July 30, 2012

cis kelo. baru sehari dapat proper sleep now you're staying up. that's so not good. 
please be a human


July 28, 2012

hye, dah hari2 dok menghadap blog ni.  T_T Because I dont think people will read thiss. So I pour all my heart here. Oh nothing to say but some errr err complains I want to make. Something that I need to confess.

I cant spend my time on Tumblr like before because my broadband works slower than things that slower than turtle. The effect is, I spend most my time on facebook. Why I didnt spend my time on twitter? Because I dont know, maybe the feature of twitter is too heavy or something it takes time to load the page. sigh. You know, I think Barney was right. People on facebook are lame. Ok fine, I'm one of them. When you talk about facebook, the complains will be like endless. huiii.. I dont know why, I thought I had hide her STATUSES from my news feed, but it always come out. Oke, to be honest I dont like you. I like you, but the way you write your statuses are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo offended. I hope  pray people will stop liking your status so that you give up, and wont update your status for a verry long time.People will not change if you use rough words. So, you know. Thank god I'm not interested to follow your twitter account. 

T_T okay. When I'm on twitter, there is a guy. Okay my EX-crush because I dont like him anymore, he always on twitter when I'm on. Ok fine lah kan. But he always bother me like he say hi to all my friends there and he's like I'm gonna make you jealous, I'm gonna make you hate me because I dont say hi to you. Oh....what do you expect? I fall for that? I'm not even like you anymore. But dont get me wrong, maybe you want to blame me because I follow him at twitter but the thing is, HE FOLLOWED ME FIRST. astaghfirullah

ok judge me. You can say that I'm the one who give a damn. But I tried to ignore. Some say, why dont you talk to them or explain them or whatever. Hey, people nowadays are rude enough and I dont wanna be part of them. cries. dah dgn aq sekali LAME

the reason

July 27, 2012

okay. dah seminggu kiter berpuase. SELAMAT BERPUASA semua. hehe.okay, disebabkan sekarang tgh cuti sem, mmg takde pelah yg nak buat. tdo pukul 3 pagi, bagun sahur kol 4.45 pagi stay smpai suboh. pastuh tdo smpai pkul 2 petang 3 petang. pastuh selamba badak tgk TV smpai buka. manusia kah ini? hoho.. oke malam bermanfaat sikit lah sbb ade solat terawih kan. mujur lah,, ade ler aktiviti sikit. nih badan dah macam tong deram ni.

sbnrnye nak cerite pasal ape yang aq nampak kat masjid ni. Ok, takdelah rajin sgt, sbb bnyk dah lobang2 terawikh, baru seminggu pose. Oke, sementara tunggu Isya', aq selalu lah nengok2 org nih. mmg suke pun tgk2 org. Pastuh, mata terpaku kat sorg makcik ni, dah seminggu terawikh, hari2 aq nampak dy. Hari-hari pesyen dy same jek, pkai telekung without kain sbb dy pkai jubah hitam dgn stokin hitam. Oke, makcik nih..or should I call her nenek (?) nenek kot. Ok nenek nih dy mcm bongkok tau. I mean dy tak boleyh lah nak berdiri tegak mcm kiter2 ni. Dy bongkok skitlah, tp bukan bongkok sgt. Rasenye umor dy dlm 60 an- 70 an mcm tulah. 

Aq mmg selalu buat terawikh smpai habis tau. Sama mcm nenek tuh jugak. Pernah sekali tuh, kebetulan aq sembahyang sebelah dy. Nenek ni susah lah untuk dy sujud, rukuk tuh sume since dy bongkok and movement dy pun quite slow lah. Tp dy lgsung tak solat atas kerusi ker hape. I know it is hard for her. Sedangkan aq yg sehat2 nih pun lelenguh badan lagi dy bongkok tuh kan. 

So,moral of the story, kiter yg sehat2 nih rerajin lah buat ibadat. Mama kata,'' ha tgk tuh nenek tuh, kau patut malu dgn dy kalau nak buat terawikh 8 jek, solat pun malas.. sihat2 nak buat 8 jek." Ini yg buat lagi semangat nak kasik habis 23 rakaat setiap malam. InsyaALLAH. doakan saya :)

result alert

July 27, 2012

ALLAH.. I cant ask you no more..

hope I can maintain it for another 3 years. 

and congratz to my classmates. No matter how your result is, this is maybe the best for you. 
Work harder or I can say let us work harder together :)

beautiful eyes

July 26, 2012

my spectacles' power seems increasing day by day. I mean during this mid sem break I look at TV and my laptop screen more than I look at my reflection in the mirror. See how I benefit the usage of my eyes to see everything that only you can see through screen. I know I know. How can I be so pathetic enough? So you know I spent only 7 to 8 hours in a week to see other things because I only out of my house during the weekend. If my parents are nice enough to bring me out. Ok back to the eyes.

