if santa ask me..

December 25, 2011

what I want for Christmas 

judge me ppl. judge me.


i just give a fuck

December 05, 2011

well, these days I'm just not comfortable around my friends.
feel annoyed without reasons and I feel pity for them.
but when two annoyed ppl met, there's a clash of titans.
and i just give her a fuck.

please, things just don't go on my way nowadays. 
well, i just cant make ppl understand me rite, all of us got problems. 

arghh why are you exist?

i'm not okay ppl

November 21, 2011

erm. i'm not impressed or i'm not depressed
can you do your work by yourself?
get tired of you-know-nothing attitude.
i need to get my As too..

i hope i can be invisible.. rn.


November 18, 2011

what the what the… have to do evaluation for my lectures. LOL. and my lecturers keep saying to give them good marks. what goes around comes around dude.

oh... I can't..
its 5 minutes work and i have 10 lecturers..
means.. 50 minutes!

forever fat


November 11, 2011


I just cant resist.
well- i think i will never lose weight lol. 

i'm beautiful


November 10, 2011

sabtu ni ade tesuto-ichi. -test pertama-
i'm not readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....

true story....
 lagi2 kepala aq asik tmbh korean vocab. 
darn darn darn darn.

go eat banan


October 18, 2011

i hate it when ma friends make an issue such a big fuss and they’re like cant calm their tilts 

when i ask what happen, 
they are like..” um.. nuthing…” 

what the... THANK YOU VERY MUCH !
fuck you biatchhhh!! you such an attention whore.

too much to talk abut. i delete you

automatic heart

October 15, 2011

i dont care i dont care i dont care
i wont care i wont care i wont care

okay, yesterday was my last-crush-moment. thank god it didnt reach one year yet. i've wasted my time for about  8 months *ider* okay he is a good guy, i mean everybody wants him. he got the look an everything but biatch you annoyed me. there are many things about you that not under my criterion but when it comes to you i just ignored it and you know how unfair i am to myself? you just dun know. u make me hate you twice. wow! congrats ! 

yes. i want to have ur attention, i want to have ur heart, i want to boast around about you *when we have special bond hell-no-i-dun-want-it-anymore*, i want to make everybody's jaw drop seeing you with me. i guess my intentions WERE not right but that's how i felt. Its just make me regret, i dont even forget my first crush yet, but when you came into my life---------------i just forgot bout him. DARNNNNN !

u sucks at taking care others' feeling. u said that I made you dissapointed  but u made me even worse.

so- for those who are over-sensitive and emotional. i bid my goodbye.
i regret nothing.

middle f

October 12, 2011

i dun know how you guys live ur life. okay, reminder- for those who in happy mood, please leave my blog because you will see me so pathetic. 

these days, i've been thinking about my life. LIKE A LOT. i'm stuck with unsettle things. I know ur life must have been more sucks than me, but please this is my first. I can cry without a single reason pun. thankfully tears wont come out in front of my friends. now I can see the effects of run away from the problems. PROBLEMSSSS. but i cant do anything else. i'm helpless. I dun want to put my head on others' shoulders because they have their own problem. I wish I could scream so that the burden pour out. Inside of me is very shaky and I can really fall anytime now. i tried to put aside of my feelings and just cherish every breathe that I take, but as I breathe, it gives me more pain and pain. my life seems perfect but IT WAS. maybe i'm just thinking too much. but you see, ppl wont treat you as you want its a normal thing but i really need tiny respect for me just to stay alive even it is for a second. and i figured out that's not my problem too. feel empty maybe yup. I tried to be happy as I am, i'm still trying but it wont last long. sorry. this is my biggest breakdown in 19 years. I just can't.

cheater liar

October 08, 2011

i'm not the best creature in the world. I'm not pweety, i'm fat, i eat a lot, i use my parents' money, i'm not using blackberry and all sucks. haha. but sometimes i feel not. okay.. do you know when you see a snail in the rain out of the window and you inside the house and you feel great that you are inside the house. That's how i feel. Its not that I'm laughing to others' suffers or what but sometimes they deserve to suffer. Okay i sounds like a wicked wicked combo wicked witch. oh.. its personal. have a good dayhhh :D

