May 30, 2011

okay.. today is full with rebel. FULL TANK ... my face till now is like 

ok then when someone ask me to do something. I was like...

and then when someone talk to me, well, when you're in not a good mood, i will  do this...

oh pelishh,, I dun have any idea y u no see me in not a good mood... please listen to me ...ahhhh~~

okay. I've put the followers bar, so that you can follow me. because I've received a complaint that they cant see my follow button. okay. jgn tak follow ek... I thought I want to hide the followers thinggy~~ but still.. never mind :x



May 28, 2011

kusss semangat,,,, huhhhh huhhhh......
hilang setahun umur aq. adoi.....
tadi tbe2 system kat cc ni down. BIG PROBLEM ok?? bkn masalah kecik.. 
saye tak bersalah... system nih yg down sendirik..tbe2 komputer restart sendiri. 
mestilah aq rsa bersalah sbb aq yg jg pc sume tuh berlaku mase aq tlg org wat surat kat bilik lagi satu..
cuak tak cuak.. 
mesti boss aq rse nak makan aq skrg nih kan?? huuuuuu



May 28, 2011

okay. ppl wont beleive this.. actually I'm soo in love with heels.. HEELS heels HEELS !! grr.. heels are like a trend nowadays. so flip-flop. so snickers. erm..ahaha..flip-flop? I dun really like it. Snickers and Heels TURN ON ! I love tangles heels.. tangle is sexy.!! No. IT S SMEXYYY

maybe ppl will think I'm, such a typical girl. ahah.. sorry, you can think what you want. yeah. I'm such a typical girl, but I've never have a HEEL. typical enuff huh? ppl said that wearing heels will give you confidence. oh I BELIEVE IN THAT !!!!!!!!!! seriously.. your legs look longer and seriously I LOVE this word- SEXY. Although I'm practicing muslimah lifestyle, wearing hijab (?) but still I want to look sexy in such way. SEXY is subjective. depends. okay2.. back to topic. okay?

TANGLE??? SO YEAH!!!!!!!



OMJAYY... those heels are adorable... WANT IT WANT IT WANT IT !!



sigh..AT THE END OF THE DAY.. this is my shoe. 



diary of wimpy kid..

May 27, 2011

3 questions here :
1. am I a kid anymore?
2. do I in a mission or what?
3. can my master piece can be one of the best seller?

okay. cut the crap. dah bersawang dah blog nih.. i want to clean it up. sorry, i've been so busy lately. interview, working, official bussiness bla bla bla... who says I'm not having a life? this is a life dude.. ahaha.. okay. here I want to summarize what did I do for the past few weeks...*riding time machine*

1. 1 lesson ... dun easily judge ppl from their back. boy's back are freaking cool.. but sometimes, it will be another story when it comes to the front .. huuu

2. saya asik replay-ing satu video daripada SHINEE. and I like it a lot !  I mean the song, the melody, lyrics, the presentation.. okay I'm KPOP fan.. bare with me XP


3. another bout video.. have you heard songs from parachute?? aww..they're awesome.. this is my favourite!! 

4. next... okay. dah habis dgn interview. doa jelah yg terbaik utk diri ini :)

5. dae dtg JOHOR !! ahhaa.. unnie, meia, dae came over to my house. yeah, I guess the main issue of the day is how big the pineapple. It isnt that big to call it big..-.-'' its so-called BIG PINEAPPLE.

6. past few days- something happened. somehow I feel uneasy until now, but nothing to brag about.. its PAST TENSE.

7. I just cant make my legs smaller.. -.-''

8. ehehhe... there was one time I didnt eat anything much. just munchy's cookies and plain water. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I WANT TO BRAG. can you imagine me without foods?? hahha... its TRUE !! its REAL. but for one day only... haha

9. so yeah. I'm addicted to twitter now.. if you cannot find me in facebook, but you can find me in twitter,, if you cant find me anywhere, it means.. i sleep.. hhahah

that's all for today. class dismiss XD


fire faiyah!!

