January 20, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hye everybody! Happy New Year semua... Alhamdulillah got to see the world in the year of 2016 :) 2015 was not my favourite year but I learnt a lot. So, as for the starter, I want to say that I'm so happy because lots of people I met told me that I'm positive-ier than I was before. For me, that's very dear compliment and I felt so sexy about it somehow haha. 

I'm here not to brag but I actually did some changes in my life. Means my life is dynamic and not just 'jumud' at the place I was at. Therefore, this post is dedicated to my positive-ier self. I just want to talk about it so that in the future, whenever I feel down and negative, I can always refer to this post again. I think it might be a good reference too. Here are the steps of leading a positive mind. 

1. Forgive yourself and others. 
I only realize the power of forgiveness when I just reflect back things that I've done to shape my positive mind. *cewah* When I looked back, I did forgive a lot of people and myself sendiri no matter how big or small the mistakes were. Or, at least I try to forgive them. The thing about it is, when you forgive yourself and other people, it's easier for you to actually move on with things that membelenggu your life. Honestly, I dont know how can I sleep so soundly before this by being so revengeful and mad creature. It might take the whole life to learn to forgive many levels of mistakes but it will just make you a better person and I think that's a great reward that you could give to yourself. So, HOW? HOW TO START? Easier said than done. But it's not possible *wink wink* Whenever you feel mad and so benci to other people, you can just say, "Takpelah. maybe aku pun ada salah jugak...." You know, you put some of the blame to yourself so that your anger can be lessen because you're so ashamed of what you have done. The rationale is you never know what you have done to them that makes them acted that way. Maybe it's because how we behaved in the past or maybe they 're just having a bad day. Well, you might SUFFER for awhile but after a little bit of practicing. you'll be okay :) 

Well, WHY NOT APOLOGIZING? Okay, this is my biggest flaw ever. I have this GIGANTIC EGO, so it's hard for me to say I'm sorry (on BIGGER THINGS), because I'm just not designed to be one. ahahahahahhahaha.. but I'm learning to do it. So, wish me luck people i love you. Lol. 

2. Stay away from negativity
Okay, this is basically what positive people like me *ahaks* did to make sure our life is in peace. You need to stay away form everything that gives you negativity, anger, annoyance, hatred and immoral. Including, people, habits, what you read and story that you heard. I WANT TO STRESS THAT YOU JUST NEED TO STAY AWAY BUT NOT TO THE EXTEND OF HATING AND SHUTTING PEOPLE OUT. I learned hard from my own mistakes. Shutting people down apatah lagi hating people are not going to solve your problem. You just menambahkan lagi masalah and awkwardness in your life. I pun dah start 'kawan' balik with people that I shutted them up and thankfully I masih diterima :') So, when I said you need to stay away, it means you AVOID, BUAT BODOH or LET IT GO.. ahaha Like this thing will literally mencabar because you need 100% of self-control. So that the other party tak terasa sgt. HAHA It was so damn hard, but anyway it refers back to the point no 1, and when you can do No 1, you're good to go to stay away from negativity. 

P/s: Jika anda kurangkan berpeleseran di media sosial, it will help you a lot. Because there are so many negativity and sometimes it might disappoint you.

3. Get a hobby 
So, how to kurangkan untuk berpeleseran di media sosial? Well, u need to have a hobby! Haha bingo! So these days, I really like to read, do my own makeup, and watching makeup tutorials. These are enough to fill my free time rather than being online and see how people being so annoying in the social media. Not to further explained that, but hobbies are good distraction for you. Just find anything that you like and jangan paksa yourself to do things that you dont like because each and everyone of us have different hobbies. Hence, if you think you have a weird hobby, it's okay man. We have different DNAs punnn. But but but, I dont think online is a hobby. Because, it's like a normal thing that people will do nowadays. So yeah. Haha.. If you have hobby that you can do to earn your own income, that's better. 

4. Bragging is a No. 
Selepas mengharungi onak dan duri untuk menjadi positif, kalau you got the result mcm you can feel it that you have this positive mind, do not brag and say it to other people that you are a positive person. You actually will realize how positive you're when people said things like, "Kau ni positif lah", " Dah matanglah kau sekarang".. Hahahaha well, I JUST DID BRAG. But the purpose of me writing this post is not to brag sayang sayang, but I want to tell my experience (?) well, I dont think ppl read my blog anyway heh. So, yeah just keep it to yourself. Kalau tak tahan sangat, you can always standing in front of the mirror and tell your own self about it. That might help you to lessen the kekepohan mulut you daripada bragging. Nanti daripada nak having a positive mind nnt you jadi a freak that suka berlagak and takabbur pulak. Astaghfirullahalazim... 

It does not necessarily my cara untuk jadi positive works on you too. We might approach it differently but at the end of the day, what we really want is to be positive and having a healthy life inshaaALLAH <3

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