I shouldn't have done this. hihihi


October 02, 2011

sometimes life is bitter to swallow. life is more easier with you guys :')


off day

October 01, 2011

meia why you dig up the past?
you make my eyes teary

low class of bitch

September 29, 2011

okay. hari ni, aq mengamuk tahap 1000 tahun pny volcano tak meletup. okay. ini mmg ayat clishe tp aq betul maksudkan ape yg aq ckp. AQ TAK CARI PASAL DGN ORG LAIN. tp kalau org cucuk2 aq, and saje cari pasal... mmg aq tak segan2 ar nk bagi gelaran kat kau.



aq dah tanak simpan dah. so tahan sikit. sape tak tahan, siler tutup blog saye nih. kat sini, aq sertakan skalik sebab2 knp kau dapat title nih tak pasal2. oh, yg dah bace kat twitter saye mybe dah tau. tp tak dulik.. nk ulang2 jugak. :P

1. kau tak lawa. sbb bitch biase lawa2.. *sory aq dah geram
2. kau tak kaye. stkat duit PTPTN jgn nk belagak... bukan scholar pun
3. kau tak pakai lipstick. oh please.... jgn nk kampung sgt *aq mmg budak kmpung*
4. kau tak de kereta. puhlishhhhhhhhhhhh lah.
5. kau baik. i mean kau mmg baik tp mulut kau.. kalau nk jadik high class pny bitch kau kene jahat spnjg masa.. cmonn..
6. kau tade followers pun.. what a SHAME
7. baju kau tak banyak. and tak lawa. sorry.
8. kau tade style senidiri. kau ikut kawan baik kau tuh pny style an? LAME
9. aq tak paham ape kau cuba buktikan
10. LAST : kau emo. END

so basically korg akn pggil aq bitch jugak. i know. iknow. but tp kalau korg kat position aq, tepuk pp dy laju2 pun belum tentu puas. masalah aq mmg tak besar lgsg, tp disebabbkan bukan aq yg mula and aq tak sentuh pun DY tuh, tuh yg wat aq MARAHHH sgt. kenapalah hari2 aq kene mengadap muka kau. and tadi kau boleyh nk bermesra2 dgn aq? go die. pegi gali lubang tanam muka kau. jgn harap nk dpt layann yg baik lagi lah. sekian terima kasih.


September 27, 2011

i hate random questions. since i was born. especially the things that i dont PREFER to talk about. so lately i spend most of my time thinking something weird. but possible.
I was thinking if my boys classmates ask me. "DO YOU HAVE CELLULITE?"

it is not a nice and pleasant question. but can you imagine one of ur classmates asks u the question. it is not possible rite? so what answer twill u give them.
"NO, I DON'T" damn. if u are skinny then they can believe you, if i say NO. it means i've got MANY cellulite.
or "YES, SOME PARTS" of course they will immediately set eyes on you. and vigorously imagine which parts that you meant.
scary rite. I KNOW.
so please hate random questions like me. *with sweet face*

darn it

September 23, 2011

1. class starts on 3pm
2. but i've group discussion in the morning-DUN FEEL LIKE GOING
3. tbh.here TAK BEST
4. okay. 6 pages of SHORT STORIES. have 2 come out with meaningful 10 lines and I DONT READ IT YET. 
5. have to come out with 2 lines of literature products and make the professor cry -.-""



September 19, 2011

so, its been so long right. i know i know. hari raya, orientation, not working wi-fi.. its HELL. but yo! here i am .okay. something big happened . you know. something that INNOCENTLY made my life in misery. it means that ME NO GUSTA . i met some DERPIES. i met some FREAKIES. i met some GORGIES. aha.. what do you expect i'm in new place. and i know i'll be okay. its all about the first impression. haha.. because i always had bad first impression towards someone but apparently...its PROVED. haha... i hope i meet no luck this time. you know what i meant? i said, i hope all my first impressions are just wrong. heh...that's what i meant. 