I want to tell you about *cough*my husband-boyfriend-soulmate-to-be*cough*. I met him last month, but I found him that I cant stop thinking about him lets say 2 weeks ago. He is older than me and he is a nice guy. Straight to the point, I stalked  investigated him on facebook. So, nothing much I can get from there. So, I realized that he had tumblr account. Which is very good- because he seems more open there. So, I learnt that he is very excited about the eyes. How to put in words...like me too.

In 100 facts column of his tumblr blog, he stated that he really likes eyes. He said that when he found someone special it's okay if she cant speak or cant hear because through eyes, he can see everything. He said that he lives to see other's eyes so that he can knows other's heart. WOW. hopeless romantic. miaow. Me too. I mean I'm not using the eyes to see other's heart, but for god sake, eyes are the most erm erm pure? Because there is a place where you cant lie. You can shed fake tears but the eyes cant make you lie.

Hey there. So nice to know you.

P/s : oh,jemaah2 masjid jamek pekan nanas. sory kalau saya tak perasaan akan diri anda. ini kerana saya rabun dan tidak memakai spek ke masjid. segala ksulitan amat dihargai 

short and precise-o my parents

July 24, 2012

I'm not tall and not even short. but reality always kills us anyway. I'm halfway-of-150cm-to-160cm tall. Just consider I'm on my way to get 160cm in my twenties which is impossible because female stop growing vertically on 20 years old unless you grow horizontally. But my height did not give me a precise how I look. I'm not cute, not petite not what you imagine. T_T but my mom's words can always give you everything that you can imagine. FAILURE

So, I was ssssssssoooooooo excited and make a fuss about Big Bang's concert in Malaysia *of course*. They're not my favourite Kpop band but they have very good songs and good in singing live not like other bands. Like you-know-who. I want to go. So I planned everything with shaza, iem, atin . I decided to buy like the cheapest ticket -RM98. Everything is under control and you-know-who-because-I've-mentioned-above will always be out of you control. Physically and mentally.

I'm not dissapointed or complaining how the-person-stated-above did not give the permission to go there. There will be always a reason why they do that to you. They are worried of me because I am like the pine-APPLE of their eyes. but sometimes the way they talk do not even make sense with your situation.
So my parents were shaking their head to the right and left since I was happily saying to them that I am soooo going to the concert. I was like," I'm going to the concert because I pay the cheapest ticket, I have tons of friends will join me and the oppars will see me from far". Short and precise,all-killed answer I got was "So No"

I was practically persuaded my kind-hearted mom again yesterday during watching Jejak Rasul *alhamdullilah*. She said "Hell No" this time. And I was like, "Okay fine. So when you will give me the permission to go to the concert huh?" Short and precise, all-killed answer "With your husband" 


hye :)

July 19, 2012

hye. i'm in good mood :) hehe. ok bless me . AMIN.
since I have found my new love. I always smile even in my sleep. haha. oke, that's too much.
I cant wait for a new drama ''To The Beautiful You''. It' s a Korea version of Hana Kimi. 
Yess.. THAT Hana Kimi. 

actors and actress. yes the middle one is the actress. in case.

OMG YESS.. my baby Minho is the lead actor. a good looking hero is needed in a drama. no doubt.
ok ok ok ok bye :)

sbnrnye Hana Kimi jepun pun tak habis tgk lg. hoho, takpe skurang2nye tak tau ape ending dy. ececeh


July 15, 2012

i didn't mean to change my blog to tumblr :3

guy looks very attractive

July 14, 2012

guy looks very attractive while he is fixing things
guy looks very attractive when he focuses on his work
guy looks very attractive when his fingers dancing on the piano bars
guy looks very attractive when he is playing games
guy looks very attractive when he carries DSLR
guy looks very attractive when he smiles because he don't
guy looks very attractive when he stays by her side
guy looks very attractive on his intelligence
guy looks very attractive he pats on a child's head
guy looks very attractive because he's a leader
guy looks very attractive when he looks into her eyes
guy looks very attractive in a suit
guy looks very attractive in his silence
guy looks very attractive even by his voice
guy looks very attractive when he licks his lips
guy looks very attractive when he is honest
guy looks very attractive with gadgets
guy looks very attractive when he's loyal
guy looks very attractive in lather jacket
guy looks very attractive he only says what he needs
guy looks very attractive with nice timing
guy looks very attractive with black hair
guy looks very attractive not raise his eyes on any girl
guy looks very attractive doing push up
guy looks very attractive when he sweats
guy looks very attractive when he cooks

this is not a korean guy. please I've got a life.

July 12, 2012

as expected music help me to go through this.

July 11, 2012

If internet dies. I don't know whom i'll be talk to. 

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