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Feminine Wash as Face Wash to cure Breakouts?!

July 21, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hello all. Today I would like to talk about something that I wouldn't believe I will do it one day. As for the starter, my skin is terribly having breakouts and out of the blue, I was diagnosed to have  eczema. Hmm.. my skin has changing upside down due to my pregnancy and only God knows how I'm struggling with it. My whole body is itching. There are a lot of scars from scratching and I swear I cant even stand the itchiness. But yeah. things we do for love...for my dear baby <3

Now, back to business. Not only my body suffers, my face too (of course). My face became so dull and breakouts like when I was teenagers dulu ahaks. As soon as I knew I was pregnant, I am really particular of what I put on my skin because I'm afraid it will affect my baby.  Therefore, it was hard for me to find a face wash that is suitable for pregnant woman. As a result, I only wash my face with cold water every single day. But but but I realized, my skin is getting worse. I went to Watson and picked up a Eucerin face wash-because it is claimed to be dermatological tested. However, nothing's changed. Dah lah mahal masha Allah lepastu tak effective pulakkk urgh. Maybe some of you were wondering--- why am I so bother about the breakouts since it's definitely because of the changes of hormones since I am pregnant? My answer would be- who doesnt look good even though you're bloated, fat and pregnant? -.-'' 

I thought I met a dead end, but thank god I was stumbled upon a video about curing breakouts. Most of them recommend to use feminine wash to help to cure it. I was thinking, why not? Since I got a bottle of feminine wash (no added cost involved) and I think there is no harm trying it! I mentioned before I was particular with what I put on my skin since I got pregnant right? But why am I okay with putting feminine wash on ma face- my answer would be, I dont know-I'm just using my logic here... since the 'vajayjay' is the sensitive part, so the face skin. Therefore, I think it's safe to use haha. 

The one that I'm using is Lactacyd Soft and Silky Daily Feminine Wash. It is claimed to moisturize, prevents dryness and dermatological tested. As far as I knew, the suitable pH to use for our skin in pH 5.5. And as far as I concerned, feminine wash has a little bit lower pH (means it's acidic) between pH 3.8-pH 3.5. If I'm not mistaken, lower pH can make our skin a little bit dry and worst case, they can cause acne too haha. But I'm going to try it anyway :P Furthermore, this feminine wash contains lactic acid which I believe as the cleansing agent and protection against bacteria. In other words- it fights the bacteria which if we compare to the breakouts situations I'm having now, it could be because of the bacteria on my face. 

My thoughts:
I have been using this for almost three weeks now. I cant say that I'm impressed or it was the gift from heaven ke ape, but it does reduced the breakouts that I'm having now. The small pimples are almost invisible and the big ones seems to slow down a little bit. HOWEVER, it does NOT help me to brighten ke or make my skin looks less dull than before. It is just helping me with reducing the breakouts and not more than that. Cost wise, it is super saving because you can use it for your 'vajayjay' and for your face.Will I continue to use it after labour? Maybe yes or maybe not-depending on how my skin behaves after the labour haha


April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black 2.0

May 13, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hello! It's been awhile since I posted my last product review. My life is super hectic now but let's just say Alhamdulillah for everything. Okay. for this post I'm super duper excited of buying and getting this product at the first place. This is because, I heard a lot of good things about this product and I'm pretty sure why :)

I have never interested in cushion foundation/bb/cc cushion before. This is because I know cushion usually gives you a dewy effect and have low coverage. Since I have an acne prone and oily skin, those kinds of products should be avoided and what I need is matte, oil control and medium to high coverage. However, since my foundation is almost finish and I dont want to buy heavy foundation anymore since I'm pregnant right now, so I thought why not of trying cushion for once, right?

I logged in to Hermo.my and started to browse and I saw April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black 2.0. People say, dont judge a book by it's cover but hey... this cushion caught my attention on the sleek black packaging. After reading some reviews and watching youtube review, I decided to get mine. 

