[REVIEW & SWATCHES] Catrice's All Around Concealer kit

January 26, 2016

Assalamualaikum. Hye, I'm back! So today, I'm going to review one of the most phenomenal product from the drugstore which is Catrice's All Around Concealer. To be honest, I bought this kit because people keep talking about it. So, I couldn't resist the temptation to try this product. Well, it's cheap compared to the others so I dont see any harm if I bought and try this kit. 

You know, Catrice does promotion like everyday. So, during I bought this kit it's like the cheapest price I've ever seen which was RM 16.24. That time, this kit was the only the kit left on the rack. So, lucky me! *hikhik* Catrice is one of the popular drugstore brand which sells probably the cheapest makeup yet they're very promising product especially this concealer kit. 

This kit is very handy, light and mobile. So basically, it would fit in your handbag and it wouldn't take up a lot of spaces. However, it has no mirror so you can see how much concealer left in your kit. This concealer kit is cream-based kit which I personally think, it blends better with the beauty blend. 

Since I'm very new to makeup, I'm very delighted to see this kit because it has different colours for different purposes. As you can see, this kit has 5 different colours which are green, pink, beige in three tones. For green it is used to cover the redness, pink to cover your dark circle while beige is used to covers imperfections such as scars, pigmentation and stuff. For green and pink, you apply it before you apply the foundation. While, the beige coloured concealer can be applied after the foundation. I think, this kit is really good in concealing however the colour might be visible. But fret not, if you use full coverage foundation, it would really help to cover the colour of concealer itself. 

One more thing about this kit. I use the lightest shade of beige coloured concealer as a highlighter. I love contouring so, I found the lightest shade can be practically used for highlighting. It's a good credit for this product. 

As for the ingredients of this product, I don't see anything that I usually afraid of such as paraben, heavy metals or titanium dioxide. Therefore, I can say that it's safe to use :) In shaa Allah. Unfortunately, I may not repurchase this kit because I think I have to do a lot of work and need to use it with full coverage foundation which I do not prefer. Yet, I think I give this product 4/5 because since it does well in concealing AND it is also cheap! Everybody loves cheap things!!! 


[REVIEW] Argan Oil make up remover cleansing towelettes.

January 25, 2016

Assalamualaikum. So today I'm going to review this make up remover towelettes that I bought in Watson. After 20% less, this wet tissue costs me only RM7.92. This is my fourth make up remover tissue after Biore, Simple and Daiso's. I've tried this product and I think it cleans my face well. After that my skin feels smoother and moisture. 

I bought this product just because it's cheaper than the rest. I want to stick with Biore's make up remover however, I want to try it because it contains Argan Oil. Argan Oil is very popular these days therefore, I wanted to know what it benefits on my skin. 

Based from what I read and what I heard, Argan oil is from a tree called Argan. It's a fruit that rich with Vitamin E and fatty acid. As we know Vitamin E is very good for the skin while fatty acid is very popular for as cleansing agent. Argan oil functions to moisturize, anti-aging and heal the skin. One of the reasons I bought this make up remover, I heard Argan Oil is good for acne prone skin because it is non greasy so it will not give you oily effect. To know more about Argan oil you can just click here

This is what it looks like

There are two things that makes me think, I may not repurchase this make up remover unless, if I broke. First, this product is not suitable to remove your eye makeup. Since it contains fragrance and scented, so when it has contact with eyes, you might feel poignant. Silly me, I do not read before I use it because in the "Cautions" part has warned the user to avoid with direct contact with eyes. Second, it contains methylparaben. Haha, dang it! Silly me again, I supposed to read the ingredients before I bought this product but I realize, since it helps and suitable for acne skin therefore, the manufacturer of course will include paraben in it. Screw paraben!

