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Feminine Wash as Face Wash to cure Breakouts?!

July 21, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hello all. Today I would like to talk about something that I wouldn't believe I will do it one day. As for the starter, my skin is terribly having breakouts and out of the blue, I was diagnosed to have  eczema. Hmm.. my skin has changing upside down due to my pregnancy and only God knows how I'm struggling with it. My whole body is itching. There are a lot of scars from scratching and I swear I cant even stand the itchiness. But yeah. things we do for love...for my dear baby <3

Now, back to business. Not only my body suffers, my face too (of course). My face became so dull and breakouts like when I was teenagers dulu ahaks. As soon as I knew I was pregnant, I am really particular of what I put on my skin because I'm afraid it will affect my baby.  Therefore, it was hard for me to find a face wash that is suitable for pregnant woman. As a result, I only wash my face with cold water every single day. But but but I realized, my skin is getting worse. I went to Watson and picked up a Eucerin face wash-because it is claimed to be dermatological tested. However, nothing's changed. Dah lah mahal masha Allah lepastu tak effective pulakkk urgh. Maybe some of you were wondering--- why am I so bother about the breakouts since it's definitely because of the changes of hormones since I am pregnant? My answer would be- who doesnt look good even though you're bloated, fat and pregnant? -.-'' 

I thought I met a dead end, but thank god I was stumbled upon a video about curing breakouts. Most of them recommend to use feminine wash to help to cure it. I was thinking, why not? Since I got a bottle of feminine wash (no added cost involved) and I think there is no harm trying it! I mentioned before I was particular with what I put on my skin since I got pregnant right? But why am I okay with putting feminine wash on ma face- my answer would be, I dont know-I'm just using my logic here... since the 'vajayjay' is the sensitive part, so the face skin. Therefore, I think it's safe to use haha. 

The one that I'm using is Lactacyd Soft and Silky Daily Feminine Wash. It is claimed to moisturize, prevents dryness and dermatological tested. As far as I knew, the suitable pH to use for our skin in pH 5.5. And as far as I concerned, feminine wash has a little bit lower pH (means it's acidic) between pH 3.8-pH 3.5. If I'm not mistaken, lower pH can make our skin a little bit dry and worst case, they can cause acne too haha. But I'm going to try it anyway :P Furthermore, this feminine wash contains lactic acid which I believe as the cleansing agent and protection against bacteria. In other words- it fights the bacteria which if we compare to the breakouts situations I'm having now, it could be because of the bacteria on my face. 

My thoughts:
I have been using this for almost three weeks now. I cant say that I'm impressed or it was the gift from heaven ke ape, but it does reduced the breakouts that I'm having now. The small pimples are almost invisible and the big ones seems to slow down a little bit. HOWEVER, it does NOT help me to brighten ke or make my skin looks less dull than before. It is just helping me with reducing the breakouts and not more than that. Cost wise, it is super saving because you can use it for your 'vajayjay' and for your face.Will I continue to use it after labour? Maybe yes or maybe not-depending on how my skin behaves after the labour haha


April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black 2.0

May 13, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hello! It's been awhile since I posted my last product review. My life is super hectic now but let's just say Alhamdulillah for everything. Okay. for this post I'm super duper excited of buying and getting this product at the first place. This is because, I heard a lot of good things about this product and I'm pretty sure why :)

I have never interested in cushion foundation/bb/cc cushion before. This is because I know cushion usually gives you a dewy effect and have low coverage. Since I have an acne prone and oily skin, those kinds of products should be avoided and what I need is matte, oil control and medium to high coverage. However, since my foundation is almost finish and I dont want to buy heavy foundation anymore since I'm pregnant right now, so I thought why not of trying cushion for once, right?

I logged in to Hermo.my and started to browse and I saw April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black 2.0. People say, dont judge a book by it's cover but hey... this cushion caught my attention on the sleek black packaging. After reading some reviews and watching youtube review, I decided to get mine. 

After few days, I was so excited to receive my parcel. This is the look of the box. The box was made by non-glossy material and decorated by gold fonts and border. It looked fancy. It was sealed properly and for the packaging, I have no complains at all. All is well. 

As I opened the box, I could see the cushion and I thought it was so smart. The container is all black and the fonts were in gold. It looked so exclusive and the material itself not just like other cushion. It was non-glossy container, not  like a usual cushion container would be.