After few days, I was so excited to receive my parcel. This is the look of the box. The box was made by non-glossy material and decorated by gold fonts and border. It looked fancy. It was sealed properly and for the packaging, I have no complains at all. All is well. 

As I opened the box, I could see the cushion and I thought it was so smart. The container is all black and the fonts were in gold. It looked so exclusive and the material itself not just like other cushion. It was non-glossy container, not  like a usual cushion container would be.

When I opened the lid, I can see a typical cushion sponge but in black colour.  After that, there was a mirror attached to the lid. Not that important, but I kinda disappointed with the quality of mirror of this cushion. I mean, the mirror is a dull one and you could possibly can see your reflection on the mirror. It's funny because it was first time getting that kind of mirror- I mean with the price that I paid, with the hype that I've heard, it's just so funny getting a mirror like this :P

As for the second layer of it, it was the place where the foundation is stored. It was sealed by a plastic cover on top of the sponge where the foundation is stored. Once you press the sponge, the foundation will come out.

Claims & Reality: 
1. Claims : It is said to provide you with flawless coverage- high and natural coverage. 
    Reality : I must say it's true. I have acne pigmentation and it helps to cover it up. To get better                         coverage, I usually do two layers on the affected areas only.
2. Claims: Moisturizing Texture - great adherence for lasting coverage and easy touch ups without
                causing cakeyness. 
    Reality : Yes, it's moisturizing. Does it long lasting? Well, it depends. From my experience, if I am
                 exposed to high humidity, sweating, I think you need to touch up. It does looks cakey, in
                 my case on the chin area -but maybe this is just my skin problem. 
3. Claims: Smooth application - glides smoothly with 45% water-based formula
    Reality: Yes, it gives you smooth application and glides smoothly despite of my skin condition. 

The only verdict I have for this product is the shade range. There are only 3 colour to choose which is 21 Light Beige, 22 Pink Beige and 23 Natural Beige. I think they should be aware that Asian have wide skin tones range and 23 Natural Beige can cater for 'sawo matang' like me which is slightly tanned than usual.

Final thoughts: 
All in all, I think this is one of the products that I think I would repurchase, because why not? It's easy, compact and have good coverage for acne prone skin like me. It's very convenient to bring it everywhere and took shorter time to set it. It would be nice if they add more shades and sell the refill because I dont think they have one yet? (sorry if I'm wrong)

Disclaimer: this review is not sponsored. 

She's strong but she's exhausted

April 13, 2017

Hello all. This overdue post has been in the draft since forever. It's just there are so may things happening in past few months. I realized there are so many things I want to tell but there is no words coming out : verbally or non-verbally. I now tend to put aside what I'm feeling for the sake of everything and everybody. Somehow, I feel I have lost myself when now is the best time to show who I am. 

I am right now so confused with what is happening. What's the reality, what's the truth and what's the dream that I know that will not come true. The question that I've always asked myself lately is, "Who controls my life?" Is it me, other people and God? I'm totally fine and already believed that the one who controls my life is always Him. However, in the most of the time, I feel like somebody else dare to invade and control my decisions and all the things that are happening. Obviously, I'm not talking about my husband -.-'' because he lets me to do anything that I want as long as it 's not breaking any rules. And obviously too, I'm talking about other entities that I'm not sure how and why I am related to them. 

To be honest, to describe my life in numbers: if there are 40% of good things that happened in my life are good ones, the rest is the opposite. I thank Allah for all the good things that happened to me, but I just could not stand carrying my long sorrow. I definitely knew what makes me so fragile and one of the reasons is my working environment. I wake up everyday for something that I hate and I know it  is not cool. but do I have choice? No. I've done a lot of reflections, building up strategies and read a lot of articles that I think could lift my spirit up but it does not last long. I end up being disappointed with myself because I am not be able to make my own self happy in any situations. This is totally not me. I break into tears almost everyday and could not face the truth that I'm losing.  I know, at the end of the day, I will found myself curling, hugging my own self to tears and not knowing what to do.

