January 30, 2013

Tak boleh percaya jinx ni. Syirik. 
tapi tahukah anda, apabila saya mengaku, saya di jinx?
Makhluk yang dengar pengakuan tu, akan menghilang.
tapi kalau tak mengaku, makhluk tu will never know. ye dak? 
eeeeee.. tahlah

Singapore and weekend

January 28, 2013

Assalamualaikum :)
oke I had one of the best weekends in my life. I went to Singapore with my darlings - 
Meia, Nasriah and Yuppie.
At first, it turned out the trip to Singapore was cancelled, however, after Meia's mom give the green light, suddenly the trip was hell yeah ON ! Thanks to Cik Som :)

So basically we went to several places in Singapore:
1. Merlion Park
2. Esplanade
3. Bugis Street
4. Arab Street
5. Kampung Glam
6. China Town
7. Orchard Road
8. Little India

Okay, let the pictures tell you the stories :) the credit goes to Meia and me.

A park somewhere around Six Degrees Road

The Merlion Statue in Merlion Park


The view from the Merlion Park

One of the pub walls near China Town

The art at the Orchard Road

Me and my dream catcher tree :)

A robot from The Toy Museum at Kampung Glam

There are loads of pictures to explain the excitement when we were there. Singapore was really awesome and beautiful. I wish the currency was not too expensive. However, for those who loves to travel, money isnt the big deal. I brought only $40 - RM 100 and it is enough for the fare, and foods-not included shopping.  No worries in losing your way while you are in Singapore, because there have many directories, maps and you can ask the locals there. The transportation is efficient and comfortable to ride on. And I must say, we had a hard time to find places to eat because of the shubhah, *cough-McDonalds there got bacon-cough*. So, for the Muslim you can find Halal food easily at Arab St. Thanks to Meia, Yuppie and Nas for the awesome, random weekend. We should go to other places. Pinky promise :)

back to basic

January 19, 2013

this isn't fun anymore
sad with the entire things that had happened in my life.
nothing to be proud of... :(
nothing can i hold on to but Allah S.W.T

O, Allah, I knew I'm only looking for you when I was down.. help me Allah. Help me out from my own prison - duniawi, desires, lusts, and lagha. Dun let me go ashtray.Give me some peace and lend me some strength to fight. Help me to 'clean' the black dots that I'm pretty sure had blackens my hearts. Amin.

my emotion wrote this

January 17, 2013

in one fine night, once upon a time, I was reading tweets in my TL. Then suddenly I saw one oppar tweeted this, oh let me paraphrase it. Something like, my course-mates are head over heels to get married and we are like so perasan. 
That was so offensive.
okay, firstly, yes. My course-mates have been talking about marriage since yeah Dena Bahrin's proposal event and she got married, and other young girls at our age, got married and we are like.." I WANT TO GET MARRIED!!! "
and everyday, there will be one or two persons usrah-ing about marriage. yeah whatever. but that's how I live.

However, I feel offended with this oppar's tweet because, ppl who read that will labeled me same as my other course-mate. I'm not saying, I dont want to get married, I dont want to settle down, or I've never talked about marriage. I DO. But, in this context somehow, this oppar was 'judging' us. 

And to my fellow friends too. I think we should limit how we felt about young marriage. It is not wrong to talk about it, but somehow when you're reaching at one level, me or other girls will 'get bored' or 'annoyed' with those tweets or status or statements or comments. I mean, we live not only for marriage. Let us think about how we should repay our parents, or repair our society, or upgrade ourselves. There are LOADS of thing that we could think of other than marriage. Dont make any changes in your life or the reason why you're doing something because of you want to get married. Let us repair our niat. You cannot be like Dena Bahrin or Fara Lee or anyone else who got married in young age. That are their lives, their parts. We will get ours when the time is right and maybe after we have done what we should. 

To be honest, I feel ashamed with this oppar's tweet because he seemed taking us lightly and make us look cheap. And to this oppar, I think if you want to make jokes, you should think twice. 

I'm sorry to those who felt angry after you read this post, but I just cant take it no more. I dont think double-meaning post will be effective anymore. Please dont hate me T_T

What are you talking about?

January 13, 2013

I guess the words "I'm not perfect for you" is just an excuse.
Perfect is a combination
And combination is "us"

I better go to sleep

January 12, 2013

I was thinking if you can spend some time with me tomorrow? We haven't seen for each other for like a month and to be honest I kinda miss you. I just wanna have my breakfast with you. I'm usually not taking breakfast, but for once it doesn't kill. And tomorrow I wanna take some pictures with you, because I forgot how you look like. And I wanna keep that picture. And tomorrow I wanna ask you to not give up on me, cause I like you more than I like Choi Minho. And if you want me to wait for you,
 I WILL dear. 


January 10, 2013

I'm good.
Follow my Instagram account people



That is Ouch!

January 06, 2013

"Honestly, I'm having a trouble remembering what she looks like. The more I try to picture it, the more 
I cant.
I remember how she makes me feel, but I just completely can't remember her," said Ted Mosby.

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