diary of wimpy kid..

May 27, 2011

3 questions here :
1. am I a kid anymore?
2. do I in a mission or what?
3. can my master piece can be one of the best seller?

okay. cut the crap. dah bersawang dah blog nih.. i want to clean it up. sorry, i've been so busy lately. interview, working, official bussiness bla bla bla... who says I'm not having a life? this is a life dude.. ahaha.. okay. here I want to summarize what did I do for the past few weeks...*riding time machine*

1. 1 lesson ... dun easily judge ppl from their back. boy's back are freaking cool.. but sometimes, it will be another story when it comes to the front .. huuu

2. saya asik replay-ing satu video daripada SHINEE. and I like it a lot !  I mean the song, the melody, lyrics, the presentation.. okay I'm KPOP fan.. bare with me XP


3. another bout video.. have you heard songs from parachute?? aww..they're awesome.. this is my favourite!! 

4. next... okay. dah habis dgn interview. doa jelah yg terbaik utk diri ini :)

5. dae dtg JOHOR !! ahhaa.. unnie, meia, dae came over to my house. yeah, I guess the main issue of the day is how big the pineapple. It isnt that big to call it big..-.-'' its so-called BIG PINEAPPLE.

6. past few days- something happened. somehow I feel uneasy until now, but nothing to brag about.. its PAST TENSE.

7. I just cant make my legs smaller.. -.-''

8. ehehhe... there was one time I didnt eat anything much. just munchy's cookies and plain water. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I WANT TO BRAG. can you imagine me without foods?? hahha... its TRUE !! its REAL. but for one day only... haha

9. so yeah. I'm addicted to twitter now.. if you cannot find me in facebook, but you can find me in twitter,, if you cant find me anywhere, it means.. i sleep.. hhahah

that's all for today. class dismiss XD

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