I found myself hating the situation when everyone tell me to be patient and stay strong. Can't you see? If I'm not THIS patient, THIS strong: I would not be able to be here today.  I hate everyone who does not really listen to me but busy trying to comfort me. I don't need comfort, I just need what I want. I want to change my workplace, I want to be with my family, I want to enjoy my first pregnancy, I don't want to eat alone, I want to talk to somebody when the hellish day at school ends, I want to wake up beside someone I love, I want to be with someone who can rub my back when I'm puking, I want somebody to be by my side when the cramps hit me at night and I want to share every single moment in my life with people who truly love me. 

I'm tired facing the same shitty problem everyday. Yes, shitty. Thanks for the torture guys. Thanks a lot. 

Letter to My Future Husband, Iskandar Bin Aminudin

October 23, 2016

Assalamualaikum. In shaa Allah in just less than 15 days, I will be someone's wife. I'm nervous like hell but to be honest I'm relieved to actually bring my relationship to 'halal' status (^.^) Haha. No matter how excited we are to be pronounced as a husband and wife, we realised that we both have worries  and insecurities about our future together. Hence, I'm writing this letter for you my love, about things that I might not have guts to say but I think you need to know how I truly feel about it. Of course I'm not posting it in Facebook since I feel just fine to write for my blog since there's no one will read it anyway *shrug*

The Thank You's
First of all, I want to start this letter by thanking you for all of the things that you have done for me. It sounds cliche but I think it is the best and suitable expression that I can use to describe how thankful I am to have you in my life. Thank you for always be there for me whenever I needed you even though we are in long distance relationship for two years (and counting) now. Thank you for always be faithful to me no matter how unfair the treatment that I gave to you. Thank you for all the time that you have spent and wasted on me, back and forth to Kuantan-JB-Kuantan just to see me every month. Of course, thank you for all the money that you have saved, for my hantaran and all the expenses that you have spent to make me happy (flowers, food, presents and your expenses going to JB). There's no words can describe how I'm touched with all the things that you have done for me. To be honest, I dont think I would be able to repay all of the love that you gave to me. You made me feel like a princess with your love. You taught me what a love is. Thank you. Thank you so much. 

Things I want you to know
1. To be a wife (soon) will be tough on me and maybe it would be difficult on you too, as a husband. We both are newbies in this marriage world, and I really hope we both can help each other to get use to it. I am an independent person, so it is hard for me to resist myself for doing things alone, and I know at some point, you do not like because you might feel that I disregard you as my husband. However, it is something that out of my control. I'm so used to make my own decision and to do everything by myself since I'm the eldest and you know how my family relies on me so much. Therefore, if I ever made you feel ignored and disregard, I'm sorry. Please, please tell me nicely that I need to think about you and our family too. 

2. You knew that I have sleeping disorder which is bruxism. I might make too much noise while I'm sleeping. I really hope that you could stand me for you whole life and I promise I will do the teeth guard when I have money to do so. If you think I'm making too much noise until you lose  a wink to sleep, can you just wake me up and I will move to other place to sleep. Hahaha yeah, I would do that because I know it's hard to sleep beside a person who have bruxism. 

3. I'm a hotpot. You knew that VERY well isn't? Since it is in my blood to be easily get mad and irritated with things that I dont like, I hope you could hand me more patience that you have given me for the past three years. Our problems/ conflict  in marriage might be bigger than we have faced up till now, therefore, I may show you unpleasant gestures (such as jeling, buat muka and those stuff) and maybe I raise (unintentionally) my voice to you. Once again, I'm sorry in advance about things that I would do to you. I'm still trying to get rid this habit and I hope you could understand. I hope you can treat me nicely regardless how rude I am to you. I think, as a husband you must help me to be more chill and calm whenever we're in the rough boat. 

