[REVIEW & SWATCHES] Catrice's All Around Concealer kit

January 26, 2016

Assalamualaikum. Hye, I'm back! So today, I'm going to review one of the most phenomenal product from the drugstore which is Catrice's All Around Concealer. To be honest, I bought this kit because people keep talking about it. So, I couldn't resist the temptation to try this product. Well, it's cheap compared to the others so I dont see any harm if I bought and try this kit. 

You know, Catrice does promotion like everyday. So, during I bought this kit it's like the cheapest price I've ever seen which was RM 16.24. That time, this kit was the only the kit left on the rack. So, lucky me! *hikhik* Catrice is one of the popular drugstore brand which sells probably the cheapest makeup yet they're very promising product especially this concealer kit. 

This kit is very handy, light and mobile. So basically, it would fit in your handbag and it wouldn't take up a lot of spaces. However, it has no mirror so you can see how much concealer left in your kit. This concealer kit is cream-based kit which I personally think, it blends better with the beauty blend. 

Since I'm very new to makeup, I'm very delighted to see this kit because it has different colours for different purposes. As you can see, this kit has 5 different colours which are green, pink, beige in three tones. For green it is used to cover the redness, pink to cover your dark circle while beige is used to covers imperfections such as scars, pigmentation and stuff. For green and pink, you apply it before you apply the foundation. While, the beige coloured concealer can be applied after the foundation. I think, this kit is really good in concealing however the colour might be visible. But fret not, if you use full coverage foundation, it would really help to cover the colour of concealer itself. 

One more thing about this kit. I use the lightest shade of beige coloured concealer as a highlighter. I love contouring so, I found the lightest shade can be practically used for highlighting. It's a good credit for this product. 

As for the ingredients of this product, I don't see anything that I usually afraid of such as paraben, heavy metals or titanium dioxide. Therefore, I can say that it's safe to use :) In shaa Allah. Unfortunately, I may not repurchase this kit because I think I have to do a lot of work and need to use it with full coverage foundation which I do not prefer. Yet, I think I give this product 4/5 because since it does well in concealing AND it is also cheap! Everybody loves cheap things!!! 

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