life in campus isn't that bad. but I feel TERRIBLE. for the time being lah. I did NOTHING. all I remember is me lying on the bed sleeping. and  I feel GREAT. but i'm a normal person. life isn't great when all you do is sleeping. wanna know bout my classmates? profs? classes? hold on. I will not tell you about those things like right now or in 2 months or in my first semester. because its 4 year thinggy-or 8 semester in whole to finish. those things are not pleasantly to share for NOW. but who knows... one day its gonna be one of my best mems. all I am looking forward is GOING TO SINGAPORE ! cheers for meia's mom approval. if not.... there gonna be a big HURMMMM...

oh I'm watching HIMYM. and thats what I DO too. :) nite !

this is not my dream.but half of my dream.whaaat??

August 25, 2011

okay. actually i got this story from tmblr.okay i shouldn't mentioned my tmblr here. since i'm not giving away my tmblr url. but but i just can't. i'm sorry. i'm just trying to be annoying guise. okay. back to topic.
 all credits are for theyeolkid.
*fyi : ur dream was soo frigging awesome. i mean in the sea, red necklace. thumbs up for the dream. if not i wont post it here.

i will use different fonts. hehhe.. menariklah kunun. its just i'm in the mood. XP

Someone pushed me off this bridge thing and i fell into the ocean and i was struggling to swim back to the surface and i gave up since i lost conscious. Then i woke up in this underwater place and freak out so badly then i was told i was half mermaid and i was like “what the fuck”.

Then it was night time or something and we have to look for a spouse or something or rather so everyone had this like red necklace around the neck and i was like oh screw this and i bumped into someone.

And i kept looking at his necklace and he did the same then our eyes met and i was like “im so sorry” then there was 6 other boys ran up to him and Daniel was like “so your that half mermaid girl, how pathetic. You cant even swim even if your life depends on it” and he spat and i flinched since they look like they’re rip me to pieces and Sam was like “Yah, dont be mean to her” and i look up and ran away.

Then i got drag in this theater room where they shows all our spouse ideal type thing and my name went bright red and they went through all the names on the list and Sam’s name was red as well and his name was classify under royalty. Every girl in the room wanted to kill me since they know i was only half mermaid with no power.

So i walked out of the room and Harry and Daniel were behind me, and Daniel gave me a disgusted look Harry  just gave me the glare and said “my brother is in love with a human, you should’nt even be here you freak”. (man that really hurt ;_;)

So Shawn called out for them and he was like “what are you doing?!” to Harry and Daniel and he realise i was there and he gave me a smile i pushed him away and ran for my life until i reach to this portal where i can leave the underwater world and tried find my way back to the surface.

And March caught up to Daniel, Harry, Shawn and back handed both Harry & Daniel and said “if you think she was a freak why on Earth did you save her in the first place”

Then everyone else caught up with them and Sam suddenly droped him Americano and screamed out my name and ran to the portal.

Then i woke up coz David texted me .

so the spouse is SAM. Harry and Daniel are just scumbag jerks that always hated half mermaid.while March and Shawn appear just to make the dream merrier. 
Doncha think her dream was awesome. I THINK SO.


i wish

August 13, 2011


contoh situasi : ah..petang2 nih rase bosan lak. erm. nmpknye weather kat NY nih bagus. so, i'm gonna go to NY. no doubt online and book the ticket. well, ticket boleyh book 4hrs b4 departure. erm.. okay stakat rm900++ no hal punya. alang2 amik yg premium seat. okay. fill form to pay the ticket via VISA card. i mean I'M SO RICH. I HAVE VISA !! omg. okay. time to pack. open the closet. aww.. i've used that things 3 times. ahh.. just go buy it at KLCC. go to KLCC by car-and pay for the HIGH PRICE of parking ticket. I'M RICH. omg. CAN'T BELIEVE IT! okay. beli baju kat isetan jek. oh.. bag dri kedai jimmy choo pun blh jugak. just swipe the card bebeh. omg I'M SO RICH. wait, something is missing~ shades. I NEED SHADES. wtf-I'M SO RICH. okay. back home.grab passport and go to NY. I'M SO RICH dude. 

done with imagination.