Other than that, it is all good. I mean it helps to clean all the dirt on my face well. I dont have to wipe for the second time by using the second sheet. Means that, I only have to use one sheet to clean all my makeup. Hence, 3.5/5 because it contains paraben! :P


Kimchi Maggi Halal

January 23, 2016

Hello everybody! It seems that I appear too much too often these days. Gotta tell you, I'm on my semester break, therefore I think it's a golden opportunity for me to just being lazy and sitting in front of laptop whenever I'm done with the house chores. Life's great but it's better for me to just stay at home. Plus, I'm pretty broke so that's how you cant never see me out so much. Another secret is, I'm one of Cullens :P

Well, well back to the topic! Kimchi Maggi! Back to 2010, I started to be one of KPOP Fans, so kimchi is not an alien for me. I've tasted Kimchi when I was in Seoul Garden but since that place is too pricey for me, I rather looking at Kimchi on my screen. However, two days ago, I was so bored at home, I decided to go out and I went to one of my supermarket nearby. I saw HALAL Kimchis. But it was for me like too pricey. A small package costs me about RM 7.50 so I rounded off it became RM 8.00. However, maybe I was just too bored so I bought it after hard contemplating. Since I cant find any Ramen which I really confident that it was Halal, so I just stick to my favourite Maggi Kari.

So here's the packaging. The brand is Yes Gourmet.
Here's the nutrition information. Hey, I'm no dietitian, but you can always google :)
These information might be useful too. 
If you're wondering, this is the Halal logo. I have no doubt when my eyes set on this logo. So, I think I good to go to eat this Kimchi. Nyum!

Recommended dish. But I taram je makan with everything :P
I got back home and directly took out my pot, slicing onion, boil water and prepare the Kimchi. Not forget an egg. So, Kimchi went into the pot last. I put about two spoons of Kimchi in a serving of Maggi and I tasted it, "hm, not bad". So, I decided to put some more. and Taraaaaa~!

My own style Kimchi Maggi 

As for me, it wasn't that delicious till I need to tell everyone,"You berdosa kalau tak cuba ni!" hahaha.. But, I think it was not that bad but I dont think it was like really scrumptious or something. It's worth a try. 3.5/5. 


Make-up For You 24 Pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Beige With Pouch Bag from Lazada

January 21, 2016

So recently I got my package from @lazada_my. I'm so excited because this brushes totally like beyond my expectation! This is my 2nd products out of 4 (because another two still find their ways to my home) that I bought from @lazada_my . This only costs me RM 42 with free postage *goyang-goyang kaki*

To be honest I expected this brushes are awesome. I tried it and I think it helps to blend the product well. The brushes were smooth and soft. I bought a Sephora's brush and these brushes just at the same level as it. Well, why need to pay more when you have a cheaper options? For a newbie like me, I think it was worth first investment for you guys! Grab yours at @lazada_my now! So that's the story of#MYEffortlessShopping

P/s: I just ordered a set of powder blush foundation contour makeup brush set above. I JUST DID! 



January 20, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hye everybody! Happy New Year semua... Alhamdulillah got to see the world in the year of 2016 :) 2015 was not my favourite year but I learnt a lot. So, as for the starter, I want to say that I'm so happy because lots of people I met told me that I'm positive-ier than I was before. For me, that's very dear compliment and I felt so sexy about it somehow haha. 

I'm here not to brag but I actually did some changes in my life. Means my life is dynamic and not just 'jumud' at the place I was at. Therefore, this post is dedicated to my positive-ier self. I just want to talk about it so that in the future, whenever I feel down and negative, I can always refer to this post again. I think it might be a good reference too. Here are the steps of leading a positive mind. 

1. Forgive yourself and others. 
I only realize the power of forgiveness when I just reflect back things that I've done to shape my positive mind. *cewah* When I looked back, I did forgive a lot of people and myself sendiri no matter how big or small the mistakes were. Or, at least I try to forgive them. The thing about it is, when you forgive yourself and other people, it's easier for you to actually move on with things that membelenggu your life. Honestly, I dont know how can I sleep so soundly before this by being so revengeful and mad creature. It might take the whole life to learn to forgive many levels of mistakes but it will just make you a better person and I think that's a great reward that you could give to yourself. So, HOW? HOW TO START? Easier said than done. But it's not possible *wink wink* Whenever you feel mad and so benci to other people, you can just say, "Takpelah. maybe aku pun ada salah jugak...." You know, you put some of the blame to yourself so that your anger can be lessen because you're so ashamed of what you have done. The rationale is you never know what you have done to them that makes them acted that way. Maybe it's because how we behaved in the past or maybe they 're just having a bad day. Well, you might SUFFER for awhile but after a little bit of practicing. you'll be okay :) 