4. Despite of all the imperfections that I have (now and then) , I hope you can accept me with open heart since our true colours will be truly shown (more) after we both got married. I hope we both can embrace the flaws and use the flaws to tighten our love as a husband and wife <3

For now, that's all that I want you to know. Marriage is not easy but I know, with you it will be effortless. Let's build a happy family here and in Jannah (in shaa Allah). Cant wait for an exciting life adventure with you :)

Me 101

UTM Social Media Ambassador Team

July 31, 2016

Assalamualaikum and good day guys! Ya Allah, it has been so long! I'm not busy, it's just....I write but most of it I saved it as drafts. Argh so lazy to finish what I've started. One day, I pledge to myself to finish it! One fine day.... :P

Okay the title refers to the part time job that I've been doing for past few months. It is a pleasure for me to write and earn money by it. So, UTM Social Media Ambassador Team is a team created by UTM Corporate Affair in order to promote UTM to the public. Instead of relying on the staff to promote UTM, they appointed some of the students to do some contributions for UTM. Alhamdulillah, among of all students, I was chosen and I'm really honored! 
SMArT team <3
Other than contributing something to the uni, I got a chance to meet new friends (which are most of the my juniors and one of them is a PhD student) from other faculties. Furthermore, I got to know some of the staffs and I feel like I got a new family since they helped me a lot through out this journey even though, we're just became friends. It is so much fun and I learn so many things especially about my university. Other than that, I feel like I have improved my writing skills since I need to write and revise also edit my articles before I publish it at UTM Connect. I bet most of students in UTM itself did not know the existence of this site. But, here you are! Please make some of your time to read this site :) 

My articles

I cannot wait to do more than just writing articles about UTM. It's just one of the things that I like to do not because I am hired to do so, it's because one of my hobby and something innate. This opportunity is one of the great opportunities and a lifetime experience that I will cherish and I'm thankful for for the rest of my life. 

P/s: If you have anything that you'd like me to write, please contact me. Thank you! ;)


[REVIEW] Wet n Wild Coloricon Blusher

May 05, 2016

Hai! Assalamualaikum. Today, I'm going to review my favorite blusher from Wet n Wild in shade Pearlescent Pink.  I cant tell you how long I've been procrastinating to do the review of this thing. It has been 5 months since I've been using this product and today I made it- writing a review for this product. 

As you know, Wet n Wild produced a lot of good products with a lower price. In Malaysia, if you're wondering, you can get Wet n Wild products in Sasa. So, I bought this blusher when there was a Christmas sale at Sasa. Sasa always does sale throughout the year,you just have to go there and check on them regularly. 

The packaging 
I love the packaging of this product. It's thin and handy which doesn't take up a lot of space in my handbag or beauty pouch. When you purchased this, it comes along with a small brush which I think it's very convenient if you're not a person who carries around beauty brushes. The brush is a little bit hard and you need to dust off the extra product on the brush so that you dont apply a lot of the blush on your cheek. To be honest, I used the brush each and everytime I'm applying this blusher because I'm so lazy to use the blusher brush. However, on certain occasions, I'll opt to use the blusher brush to get better application. But the brush doesnt harm you :)

The ingredients
I'm just not the type of person who dont really care about the ingredients of the products unless it contains paraben or heavy metal. However, the main ingredients of this product is talc. A popular beauty youtuber like Tati, she doesnt prefer a product with talc. Long story short, talc caused a lot of ovary cancer. yes, it's dangerous but I like this blusher :( The rest ingredients like boron nitride and  zinc stearate are good for absorbing the oil on our face, opacity and so you can apply this product smoothly. Apart of talc, I think the rest of ingredients are safe to use. 

The Coverage & Durability
I can say this blush is very pigmented yet it gives you a very natural blush. That's an extra point for this product. Other than that, this product can be applied easily. The last time I tested it out, this blusher lasted up to 6 hours without retouch up. So, you can always build up the coverage depending on your preferences and if you applied too much, you can always cover it up with your pressed powder or compact powder. It's just so easy. You can watch this video to see how the applications and little bit review from Tati :)

The Price
As the price, it's affordable and reasonable. I think it's a good bargain. If u could see, the normal price is RM 27.50 but since I bought it during Christmas sale, it's only RM 25.00. I have nothing to complain :P

All in all, I'm so in love with this product. For a cheapskate like me, this blusher is like a wonder for me. I give this 5/5 and would like to repurchase it. Recommended ! Thank you! 


