[REVIEW] Aqua Series + Purifying Cleansing Water

April 11, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Oh my god, my last post was on 26th January and it has been almost 3 months. It's just I'm super busy since my semester has started last February and the workloads are just too much too handle. But luckily I still alive! Yaghhhh~~!

Now back to the business. Last February, I went to AEON Bandaraya Melaka to get some stuff. Suddenly, a promoter from Euphoria booth (which is inside the AEON shop) came and approached to promote their makeup products. What's really attracted me was THEY GAVE FREE MAKEUP SESSION. O M G. I went there without second thoughts and I really enjoyed it. Euphoria is selling Victoria Jackson makeup product that you can actually find it at Watsons. Personally, I really like their makeup products, but since I'm so broke right now I just cant get one.  Gotta save some money because I really want to have their powder foundation. Pray for me ^^

So, at that moment I was still searching for the cure of my breakouts. Allahu, I've never had breakouts before but I was so freaking out with my own skin because it's just worst! I asked the promoter to suggest me with the product that could actually help me handling the breakout. So she recommended  Aqua Series + Purifying Cleansing Water because she said it could help me to repair the skin from the inside. BUT BUT BUT.... THE PRICE IS JUST FREAKING FREAKING EXPENSIVE. Because it's just a cleansing water guys! Since I was so desperate, then I gave a shot. It cost me RM 150 for 150 ml. The original price is RM 175. Gila. I'm telling you this is the most expensive makeup I have ever bought. I cried inside and prayed hard it is gonna be good for my skin. 


There are the pictures of this product. A is the original picture from Google Image because B is mine, the word on the bottle is faded already. So I used image A just to give you guys the actual look of this product. Well, just in case. 

So, as for the ingredient, as stated on the front side, it's made for oily and acne prone skin, non-comedogenic also oil-free and alcohol-free. From the front description, I mean I'M ATTRACTED ALREADY. I have oily skin, i dont need alcohol to make my skin dry and it's non-comedogenic which means it will not clog your pores. THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH BABY. But on the ingredient at the back, it does still have methyl-paraben but not as main ingredient which is forgiven and has perfume in it. The perfume works really well.....because I smell like a rich person. It does smell like SKII product gotta tell ya that. hehe..

It removes my makeup very well. Even the eye-makeup. Just drop 5 drops of this cleasing water on the cotton pad and you just wipe it off all over your face. In one wipe, it does clear all the makeup. But if I go for heavy makeup, I use the makeup remover wipe first, and then use this cleansing water to remove all of the dirt. I LOVE IT. I JUST  LOVE IT. 

Even though it's FREAKING EXPENSIVE, gotta tell ya it works! IT IS A HOLY GRAIL product for me. My skin got better in just less than 2 weeks, my breakouts just disappeared and I got better complexion! For the record, I didnt use any skincare product at that time except for moisturizer. I just clean my face using this product and gently rinse it off with the clean tap water. IT REALLY WORKED!  Tak percaya? See this.....

Yes. I'm not even wearing any concealer or foundation for the second picture. But this is the truth. Alhamdulillah.

Okay guys, so as for the conclusion I give this product 5/5 despite of the price tag. I'm still using it. It has been 2 months but I still has lot of it in the bottle. Recommended guys!

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  1. Yang..awk guna yang ni mcm mne yea?cmpur air x?boleh exp lebih detail?

    1. Haiii... no need. Just titikkan on the cotton bud, lepastu sapu je kat muka. and then, bilas dengan air :)

  2. I bought this too. I don't know if it's the same price or just RM100. Idk, I think it just the same. freaking expensive and Im going to make a review on it too. Alhamdulillah I like this product too !

    1. Assalam, i want know u review about this product its ok for u skin? i have oily skin and acne.

  3. assalan afiqah, u still use this product? i just buy this product, so expensive. Hope its ok for my skin

  4. Assalamualaikum I just bought this product from Watson and it cost me RM 383.i hope it can cure my breakouts and my big pores.

    1. Hi anyone wanna purchase this product can contact me 0172891269! Buy above RM150 get free facial session 2x ❤


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