May 23, 2011

grr... the siren had alarmed!! hahah..nmpk tak english aq teruk.. omona...this week will be the hectic one.. Have to go to Muar, take my SIJIL SPM -.-'' and MELAKA for the interview stuff..hishh,,nasib lah tak wat foundation kat LONDON ker..I mean the real LONDON ok?? I'm working so it bit hard for me to move freely, plus its only been a week since I'm working and now mintak cuti.. owwwww..malu malu malu.. never mind, To gain something we have to lose something, takpelah walau gaji kne potong mcm kne potong dgn gergaji letrik, for my future I'm ready for thst. And I'm ready to be hit by the guys. *wah, dah ke SABAH aq nih.. okay2.. lots more to do.. wish me luck !!! xoxo



May 21, 2011

ehehe..mlm2 mcm nih excited sgt!! alhamdullilah dapat interview TESL kat UTM..tap not sure lg dapat U mne sbb I applied for 2 universities-UKM n UTM.. feel like on the top of the world.. really hope that I pass that interview..sbb lg slangkah jek ni nak dapat TESL.. YA ALLAH permudahkanlah jalan hidupku .. AMIN.. TILL THEN KENGKAWAN !!

p/s : jumpe esok MEIA, DAE. UNNIE.. we gonna rock JB !!!



May 18, 2011

uhuk2...okay, i went to work started yesterday.. who in world believe that I'm a worker now? me either.hahha.. its just doesn't suits me well. kyahh!! okay, I'm working at a-Photostat-cybercafe-bussiness like.. hahha.. 7.00 am I do some Photostat job, while at 10 I'm RUNNING the cybercafe..ahahha..ceh, running tau..mcm owner jek.. well, workmate kat sini besht2..ramah.. Rather than my previous employer *well, i worked for 2 days jek punn* here is much better. Anyway, for the first time bukak kedai was a bit funny. Have you run someone's business without knowing the price. I did.. hoho.. ppl come to photostat. well I just charged them 10 cents even for the coloured-one.hahha.. sory boss.Mybe I made u loss a bit there. hahah.. first-timer pun.. okay.. well, u'll see me online from 10-6pm straight. what makes a cybercafe without online. till then.. :)

blabla blabla

May 17, 2011

so much to say, yet i dun wanna say anything. worse. u killed me, and I'll always be. thanks. best friend. 
G MAM weii... 


May 17, 2011

i involved in one of the SHINEE WORLD MALAYSIA is a official site club of SHINee fans kat MALAYSIA ni. It is for celebating SHINee's 3rd anniversary. ahhaha.. well, excitedd....!! even though they're celebrating the 3rd but its the first for me okayh?? hahha .. so, I have donated some money and I got a tiny spaces message for them. It's small but its big enough for me.. hahahha.... more proud when the product is outstanding !! CONGRATZ!!!
here are the phootoss...



kawen :)

May 14, 2011

hahha..currently at my friend's sis wed. hahha... curi tulang online jap. lgpon tade mende pon nk wat. di saat org menonton football match yg ade MANCHESTER UNITED *whateva* I'm blogging. oh , wifi sgt lah laju.. Selaju LRT di KL.. ahhaha.. yesterday, I rode KTM and LRT ALONE.. okay, penegasan di situh. Thank GOD, i'm safe ..huhu..

okay, this wedding is very simple yet nice. Theme-PURPLE. ahhaa.. tadi petang akad, tomorrow the reception. hehee.. anyway.. there's more than just attending someone's big day.. but ade life dowh kat sini. Sumpah cousin2  my friend sume stock2 model. OMG. OMG. EMERGENCY !! ahhaha.. its soooo important  okay. Walau sometimes aku rase ANNOYING lah giler2 dgn kaum2 adam, tapi blh jadi penghibur gak mereka nih.
NO OFFENSE> but, as long as I breath, I still need men in my life. Its plural okay. I need my abah, kalau tade abah, saye tak lahir... I need Tok Imam, kalau tade Tok Imam, mcm ne nk kawen :3 role lelaki penting kayh?

baiklah.. nk blogwalking. and I need some stalking activity too .. life is wonderfool!!!

how I wish I could cry

May 11, 2011

things doesn't seem right these days. I could say, I'm frustrated with anything. ANYTHING. I used to be a person who really doesn't care about sadness, frustrated or failure. Seriously, i'm not lying. but now, I'm so frustrated and I don't know how to react.  Am I crazy? ngeee...

