hye :)

July 19, 2012

hye. i'm in good mood :) hehe. ok bless me . AMIN.
since I have found my new love. I always smile even in my sleep. haha. oke, that's too much.
I cant wait for a new drama ''To The Beautiful You''. It' s a Korea version of Hana Kimi. 
Yess.. THAT Hana Kimi. 

actors and actress. yes the middle one is the actress. in case.

OMG YESS.. my baby Minho is the lead actor. a good looking hero is needed in a drama. no doubt.
ok ok ok ok bye :)

sbnrnye Hana Kimi jepun pun tak habis tgk lg. hoho, takpe skurang2nye tak tau ape ending dy. ececeh

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