Well, WHY NOT APOLOGIZING? Okay, this is my biggest flaw ever. I have this GIGANTIC EGO, so it's hard for me to say I'm sorry (on BIGGER THINGS), because I'm just not designed to be one. ahahahahahhahaha.. but I'm learning to do it. So, wish me luck people i love you. Lol. 

2. Stay away from negativity
Okay, this is basically what positive people like me *ahaks* did to make sure our life is in peace. You need to stay away form everything that gives you negativity, anger, annoyance, hatred and immoral. Including, people, habits, what you read and story that you heard. I WANT TO STRESS THAT YOU JUST NEED TO STAY AWAY BUT NOT TO THE EXTEND OF HATING AND SHUTTING PEOPLE OUT. I learned hard from my own mistakes. Shutting people down apatah lagi hating people are not going to solve your problem. You just menambahkan lagi masalah and awkwardness in your life. I pun dah start 'kawan' balik with people that I shutted them up and thankfully I masih diterima :') So, when I said you need to stay away, it means you AVOID, BUAT BODOH or LET IT GO.. ahaha Like this thing will literally mencabar because you need 100% of self-control. So that the other party tak terasa sgt. HAHA It was so damn hard, but anyway it refers back to the point no 1, and when you can do No 1, you're good to go to stay away from negativity. 

P/s: Jika anda kurangkan berpeleseran di media sosial, it will help you a lot. Because there are so many negativity and sometimes it might disappoint you.

3. Get a hobby 
So, how to kurangkan untuk berpeleseran di media sosial? Well, u need to have a hobby! Haha bingo! So these days, I really like to read, do my own makeup, and watching makeup tutorials. These are enough to fill my free time rather than being online and see how people being so annoying in the social media. Not to further explained that, but hobbies are good distraction for you. Just find anything that you like and jangan paksa yourself to do things that you dont like because each and everyone of us have different hobbies. Hence, if you think you have a weird hobby, it's okay man. We have different DNAs punnn. But but but, I dont think online is a hobby. Because, it's like a normal thing that people will do nowadays. So yeah. Haha.. If you have hobby that you can do to earn your own income, that's better. 

4. Bragging is a No. 
Selepas mengharungi onak dan duri untuk menjadi positif, kalau you got the result mcm you can feel it that you have this positive mind, do not brag and say it to other people that you are a positive person. You actually will realize how positive you're when people said things like, "Kau ni positif lah", " Dah matanglah kau sekarang".. Hahahaha well, I JUST DID BRAG. But the purpose of me writing this post is not to brag sayang sayang, but I want to tell my experience (?) well, I dont think ppl read my blog anyway heh. So, yeah just keep it to yourself. Kalau tak tahan sangat, you can always standing in front of the mirror and tell your own self about it. That might help you to lessen the kekepohan mulut you daripada bragging. Nanti daripada nak having a positive mind nnt you jadi a freak that suka berlagak and takabbur pulak. Astaghfirullahalazim... 

It does not necessarily my cara untuk jadi positive works on you too. We might approach it differently but at the end of the day, what we really want is to be positive and having a healthy life inshaaALLAH <3


Sambung master

January 03, 2016

Assalamualaikum. Amboi bersawang betul blog ni haha. I've been busy catching up life especially after officially became a postgrad student. My business pun tak jalan. First and foremost, Alhamdulillah for my graduation last October and everything that I've blessed with last year. I hope 2016 will be better than last year *cliche*. 

