LDR Survival Kit

April 20, 2016

Assalamualaikum! Hey everybody! How's it going? I'm doing perfectly fine and Alhamdulillah feeling so good this week. Alright, today's post is maybe gonna be the lamest post ever. However, I'd like to share it because I think there are thousands of people out there are currently having LDR-Long-distance Relationship. As the name sounds, yes it sucks. 

Let me brief you with my LDR story. I started with LDR since 2014 when my fiance (boyfriend at that moment) was graduating from uni. Yes, we studied at the same place but he's one year senior. After that, he was working in Kuala Lumpur and currently he's working in Kuantan. Things got worst, when my father passed away few months after I started my LDR and it's just so sad that he cannot be with me physically although I know he'll be always there for me. 

When we started with LDR, we fought a lot. I always claimed he didn't have time for me, he would claimed that I was just being nonsense and annoying, I accused him to hate me and having another girl which I couldnt appoint who's the girl was. I was so insecure and he was so stressed in adapting with his working life and adjusting with new life-being far away from his family and obviously me. Teehee. 

Not just accusing my partner of things that he didn't do, I was very jealous of my friends whom can meet their love everyday. Yes, I didn't meet him everyday pun when he was in uni, but I could see him whenever I wanted to. Then, what made me so upset was there's a friend who actually say, it was nothing to be LDR and I was just being dramatic and guess who is losing her mind when she had to be far from his boyfriend for a week? Kah!

As the time passed by, I found out that LDR has made our love stronger and better. We learnt how to communicate a lot, we learnt how to be patient towards each other and most important thing is we learnt how to be more understanding of other people. We're still suffering with the 'temporary separation' when we need to be apart after short meeting of LDR. But it wasn't that bad, at least we have something to look forward to in weeks. It's just so good to know that somewhere in the nearest future, you'll be able to meet your loved ones after a long time apart. 

Here's " LDR Survival Kit" that could help people like me or any couples that may have just started with LDR.

1. Trust
This may sounds so cliche, but it's the truth people! I think most of the cases where the LDR didnt work out is both parties dont trust each other. If you dont trust your partner, a lot of misunderstanding and doubts that actually dont even exist! Believe me, it's actually the pillar of any relationships, LDR, non-LDR relationship, friendship or even your relationship with God needs trust and believing.  If the trust is there, things may hurt less and will be going well without you realize it. But if your partner has betrayed your trust more than once, oh that might be another story. 

2. Say "I Love You" and "I Miss You" as much as you can.
I'm not going to lie, but we always say we love each other maybe hundred times a day. It's very important because since you're apart only words can make you believe that he/she is feeling the same way. It'll help to wash away some of the pain and brighten up your day. Ah, I love the feeling :)

3. Regularly updating
I dont know how other's relationship works but we are always updating to each other of what we're doing or what we gonna do next. It's just giving a simple details of what's going on with each other's lives. The reason behind it is not we're not trusting each other, but it's just to make sure that "you-are- so- important- to -me -and -I- think- you -should-know-this" feeling. You'll feel the sense of belonging and feel needed somehow. Idk maybe some of you just hate this but it wasnt that hard these days. we got different kinds of instant messaging apps so why not?

4. Of morning call & night call
This might cost you a lil bit but it works! Morning call isnt just for wake up call but it's for communicating after long sleeping hours. You might miss him/her as you sleep isnt? In morning call, we're usually talking about plans for the day and maybe telling each other about nonsense dream that we had last night. Night call is basically when you're about to end your day. You can tell him/ her about your day-was it bad or good or exciting or ask him/ her about anything that you cannot tell through message. The function of these two calls is simple, to listen his or her voice. It's just so soothing after a long tired day, you could hear your love's voice and if the day is just so wrong, maybe it would be better a little bit :)

5. Surprises and events
To be in a relationship is undeniably will cost you lots of money! Haha true true but I think it will be a worth investments for those who are lucky. Fret not, if your investments just went to the drain, it doesnt mean you're a loser. At least, you once made other people happy. Isnt that good? Ok, back to the topic.. For surprises and events sometimes it doesnot have to be grand or took a lot of effort but sometimes a random and easy surprises such as giving flowers or notes through email would do :)

6. Spent your time and money like a boss
When you have the chance to see each other after a long, hard LDR, you two should enjoy yourselves! Go for things that you wanted to do when you're apart. Like me and my fiance, we always do some sort of "Bucket Lists" of things that we wanted to do if we see each other. You know, things like, eating at the new restaurant, going to cinema, jog together yeah it's very simple. Take a lot of pictures, talk a lot, do not bother of using your freaking phone because phone can wait. Last but not least, maybe it's time to use your money-buy couple shirts, eat fancy food, go to trips or buy presents for them as souvenir of your meeting.

Yes, it may sound tedious but you only need simple and effortless gestures to tell your partner, ' even though we're apart, there's nothing will change my love for you'. You really need to be patience and just know that all these things are worth the wait :) 

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