August 11, 2011

FYI i've never like this song before. it IS a sad song but i've never felt the sufferings-misery etc. 
but thanks to BOYCE AVENUE. 

I'm touched. i'm always bragging bout this song everywhere.
mucho love from one of AVENUE'S fans. 
i mean from MALAYSIA.

jadi ustazah sekejap

August 07, 2011

okay.hari nih hari ke 7 puasa. berbuka kat luar, treat family mkan KFC. alah 3 org jek, tak botak pon kepala. hehe.. and went to JUSCO and bought things for nak masuk U nnt. sumpah takde mood. yelah dah nk dkt 6 bulan bertepek kat rumah. and smpai utk berbuka, ktorg decide nk buka kat satu sdut kat kfc yg terletak betul2 kat bwah blower AC. giloo sejuk. beli ayam makan2 dah tak sejuk. haha.

okay. mase tuh dlm pukul 6.55 mcm tuh. aq dah order and went back to our table. sambil tatang dulang tuh aq nmpk one family. husband and wife and their kid,kecik lah dlm 2 tahun mcm tuh. oops.. aq nmpk mereka mkn fries. erm.. aq tgk jam. 6.55 ptg.oh mybe non-muslim.tp smpai kat meja, aq nmpk mereka tuh MELAYU. astaghfirullah. ni lah perkara yg pling menakutkaan selain tak dapat masuk TESL hari tuh.

lepas selidik2.. sah2 lah dorg tuh org melayu.bcoz my mum heard dorg ckp melayu. malu tak malu mkn dpn public mse bulan puase. i made an assumption, mybe dorg tuh dari negera jiran S-sbb kat sane bnyk dah isu org melayu kristian.and then, mase dorg blah lps mkn tuh, aq prasan sume mata kat kfc tuh tgk dorg.dah lah si husband tuh kaler rmbut nk kate brunette pun tak, tapi sah2 lah muke awak tuh muke melayu and more surprising ade tattoo oke. perhiasan tgn yg bermusle. kunun sexy. sah2lah sume tau yg dorg tuh melayu,and kalau dorg islam tak puase, makan lg dpn public mmg KURANG AJAR.*tak kisah lah dari negara mana punn*

waktu tuh, aq rase sgt bersyukur sbb skurg2nye aq msih dpt lg rase hidayah ALLAH SWT.walaupun amalan aq tak sempurna, dress code pun tak menepati islam pny dresscode but ALHAMDULLILAH. aq tak brani lg nk wat perkara2 yg mcm tuh and sewaktu dgnya. yeap. tak mustahil aq jd mcm dorg satu hari nnt. who knows kan?? janganlah. nauzubillah.

down down down

August 06, 2011




August 03, 2011



July 29, 2011

hai.. dun know what to do. i'm completely bored + unhappy. with what? not sure though. its soo obvious that I'm not getting my pay tomorrow. boss said he will give on 2nd. MEANINGLESS. i want the money tomorrow so that I can treat my family SECRET RECIPE before puasa.aih~~ i need rm40 for something and the due is on 4th. I'm going crazy. haha.. suddenly i dun need a reason to work superhard tomorrow. and i'll not tolerate to work on SUNDAY. NEVER. tomorrow got kenduri arwah and sah2lah i cant go. because of WORK. big EFF there~. arghh..

out of sudden i'm dissapointed with my life now. YES. I'm not happy. something is missing. to face the fact that I have to get up at 6am *frankly 15 minutes before 7*,working at 7am, and back home at 6.30pm and busy busy busy util isya' and sleep at 9.30.EVERYDAY. do you see any other word like-cycling or jog or dating etc? mmg takde pe pon yang best. luckily sis at my workplace layan korea.at least we can still laugh by watching RUNNINGMAN. no point at all.

