not only during your honeymoon but for all your life.

I wish you all the best in this world and the next."-via Aisyah Anasmosa.

So, what do you think? I feel like I've been slapped in my face like 100 times.I've been in a relationship for quite some time and I'm lying if I said I've never discussed about marriage and stuff. Thank god he's more rational than I am, whenever marriage was mentioned he will say,"duit takde. Nak kawen macam mane? nak bagi awak makan ape? "

I have a friend here in UTM, he is in his third year now, and he's going to marry a student from UIA in October. I have been wondering how he will be managed things such as the pressure to be far from his wife, money of course, and how about the things that are unplanned happens?And for me, his future wife is an overly-attached type, so how he is going to manage all this pressure?But I've never expected anything worst and bad from him. He is a nice guy, if his intentions are good, May Allah bless him and his wife because to be married at a young age isnt an easy task. 

Well, this is such an eye-opener for me. Not only what to think about when I decided to get married but it makes me realized, am I a good muslimah and slave to Allah S.W.T? I know, to be in a relationship itself is a sign that I'm not abiding the rules that Allah S.W.T has created for us. Because to be in a relationship itself I've put myself in Zina. Remember? "La Takrabuzzina"- Dont you ever attached yourself in zina? I dont want to explain more, because I think we're matured enough to think what is Haram and Halal. Hurm there are so many things to think about. May Allah S.W.T forgive all my sins. Amin. 

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