May 18, 2011

uhuk2...okay, i went to work started yesterday.. who in world believe that I'm a worker now? me either.hahha.. its just doesn't suits me well. kyahh!! okay, I'm working at a-Photostat-cybercafe-bussiness like.. hahha.. 7.00 am I do some Photostat job, while at 10 I'm RUNNING the cybercafe..ahahha..ceh, running tau..mcm owner jek.. well, workmate kat sini besht2..ramah.. Rather than my previous employer *well, i worked for 2 days jek punn* here is much better. Anyway, for the first time bukak kedai was a bit funny. Have you run someone's business without knowing the price. I did.. hoho.. ppl come to photostat. well I just charged them 10 cents even for the coloured-one.hahha.. sory boss.Mybe I made u loss a bit there. hahah.. first-timer pun.. okay.. well, u'll see me online from 10-6pm straight. what makes a cybercafe without online. till then.. :)

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