i'm not saying that i'm not grateful with my life now. you know having a job, understanding parents, superb boss and workmate.everything SUPERB.as I mentioned before SOMETHING IS MISSING. arghhh~~!!emo. this is only because THAT symptom  into me now. kill me now. or make me unconscious for a while. i just wanna have time for myself. that's all. that's all that I need. not mentioning about my LOVE LIFE. u will found nothing. and I have nothing to say for that. I just think  BOYS are too cruel. *okay. sorry. please understand me i'm not okay at this moment* I thought I dumped him but I realized he dumped me for a very loong time ago.no need or shed a tear because I SAID I DUMPED HIM. for the very first time in 4 years at this moment I'm certain that I'M SINGLE and AVAILABLE.
nuf said.


air mata kegembiraan

July 29, 2011


teaser OUT!!

aih~~aq gembira. tpi lagi gembira kalau ade comeback kat korea. sakit woo biler mendengar certain fans yg ckp mcm nih biler ade yg bergaduh. "ala, kdg2 fanwars ni tah2 keje fan2 yg group dy tak wat comeback'' eeww~~ murahnye tanggapan kau. cekik baru tau.. mcm status aq kat fb. sedawa ttup mulut tapi buntut kentut pulak. bunyik lagi. eergghh...


good for youu.. bhahahhaha

July 27, 2011

okay. stalking. haha.. i read HER BLOG- no need to mention who because i've mentioned her soo many times. 
so kesimpulan nye disini : YOU'RE THE BEST, AFIQAH.

haha.. i'm not proud of my self. berhidung tinggi di sana sini. but sometimes u'll be more appreciate ur existence in this whole big world. and today's scope more on the relationship between the human. i'll never touch on relationship with god because i'm not the one who judge it. no no no. 
since i've lost him. i feel bad. you know like you're sucks! you're good for nothing but.. thanks to HER post today,i fell like.. cmon.. you're JJANG!!! yes, in term of body, or face i might lose but in term of relationship i think i much better than her. bwahahahahah.. bergaduh sane sini and you brave enough for being cocky in the blog such a LOSER lah. 

dah lah. smile for today. anyway thanks to HER. for HIM- i've wasted my time for you. BYE2 FOREVER!!



July 24, 2011

1. the lyrics kenalah full of JIWA and logic. tak paham? I mean something yang tragis. Tapi lagu CINTA 3 SEGI tu melampau sgt.. -.-'' lyrics mestila berunsurkan kekecewaan, kne dump, curang ker, lonely,unrealistic hope ker. wahaha... BORINGGG...dan sesungguhnye lyrics2 dy MR BRUNO MARS unacceptable.but his songs NOT BAD.

2. if possible piano-based song or guitar. 

3. chorus part yang sangat MENUSUK JIWA. when the chorus part play, u definitely cry in 5 seconds. if not. YOU HEARTLESS DUDE. HEARTLESS

4. got something to ponder. yeap. memories for the song really helps.

5. husky voice. sweet voice.