April 25, 2016

Just as much as I thought I'm starting be okay again, life hits me again. Whenever I thought I'm strong enough, sadness came as terrifying as lightning hits me hard straight to my heart. I wonder why every apocalypse has been following  me since then. I have a lot of fights that I need to battle. A fight with me, life and dreams. So far, I lost of all of it. I'm just so tired to be in a battle anymore because I know that I'll be losing. More and more of myself gone and what's left are layers of veils
to conceal all of the pain, scars and tears I shed along the battle.

Life isnt a guarantee. If I think I'm doing good, it'll never be good enough. No matter how hard I pushed myself to the limit, I'll always been dragged to the deep dark place. I almost reach for the sun but for the next second I'm at the rock bottom. So tell me, what should I do to make sure at least I'm making out of the battle alive. I dont need to win the war. I dont need it.

However, I know as long as I still get the chance to breath in the air, there's always be a chance of me winning the war. Maybe it's just a matter of time. TIME. 

LDR Survival Kit

April 20, 2016

Assalamualaikum! Hey everybody! How's it going? I'm doing perfectly fine and Alhamdulillah feeling so good this week. Alright, today's post is maybe gonna be the lamest post ever. However, I'd like to share it because I think there are thousands of people out there are currently having LDR-Long-distance Relationship. As the name sounds, yes it sucks. 

Let me brief you with my LDR story. I started with LDR since 2014 when my fiance (boyfriend at that moment) was graduating from uni. Yes, we studied at the same place but he's one year senior. After that, he was working in Kuala Lumpur and currently he's working in Kuantan. Things got worst, when my father passed away few months after I started my LDR and it's just so sad that he cannot be with me physically although I know he'll be always there for me. 

When we started with LDR, we fought a lot. I always claimed he didn't have time for me, he would claimed that I was just being nonsense and annoying, I accused him to hate me and having another girl which I couldnt appoint who's the girl was. I was so insecure and he was so stressed in adapting with his working life and adjusting with new life-being far away from his family and obviously me. Teehee. 

Not just accusing my partner of things that he didn't do, I was very jealous of my friends whom can meet their love everyday. Yes, I didn't meet him everyday pun when he was in uni, but I could see him whenever I wanted to. Then, what made me so upset was there's a friend who actually say, it was nothing to be LDR and I was just being dramatic and guess who is losing her mind when she had to be far from his boyfriend for a week? Kah!

As the time passed by, I found out that LDR has made our love stronger and better. We learnt how to communicate a lot, we learnt how to be patient towards each other and most important thing is we learnt how to be more understanding of other people. We're still suffering with the 'temporary separation' when we need to be apart after short meeting of LDR. But it wasn't that bad, at least we have something to look forward to in weeks. It's just so good to know that somewhere in the nearest future, you'll be able to meet your loved ones after a long time apart. 

Here's " LDR Survival Kit" that could help people like me or any couples that may have just started with LDR.

1. Trust
This may sounds so cliche, but it's the truth people! I think most of the cases where the LDR didnt work out is both parties dont trust each other. If you dont trust your partner, a lot of misunderstanding and doubts that actually dont even exist! Believe me, it's actually the pillar of any relationships, LDR, non-LDR relationship, friendship or even your relationship with God needs trust and believing.  If the trust is there, things may hurt less and will be going well without you realize it. But if your partner has betrayed your trust more than once, oh that might be another story. 

2. Say "I Love You" and "I Miss You" as much as you can.
I'm not going to lie, but we always say we love each other maybe hundred times a day. It's very important because since you're apart only words can make you believe that he/she is feeling the same way. It'll help to wash away some of the pain and brighten up your day. Ah, I love the feeling :)

3. Regularly updating
I dont know how other's relationship works but we are always updating to each other of what we're doing or what we gonna do next. It's just giving a simple details of what's going on with each other's lives. The reason behind it is not we're not trusting each other, but it's just to make sure that "you-are- so- important- to -me -and -I- think- you -should-know-this" feeling. You'll feel the sense of belonging and feel needed somehow. Idk maybe some of you just hate this but it wasnt that hard these days. we got different kinds of instant messaging apps so why not?