How I wish I could cry because tears wont come out. erghh. Its stuffy in here. In my chest. I wanna let it go, but I dont know how. What makes it more worst, I dont even know why I am like this. Huhh..Astaghfirullah...What can I do now, is praying to ALLAH for the peace. I'm not in a good state now. So you know.

a date with AMIRA SYAFIQAH BT AMERUDDIN (070511)

May 09, 2011

spontaneously asking her for date. She said that she liked it. I'm glad. spending time with her is one of the best things that I'd do. Promised to come at 10 but because of my silly watch actually I drove to her house at 9.40. I was excited but departed early was not my fault. Its my watch's fault. Arrived at meia's house roughly at 10.30. Luckily meia's house was really easy to find. Simple and sweet.

Went to JUSCO TEBRAU. booked tickets to watch THOR 3D that cost RM21.. wtf..its expensive. first-timer. for experience and joy, sacrificed RM21 HAPPILY ^^. After performed Zuhur earlier than ever, bought popcorn and entered the cinema giggling. After took our seats wore double spectacles (sight problem spectacle+ 3D spectacle) extremely superb!! Full of awe. Even though we acted like dumb and dumber but I feel really satisfied. The movie was good, it worth...

On the way back. GIRLS TALK. A memorable conversation. THANKS MEIA <3


May 04, 2011

fb status- ppl nice to me.but i dont. i just dont want
 i wrote something for a reason.
sarcasm.yes it hurts. 
eww~~ i become a sensitive girl(?) when it comes to you.
eheks.saye jujur nih.
wish you could never see me again.if i could crammed into ur head, i wanna delete ur memory and like we've never meet before.
clishe` enough??



May 02, 2011

a very sexy word.
or should i say SMEXY?

one of the ex-student of TESL program. 
indeed.many, TONS of grammar mistakes.
I never know when will I get perfect-free-error-without grammatical problem.
haha..grammar dpt C , B
this is a playground of  GRAMMATICAL DISORDER patient.
be patient doctors

yer, saye tade kerja. huraaa!!


cool cooler coolest

May 02, 2011

its COOL. sometimes its COOLER than anything. and  its been a COOLEST thing in my life.
for being single.
well, nothing to brag.
like i've mentioned before: i'm too desperate but by the time, i realized that i'm not ready yet


i dont get it when ppl are too proud of being single. its just a status. 
yes, sometimes maybe we get jealous with our friends or others and the most terrifying thing is the LONELINESS that u have to cope ALONE
babe, kate single, of course lah kan perkataan ALONE.

*err...this is the effect of stalking someone's profile..uhuk2.. well its hobby*
accidentally terbace one note from this one person. well, i know, we can say anything that we want.. ANYTHING.. but since i'm a human too, i have the right to speak too. hehe.. :)
single means freedom : no lying, save money, no jealousy,  have no problem at all.
AGREE 100%

 I think sometimes a couple have different way to make their relationships work.mybe they are not lying, not spending, do not get jealous on petty things, and sometimes having problem but they maybe can manage it wisely..right? bosan kot kalau tade gado2..
so basically, ppl will judge that DOUBLE IS TROUBLE
hehe, so why you must tell ur friends about something that will makes ur friends afraid of the DOUBLE thinggy??its not fair though. everyone have their rights to experienced something that maybe different from what you've experienced. so, please stop telling something that actually TRUE at the same time can LIMIT someone's life. kesian mereka. yeah sometimes we might get into troubles but that's life man....relaxlah dulu sayang oii..if its the time for them to experience that situations i mean  THE LYING, SPENDING, JEALOUSY, PROBLEMSSS let them be. its like a colour of their life. 

no offense friends. we're both girls. i respect you but please we have to take care of other's feelings too. i dont want to say this, just sometimes u sound so DESPERATE too. peace yaww ^^v

dun care. dun care

May 01, 2011

meet my husband >.< 
ok gedik
ini kes kawen lari..*sory mak ayah ;)*

sory friends.. i may sound so desperate and love to day-dreaming
i'm not having and do not have anything that should be under my concern.. what else should i do, other than browsing pictures,  facebooking , and day dreaming. 
hahha.. you can say that i should find a job, or do something that benefit.
my answer : can you find me a job? can you suggest something that i can do so it benefit me and makes me enjoy with it? 


love you tooo

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