July 17, 2011

paham ker tak paham...??
cm nih, mmg hukum alam perkataan FUCK tuh mmg tak elok.berdosa plak tuh. sbb dy masuk dlm kategori mencarut. oh.. aq sbnrnye tak byase mencarut2 nih. ahha... sejak masuk asasi TESL lah, aq bru tau fuck nih ape sbnrnye. start dlm sem2 mcm tuh,. sume ckp fuck. aq pun curious,di satu mlm yg dingin lepas aq dinner, pegi lah gune BESTA tuk mencari maksud.okeyh fine, sia2 jek aq beli BESTA kalau nk carik mksud FUCK jek.. ahh, FUCK betul umo 18 tahun baru nk crik mksd mende tuh. adeh. pastuh biler aq tau maksud perkataan tuh, ahh~~ sumpah perkataan tuh BUSUK lah. tak elok lgsung utk dipraktikkan. mula2 byase2 jek,, tp biler hidup di asasi sane jauh dri keluarge penuh pancaroba disamping perangai manusia yang tak sumenye bersikap seperti manusia bertambah dgn masalah keuwangan yang agak kritikal... aq slalu lah mendengar kawan2 yg merintih dan menjerit menggunakan perkataan itu. oh yeah.. ALAH BISA TEGAL BIASA. aq pun terikut. and for the first time aq ckp FUCK. cik meia dgn uad oppa sgt tak puas hati. gundah gulana hati beta. sbb mereka boleh mengapa tidak saya? ahhaha... mereka kata, saya tak sesuai berkata begitu,.ok fine, aq ckp F jelah. supan sikit. tp hukum ttp same okeh. biler hari smkin berlalu dan diri menjdi lebih dewasa and practically kubur pun sudah kata mari-aq kinda suka perkataan. jgn slh paham bukan base on the real meaning its just fuck itu, its something that BIG. TOO HOT TOO RESIST. kalau tak knp dak2 kat tmblr menggunakan  'fuckyeah' for dedicate the tmblr for someone or something. make sense tak? takkan? tapi aq percaya, tiada yg blh describe something that well unless perkataan ini. too bad perkataan ini sgt teruk maksudnye. akhir kata-jagan sekali2 terlibat daln kancah ini. susahhh weii suasaaaaahhhh.

kalau jiwe kacauuu

July 13, 2011

read this.
sambil2 tu blh travel.
I like the plot and disusun dgn baik. 
she divided into 3 parts and each part has the significance and the number 3 itself.


July 07, 2011

okay. the story began when my friends were talking about UPU result. fuck. I'm not happy with the news. because its my future and ............i dun know. you know, when I think about my future @ life @ after life,, no excitement will appear. I cant predict my future since I always love this quote...

what should i do... i'm freaking nervous and afraid of that day. but i'm okay until my mom ask me.. 

MAMA : eh, kak.. result upu kuar nextweek an?
AKU : mne mama tau..?
MAMA : td cg ___ bg tau... _____ bg tau dy.. oh, ank dy mintak UTM gak mcm kau.. tapi math lah..

AKU : alah, baru nk rahsia.
MAMA : hah??
AKU : erm?? tak saba rasanya.
*ni namanye conversation berdarahhhhh

okay. cmon. dun tell ur mom everything lah.. see, u ruined my plan!!! at least if I can be prepared in any possibilities. huh... I'M SIGHING SO HARD RITE NOW!!! I BLAME YOU!!!!!!!!


July 03, 2011

bile aq dah lama tak blogging
bile aq baru balik dri jumpe kawan2..
bile hati mcm kne carik2
bile sume bende kat rumah buat hal
bile aq tak dpt terima hakikat yang besok kerja
bile sume isi rumah dah tido


June 26, 2011

my stomach upsets me.. TT___TT cruel. how can I live without my STRONG STOMACH? its really rare my stomach having problems. if i eat expired food, my stomach can digest it well. but today? i ate only half of my meal and my stomach is like on fire. i feel something burning in my stomach.. and i started to upset with everything now~~ :(

and suddenly, I found SOMEONE's page. its killing me.. please kill me now!!! argh... i have huge CRUSH for him and now, I found HIS GF's page and it is really killing me. but i'm alive...!!! argghh.. *lari2 pergi kat pink panther*

u know. i dont know how much I'm sucks in GETTING OVER SOMEONE. roughly its been more than 4 years and i'm still like yearning for him. OVER lah I nih...and yeah, I'm good in STALKING but for god sake, dont you ever stalk ur crush, ex etc. STALK IS GOOD BUT THE RESULT WILL NOT ALWAYS GOOD. trust me with all your heart pleasee..