Alright, other than soalan "Kau nak kawen bila?", I got this question a lot : "Best tak sambung master?" Okay to be really honest, tak best pun. Bukan ape pun, lonely okay sambung master ni. T.T
Disebabkan kelas I campur dengan budak part-time so it's really hard for me to mingle with them. Sebab their commitment is not 100% on campus. My classmates pun ramai dah jadi bapak orang, bini orang, ada yang baru je jadi datuk... So, nampak tak? macam mana nak ajak makan malam2 kat mapley kalau macam ni? Oleh itu, kawan I mmg berubah each class and basically I close with full time student jugak. In this post, I want to share some of things you need to consider before you decide to pursue your study in postgrad.

1. Nak pilih mode ape? Research lagi senang kan?
Okay. Soalan ni memang popular and ramai yang confuse. This is my WARNING, CHOOSE YOUR MODE BETUL2. In UTM, especially in my fakulti (Fakulti Pendidikan), we have three mode of study which are: TAUGHT COURSE, MIX MODE and RESEARCH. 

Okay guys, taught course ni kerjanya memang kene masuk kelas, buat assignment, presentations etc. Pretty much like your degree years dulu senang cerita. Sebagai contoh, sepanjang tahun pengajian you need to complete 45 credit hours *depends on your program*. Dia adalah jumlah jumlah subjek yang kene ambil before you can graduate. Contohnya, like me, I need to take 3 core subjects, 4 electives, 2 uni's subjects and 2 faculty's subjects and dissertation. Oh, btw, kalau kat UTM ni, peringkat master kita tak panggil thesis ye awok awok, kita panggil di Dissertation. So, it depends on you nak susun ur jadual macam mana. Boleh pilih ikut your time, bila you bangun tido. Haha true tho. Advantage of this mode, in shaa Allah dan kebiasaanya you boleh  habiskan you punya study on time depending on how fast you want to end your study. Disadvantage pulak, kau kene datang kelas lah. For full time student, maybe takde masalah because your commitment is 100% on your study, but part-time student ni perit sikitlah. Nanti kita borak2 pasal ni. Kalau kat UTM ni, Dissertation utk taught course TAKDE PROPOSAL PRESENTATION AND VIVA HOIIII. HEAVEN.

Mix mode ni gabungan dua mode lah, taught course and research. Maksudnya, you have to attend classes and do the research. Sebelum ni, I mmg pelajar untuk this mode, tapi dah tukar mode jadi TAUGHT COURSE hahaha Okay untuk mix mode ni, ur credit hour untuk kelas is basically half of taught course and dissertation. Kalau kat UTM ni, you just need to take core subjects, uni's and faculty's electives. In my opinion, untuk amik mix mode ni, you need to have prior knowledge since nanti kene buat dissertation. Eh, habis kalau amik taught course tak perlu prior knowlege lah? Haah pretty much like that sebab you'll attend many classes which will provide you with a lot of input. Kalau mix mode ni, you'll just attend core subject and basically theory class yang biasanya susah for you guys nak cari which scope for your dissertation nanti. Believe me, kadang2 habis 1 semester pun you tak tau nak buat ape kalau takde prior knowledge. So dah rugi masa kat situ. Mestilah nak habiskan master cepat2, yuran bukan murah hoi. Advantage mode ni, kelas tak banyak lah and dissertation tu you can do it on your pace along with the guidance of your sv lah kan. the disadvantage, maybe you need to prolong your study time because you knowww you ada research tau. You need to present your proposal and ada viva hockay. Pasal research ni kita discuss kejap lagi. Oh, I think mode ni sesuai jugak untuk part time student. Sebab kelas tak banyak so takde lah beban sangat. 

Untuk research, you really need to be bold kalau amik this mode. Eh dont get me wrong because I heard that buat research ni mmg lonely gila. haha yelah you dont need to take classes, so takdelah kawan sangat. Kalau kat UTM ni, memang you dont have to attend class tapi setiap bulan ada 3 sessions for your research methodology class. BELIEVE ME, I have attended those classes, not fun for people yang memang have zero knowledge research methodology. You actually kene start on something baru you tahu what you gonna ask later in those sessions. And biasa kelas ni akan gabung sekali with PHD students. Okay macam mix mode, you have to present your proposal with external panel and then viva jugak with external panel. Advantage untuk mode ni, you can get duit because of research grant and doing work on your own pace. Tak terikat with date sangat. Disadvantage pulak, well, kebanyakan student research biasanya tak habis on time. at least 4 sems jugak while other people can finish it at 3 sem. Untuk orang yang nak dapatkan master dengan kadar yang segera, this mode is definitely not for you. 