When I opened the lid, I can see a typical cushion sponge but in black colour.  After that, there was a mirror attached to the lid. Not that important, but I kinda disappointed with the quality of mirror of this cushion. I mean, the mirror is a dull one and you could possibly can see your reflection on the mirror. It's funny because it was first time getting that kind of mirror- I mean with the price that I paid, with the hype that I've heard, it's just so funny getting a mirror like this :P

As for the second layer of it, it was the place where the foundation is stored. It was sealed by a plastic cover on top of the sponge where the foundation is stored. Once you press the sponge, the foundation will come out.

Claims & Reality: 
1. Claims : It is said to provide you with flawless coverage- high and natural coverage. 
    Reality : I must say it's true. I have acne pigmentation and it helps to cover it up. To get better                         coverage, I usually do two layers on the affected areas only.
2. Claims: Moisturizing Texture - great adherence for lasting coverage and easy touch ups without
                causing cakeyness. 
    Reality : Yes, it's moisturizing. Does it long lasting? Well, it depends. From my experience, if I am
                 exposed to high humidity, sweating, I think you need to touch up. It does looks cakey, in
                 my case on the chin area -but maybe this is just my skin problem. 
3. Claims: Smooth application - glides smoothly with 45% water-based formula
    Reality: Yes, it gives you smooth application and glides smoothly despite of my skin condition. 

The only verdict I have for this product is the shade range. There are only 3 colour to choose which is 21 Light Beige, 22 Pink Beige and 23 Natural Beige. I think they should be aware that Asian have wide skin tones range and 23 Natural Beige can cater for 'sawo matang' like me which is slightly tanned than usual.

Final thoughts: 
All in all, I think this is one of the products that I think I would repurchase, because why not? It's easy, compact and have good coverage for acne prone skin like me. It's very convenient to bring it everywhere and took shorter time to set it. It would be nice if they add more shades and sell the refill because I dont think they have one yet? (sorry if I'm wrong)

Disclaimer: this review is not sponsored. 

She's strong but she's exhausted

April 13, 2017

Hello all. This overdue post has been in the draft since forever. It's just there are so may things happening in past few months. I realized there are so many things I want to tell but there is no words coming out : verbally or non-verbally. I now tend to put aside what I'm feeling for the sake of everything and everybody. Somehow, I feel I have lost myself when now is the best time to show who I am. 

I am right now so confused with what is happening. What's the reality, what's the truth and what's the dream that I know that will not come true. The question that I've always asked myself lately is, "Who controls my life?" Is it me, other people and God? I'm totally fine and already believed that the one who controls my life is always Him. However, in the most of the time, I feel like somebody else dare to invade and control my decisions and all the things that are happening. Obviously, I'm not talking about my husband -.-'' because he lets me to do anything that I want as long as it 's not breaking any rules. And obviously too, I'm talking about other entities that I'm not sure how and why I am related to them. 

To be honest, to describe my life in numbers: if there are 40% of good things that happened in my life are good ones, the rest is the opposite. I thank Allah for all the good things that happened to me, but I just could not stand carrying my long sorrow. I definitely knew what makes me so fragile and one of the reasons is my working environment. I wake up everyday for something that I hate and I know it  is not cool. but do I have choice? No. I've done a lot of reflections, building up strategies and read a lot of articles that I think could lift my spirit up but it does not last long. I end up being disappointed with myself because I am not be able to make my own self happy in any situations. This is totally not me. I break into tears almost everyday and could not face the truth that I'm losing.  I know, at the end of the day, I will found myself curling, hugging my own self to tears and not knowing what to do.

I found myself hating the situation when everyone tell me to be patient and stay strong. Can't you see? If I'm not THIS patient, THIS strong: I would not be able to be here today.  I hate everyone who does not really listen to me but busy trying to comfort me. I don't need comfort, I just need what I want. I want to change my workplace, I want to be with my family, I want to enjoy my first pregnancy, I don't want to eat alone, I want to talk to somebody when the hellish day at school ends, I want to wake up beside someone I love, I want to be with someone who can rub my back when I'm puking, I want somebody to be by my side when the cramps hit me at night and I want to share every single moment in my life with people who truly love me. 

I'm tired facing the same shitty problem everyday. Yes, shitty. Thanks for the torture guys. Thanks a lot. 

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