my crush's GF which also my junior.. and yeah, i found her blog. practically, I'm quite happy because me want to know what the thing that makes our lecturer pissed off. i tried to be like HOLMES but yeah I've got a big FAILED....

respect the failed.
i think I shouldn't click her blog. just FUCK. I wanna know bout something else but I ended up with something else that I'm totally hate! come on!!! I should've get over him like 1000 years before. I look pathetic. now, blogging, facebooking just make me stress. You know, everytime I put my ALL determination to forget him and it will only bring me to the same place. Its like you make a U-TURN in your life and then you actually found out that you just made a ROUNDABOUT. either he comes back to ur life or you hit him in the middle of the road or somewhere. This is really disappointing! I thought its just a feeling of a heroin in the movie who cant forget the romeo. and yeah, a hypocrite like me, will never except the truth.

what's wrong with me???

June 25, 2011

okay2.. dah ade cerita.... latest news.. okay, all of you know I'm too obsessed to KURUS. haah.. but bukan lah tahap mcm TAYLOR SWIFT to... smpai dada dy nampak tulang selangka.. euwwwww....

aq mmg suke condemn taylor swift
then, then, then..... aq nk badan mcm nih.. i mean nk kecikkan paha skit, lengan dgn nk build perut skit.... so that pkai jean lawa... and my jean size target is 28. but but but.. aq nk simpan pp aq nih..cume nak elak double chin jek.. ahaha.. mcm dak uee nih haaa.... I HEART YOUR BODY BEIBEI..because she doesnt skinny as other korean artist....


alhamdullilahhh.. aq wat sit up for at leat 50 times.... and DANCE.... and skipping for 200 times.. it works.. now, jeans size dri size ___ ke size__. *fill in the blanks* but seriously it works. I tell you, if u dance for about 10 minutes.. its reallly tiring! ahahha.. and now, I mastered APINK-I DONT KNOW dance. its super duper fast and cool. and I started to dance RUN DEVIL RUN by SNSD. because the dance is good for my whole body.. bler mnari tuh lemak2 sume gegar.. aww~~ aq terasa sgt sihat and tadelah mcm lembap jek badan nih. silap2.. aq blh bukak klas trian in future. WOW... ahhaha... but still, seriously mmg susah nk kurus.. but you pay for it lahh,,, sape suruh mkn ayam bnyk sgt! hahhaha.. mak aq suruh minum ubat kurus dy .. but i dont want lah... sbb bila fikir, aq nih tak kahwin lagi, so its easy to maintain berat badan sbnrnye.. the effect who knows kan... side effect tak dtg skrg, mybe 20 year,30 years in future...time tuh, dah kurus pon tak gune kalau sakit. and yes, I didnt have specific diet just decrease the amount of carbohydrate. sng jek, minum air bnyk2, korg tak rase lapa.. dats the trick. aq plak, kalau lapa jek, aq menari.. takpon solution pling senang, tdo smpai pagi. hahaha... saba jeklah... but by the way,, I LOVE MY BODY NOW> its so precious...lantaklaaaah org pkir ape...

dari jauh pon besar -.-''


June 24, 2011


TILL THEN.. see ya leytahhh

ini kisah cinta #1

June 21, 2011

I fall in love.....
Last Sanday I have a date with Meia . She VISITED me. *okay now I sound like her grandparents XD.. ahhaha... we went to PIZZA HUT in PONTIAN.

MEIA : Clo, aq rase nk makan McD lak..
CLO : aish~~ aq pon.. family aq tak makan McD tuh yg susah tuh
MEIA : family aq ponn.. 
CLO : tapi kat sini tade McD lah..

out of nowhere, we went to PIZZA HUT... I've never sooo excited in PIZZA HUT. but that day I'm overexcited.  we ordered REGULAR SIZE of THAI SEAFOOD PIZZA, BAKED CHAR GARLIC RICE, ICED LEMON TEA for meia and for me.... SUNNY FUZZY! i dont have the picture but u can click here.
It tastes sour but its not strong-heavy sour. just nice and its refreshing. it got red jelly in it and has 3 layers.. I guarantee u can fall in love like me. especially in hot weather :)

I'm waiting for july- I want my pay!  I want to buy this shirt for SHINEE SHOWCASE nnt :( I want my pay!!

kawan-kawan : PERHATIAN !!!