So, biasanya kalau mode mix mode and research ni, orang susahhhhh nak grad on time because you're basically dealing with people *read: examiners, panel, supervisors* Well, kalau you're postrgad student, people will expect more and takkan you nak bagi seciput je. I have friends dah habiskan one year which is two semesters with research mode and then tukar to taught course sebab kerja tak jalan-jalan. Ada juga yang up till now tak grad-grad sebab SV busy, examiners tak lepas, VIVA tak lepas bla bla. I'm not saying that research or mix mode ni tak bagus, no, it would be good for you bila nak amik PHD nanti. It depends on your goal and your minat.. So, if you decide to take research for example, you dont have to worry. Janji rajin baca 30-50 artikel/journal per day, you can learn a lot actually. It'll really help you doing your research. 

2. Part time? Full Time?
Okay, issue pasal part time dengan full time ni pun masalah jugak. I'm full time student, so basically I mmg tinggal kat kolej and pergi kelas dengan jayanya. Tapi kalau part time ni biasanya orang yang dah ada kerja but they want to study at the same time. 85% of my classmates are part time student. Memang I sekelas dengan cikgu-cikgu, pegawai PPD, nazir sume. 

As full time student, apa masalah yang korang akan hadapi? Meh I list kan..
- Financial : kalau kau bukan anak menteri, memang kau sesak lah. Boleh je nak buat part time job tapi kene pandai2 lah especially yang amik taught course. 
- Assignment : Ha, pasal assignment ni mmg kontroversi sikit. Especially kalau you kene buat assignment dengan budak part time. Weh, from my experience you need to have a lot of patience and try to be understanding even if you're not.  Dorang ni biasanya akan banyak alasan sikit. Susah nak siap kerja on time sebab they've commitment yang lain. But, they're good for you because they could provide you with their experience. 
- Expectation : Biasanya orang expect lebih sikit kat budak full time ni, sebab dorang pikir kita ni 24 jam study je. Lol. Yelah budak part time kan ada kerja, so untuk full time student ni kita takde kerja so study jelah kat library sana. Haha hoi budak part time, we got life too okay?

As part time student, apa masalah yang you guys kene hadap pulak?
- Time: TIME TIME TIME, MASA MASA MASA memang masalah you guys no 1. Nak kene kerja, siapkan assignement, kalau ada family lain pulak, mana nak kene datang kelas sume. As for me, if you dah decide nak sambung belajar, you need to be prepared betul2 lah. dah kene tahu time management sikit. It's important supaya tak susah kan yourselves and other people. Please. 
-Assignment : aka quality of work. since you have a lot of commitments, you tend to buat kerja cincai2. lepas tu banyak budak part time attendance memang teruk sikit.

Looks like macam I bash budak part time kan? tapi actually if you;re full time student pun, kalau you tak tau nak manage masa, you guys pun boleh menyusahkan diri sendiri and orang lain.I ada je kawan spent most of time with other things, dia full time student jugak, Hm kerja pun so-so je. not good not good.

Ehem. So itu jela yang basic things you need to know. It depends on your priority and universiti jugak. As for me, postgrad ni mmg lah tak best, tapi daripada segi learning, it's far better than your degree years because I can see my own effort tau. Postgrad ni tak spoonfed sangat so it'll be good for your development. Seriously. Apa-apa pun, no matter where you decide nak smbung ur study, dalam negara ke overseas ke, tak kisahlah, yang penting effort kene ada. Just remember your parents, you'll be fine kalau you stumble in the middle of your study. Good luck for you guys and for me too. xoxo

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