fire faiyah!!

May 23, 2011

grr... the siren had alarmed!! hahah..nmpk tak english aq teruk.. omona...this week will be the hectic one.. Have to go to Muar, take my SIJIL SPM -.-'' and MELAKA for the interview stuff..hishh,,nasib lah tak wat foundation kat LONDON ker..I mean the real LONDON ok?? I'm working so it bit hard for me to move freely, plus its only been a week since I'm working and now mintak cuti.. owwwww..malu malu malu.. never mind, To gain something we have to lose something, takpelah walau gaji kne potong mcm kne potong dgn gergaji letrik, for my future I'm ready for thst. And I'm ready to be hit by the guys. *wah, dah ke SABAH aq nih.. okay2.. lots more to do.. wish me luck !!! xoxo

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