4. Of morning call & night call
This might cost you a lil bit but it works! Morning call isnt just for wake up call but it's for communicating after long sleeping hours. You might miss him/her as you sleep isnt? In morning call, we're usually talking about plans for the day and maybe telling each other about nonsense dream that we had last night. Night call is basically when you're about to end your day. You can tell him/ her about your day-was it bad or good or exciting or ask him/ her about anything that you cannot tell through message. The function of these two calls is simple, to listen his or her voice. It's just so soothing after a long tired day, you could hear your love's voice and if the day is just so wrong, maybe it would be better a little bit :)

5. Surprises and events
To be in a relationship is undeniably will cost you lots of money! Haha true true but I think it will be a worth investments for those who are lucky. Fret not, if your investments just went to the drain, it doesnt mean you're a loser. At least, you once made other people happy. Isnt that good? Ok, back to the topic.. For surprises and events sometimes it doesnot have to be grand or took a lot of effort but sometimes a random and easy surprises such as giving flowers or notes through email would do :)

6. Spent your time and money like a boss
When you have the chance to see each other after a long, hard LDR, you two should enjoy yourselves! Go for things that you wanted to do when you're apart. Like me and my fiance, we always do some sort of "Bucket Lists" of things that we wanted to do if we see each other. You know, things like, eating at the new restaurant, going to cinema, jog together yeah it's very simple. Take a lot of pictures, talk a lot, do not bother of using your freaking phone because phone can wait. Last but not least, maybe it's time to use your money-buy couple shirts, eat fancy food, go to trips or buy presents for them as souvenir of your meeting.

Yes, it may sound tedious but you only need simple and effortless gestures to tell your partner, ' even though we're apart, there's nothing will change my love for you'. You really need to be patience and just know that all these things are worth the wait :) 


[REVIEW] Aqua Series + Purifying Cleansing Water

April 11, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Oh my god, my last post was on 26th January and it has been almost 3 months. It's just I'm super busy since my semester has started last February and the workloads are just too much too handle. But luckily I still alive! Yaghhhh~~!

Now back to the business. Last February, I went to AEON Bandaraya Melaka to get some stuff. Suddenly, a promoter from Euphoria booth (which is inside the AEON shop) came and approached to promote their makeup products. What's really attracted me was THEY GAVE FREE MAKEUP SESSION. O M G. I went there without second thoughts and I really enjoyed it. Euphoria is selling Victoria Jackson makeup product that you can actually find it at Watsons. Personally, I really like their makeup products, but since I'm so broke right now I just cant get one.  Gotta save some money because I really want to have their powder foundation. Pray for me ^^

So, at that moment I was still searching for the cure of my breakouts. Allahu, I've never had breakouts before but I was so freaking out with my own skin because it's just worst! I asked the promoter to suggest me with the product that could actually help me handling the breakout. So she recommended  Aqua Series + Purifying Cleansing Water because she said it could help me to repair the skin from the inside. BUT BUT BUT.... THE PRICE IS JUST FREAKING FREAKING EXPENSIVE. Because it's just a cleansing water guys! Since I was so desperate, then I gave a shot. It cost me RM 150 for 150 ml. The original price is RM 175. Gila. I'm telling you this is the most expensive makeup I have ever bought. I cried inside and prayed hard it is gonna be good for my skin. 


There are the pictures of this product. A is the original picture from Google Image because B is mine, the word on the bottle is faded already. So I used image A just to give you guys the actual look of this product. Well, just in case. 

So, as for the ingredient, as stated on the front side, it's made for oily and acne prone skin, non-comedogenic also oil-free and alcohol-free. From the front description, I mean I'M ATTRACTED ALREADY. I have oily skin, i dont need alcohol to make my skin dry and it's non-comedogenic which means it will not clog your pores. THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH BABY. But on the ingredient at the back, it does still have methyl-paraben but not as main ingredient which is forgiven and has perfume in it. The perfume works really well.....because I smell like a rich person. It does smell like SKII product gotta tell ya that. hehe..

It removes my makeup very well. Even the eye-makeup. Just drop 5 drops of this cleasing water on the cotton pad and you just wipe it off all over your face. In one wipe, it does clear all the makeup. But if I go for heavy makeup, I use the makeup remover wipe first, and then use this cleansing water to remove all of the dirt. I LOVE IT. I JUST  LOVE IT. 

Even though it's FREAKING EXPENSIVE, gotta tell ya it works! IT IS A HOLY GRAIL product for me. My skin got better in just less than 2 weeks, my breakouts just disappeared and I got better complexion! For the record, I didnt use any skincare product at that time except for moisturizer. I just clean my face using this product and gently rinse it off with the clean tap water. IT REALLY WORKED!  Tak percaya? See this.....

Yes. I'm not even wearing any concealer or foundation for the second picture. But this is the truth. Alhamdulillah.

Okay guys, so as for the conclusion I give this product 5/5 despite of the price tag. I'm still using it. It has been 2 months but I still has lot of it in the bottle. Recommended guys!


[REVIEW & SWATCHES] Catrice's All Around Concealer kit

January 26, 2016

Assalamualaikum. Hye, I'm back! So today, I'm going to review one of the most phenomenal product from the drugstore which is Catrice's All Around Concealer. To be honest, I bought this kit because people keep talking about it. So, I couldn't resist the temptation to try this product. Well, it's cheap compared to the others so I dont see any harm if I bought and try this kit. 

You know, Catrice does promotion like everyday. So, during I bought this kit it's like the cheapest price I've ever seen which was RM 16.24. That time, this kit was the only the kit left on the rack. So, lucky me! *hikhik* Catrice is one of the popular drugstore brand which sells probably the cheapest makeup yet they're very promising product especially this concealer kit. 

This kit is very handy, light and mobile. So basically, it would fit in your handbag and it wouldn't take up a lot of spaces. However, it has no mirror so you can see how much concealer left in your kit. This concealer kit is cream-based kit which I personally think, it blends better with the beauty blend. 

Since I'm very new to makeup, I'm very delighted to see this kit because it has different colours for different purposes. As you can see, this kit has 5 different colours which are green, pink, beige in three tones. For green it is used to cover the redness, pink to cover your dark circle while beige is used to covers imperfections such as scars, pigmentation and stuff. For green and pink, you apply it before you apply the foundation. While, the beige coloured concealer can be applied after the foundation. I think, this kit is really good in concealing however the colour might be visible. But fret not, if you use full coverage foundation, it would really help to cover the colour of concealer itself. 

One more thing about this kit. I use the lightest shade of beige coloured concealer as a highlighter. I love contouring so, I found the lightest shade can be practically used for highlighting. It's a good credit for this product. 

As for the ingredients of this product, I don't see anything that I usually afraid of such as paraben, heavy metals or titanium dioxide. Therefore, I can say that it's safe to use :) In shaa Allah. Unfortunately, I may not repurchase this kit because I think I have to do a lot of work and need to use it with full coverage foundation which I do not prefer. Yet, I think I give this product 4/5 because since it does well in concealing AND it is also cheap! Everybody loves cheap things!!! 


[REVIEW] Argan Oil make up remover cleansing towelettes.

January 25, 2016

Assalamualaikum. So today I'm going to review this make up remover towelettes that I bought in Watson. After 20% less, this wet tissue costs me only RM7.92. This is my fourth make up remover tissue after Biore, Simple and Daiso's. I've tried this product and I think it cleans my face well. After that my skin feels smoother and moisture. 

I bought this product just because it's cheaper than the rest. I want to stick with Biore's make up remover however, I want to try it because it contains Argan Oil. Argan Oil is very popular these days therefore, I wanted to know what it benefits on my skin. 

Based from what I read and what I heard, Argan oil is from a tree called Argan. It's a fruit that rich with Vitamin E and fatty acid. As we know Vitamin E is very good for the skin while fatty acid is very popular for as cleansing agent. Argan oil functions to moisturize, anti-aging and heal the skin. One of the reasons I bought this make up remover, I heard Argan Oil is good for acne prone skin because it is non greasy so it will not give you oily effect. To know more about Argan oil you can just click here

This is what it looks like

There are two things that makes me think, I may not repurchase this make up remover unless, if I broke. First, this product is not suitable to remove your eye makeup. Since it contains fragrance and scented, so when it has contact with eyes, you might feel poignant. Silly me, I do not read before I use it because in the "Cautions" part has warned the user to avoid with direct contact with eyes. Second, it contains methylparaben. Haha, dang it! Silly me again, I supposed to read the ingredients before I bought this product but I realize, since it helps and suitable for acne skin therefore, the manufacturer of course will include paraben in it. Screw paraben!

Other than that, it is all good. I mean it helps to clean all the dirt on my face well. I dont have to wipe for the second time by using the second sheet. Means that, I only have to use one sheet to clean all my makeup. Hence, 3.5/5 because it contains paraben! :P


Kimchi Maggi Halal

January 23, 2016

Hello everybody! It seems that I appear too much too often these days. Gotta tell you, I'm on my semester break, therefore I think it's a golden opportunity for me to just being lazy and sitting in front of laptop whenever I'm done with the house chores. Life's great but it's better for me to just stay at home. Plus, I'm pretty broke so that's how you cant never see me out so much. Another secret is, I'm one of Cullens :P

Well, well back to the topic! Kimchi Maggi! Back to 2010, I started to be one of KPOP Fans, so kimchi is not an alien for me. I've tasted Kimchi when I was in Seoul Garden but since that place is too pricey for me, I rather looking at Kimchi on my screen. However, two days ago, I was so bored at home, I decided to go out and I went to one of my supermarket nearby. I saw HALAL Kimchis. But it was for me like too pricey. A small package costs me about RM 7.50 so I rounded off it became RM 8.00. However, maybe I was just too bored so I bought it after hard contemplating. Since I cant find any Ramen which I really confident that it was Halal, so I just stick to my favourite Maggi Kari.

So here's the packaging. The brand is Yes Gourmet.
Here's the nutrition information. Hey, I'm no dietitian, but you can always google :)
These information might be useful too. 
If you're wondering, this is the Halal logo. I have no doubt when my eyes set on this logo. So, I think I good to go to eat this Kimchi. Nyum!

Recommended dish. But I taram je makan with everything :P
I got back home and directly took out my pot, slicing onion, boil water and prepare the Kimchi. Not forget an egg. So, Kimchi went into the pot last. I put about two spoons of Kimchi in a serving of Maggi and I tasted it, "hm, not bad". So, I decided to put some more. and Taraaaaa~!

My own style Kimchi Maggi 

As for me, it wasn't that delicious till I need to tell everyone,"You berdosa kalau tak cuba ni!" hahaha.. But, I think it was not that bad but I dont think it was like really scrumptious or something. It's worth a try. 3.5/5. 


Make-up For You 24 Pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Beige With Pouch Bag from Lazada

January 21, 2016

So recently I got my package from @lazada_my. I'm so excited because this brushes totally like beyond my expectation! This is my 2nd products out of 4 (because another two still find their ways to my home) that I bought from @lazada_my . This only costs me RM 42 with free postage *goyang-goyang kaki*

To be honest I expected this brushes are awesome. I tried it and I think it helps to blend the product well. The brushes were smooth and soft. I bought a Sephora's brush and these brushes just at the same level as it. Well, why need to pay more when you have a cheaper options? For a newbie like me, I think it was worth first investment for you guys! Grab yours at @lazada_my now! So that's the story of#MYEffortlessShopping

P/s: I just ordered a set of powder blush foundation contour makeup brush set above. I JUST DID! 

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