June 15, 2011

okay, utk permulaan saye nak mintak maaf kalau ade yg terasa.
di hari yang indah, hari SELASA. aq terserempak dgn kawan lame. happy2.. bukan sng org nk knal aq dah kat bumi pekan nanas nih. tak tau lah dah tak kenal ker, buat2 tak kenal..lantaaak lah.. aq hari2 makan nasi jugak.. dah lah.. sadis2... *lap hingus kat bahu mak*
okay, kalau dah lame tak jumpe, mstilah bual2.. kau ape khabar, aq ape khabar, pakwe dah brape bnyk, kak bedah goreng pisang tuh ade skendel dgn sape.. banyak lah... pastuh2.. kawan yg baik hati ni tnya..

'eh, kau ade belog kn? aq dah bace..'
'ouh, terime kasih..'
'kau ade brpe followers?'
'erm, tak bnyk lah.. skit jek...'
'ouh yeker? aq ade 1000 lebih follower. kau kne usaha lebih skit. baru bnyk followers. nih tak aq tgk blog kau putih jek..cakap org putih jek.takpun crite pasal korea.ahahha... lawak lah kau nih..'
'ahaha.. ouh... dah2, kau takyah lah bace blog aq tuh.'
'eh, kau mrajuk ker?'
'tak lah.. aq lg merajuk kalau kau curik coklet aq..'

okeyh.. hingus kuar lagi. *lap hingus kat bahu mak lagi sebelah* pastuh dy blanje aq goreng pisang. oopss.. itu bukan rasuah.. ahha.. wahh, aq rase pipi aq mcm dah kne pam tggu mase nk meletup jek. ok fine, wat mase nih aq ade 60 followers, and so what kalau followers aq tuh sume kawan2 aq, bpk aq, mak aq, adik aq..yelah, kau org2 dari sarawak, kay ell, terengganu.. senang cerita all over malaysia.. aww~~ kalau kau post something kat belog tuh 30 saat jek dah de yang komen. pastuh, ade 80-100 komen utk satu post jek. aq pny belog nih kumpul2 blh kire sblh tgn pny jari jek. kau pny blog tuh teknologi tinggi.. cursor gerak2 muke kau, ade bunga terbang2 kat blog kau. tekan2 kluar bende terbang2.. bukak2 jek blog ade besau2 gambar kau. alah, aq tau tuh photobucket, tak pon photoscape.. what?? clear skin punye aplication. aq tau tuh ;) 

seriously, i'm not mad cme geram jek.kalau nk marah pasal blog jek, mmg bodoh lah aq. ini bukan pasal blog ni pasal tahi. kau mane boleh berak sepah2 weh.. mesti kat toilet. tade tmpt lain pon nk memBUANG selain kat toilet. ni tak kau tepek bersepah2. same jelah konsep dgn ckp tak pikir nih.. aq kuciwaaaa.... umu dah nk masuk 20 kau masih tak blh nk consider prasaan org. aq tak kisah kalau kau tuh mmg rapat dgn aq, tapi kite tak :3 kat sekolah dulu pon, aq ckp dgn kau mase kelas addmath-sbb aq mintak tolong ajar. pastuh, pernah ker aq gi kantin dgn kau? tak penah kan? mksudnye tak rapat.aih~~

common sense. kene lah ade cik ahkak!! *tak tau common sense tuh ape google lah* btw, aq wat blog bukan nk cari publisiti...bukan nk bangge2.. nk isik mase lapang jek.. zaman IT nih takkan aq nk jadikan hobi aq melukis, menjahit.. tambah lah skit menulis belog.baru moden. pasal isik blog nih pulak, aq pnye sukelah nk tulis ape.. kaw pikir aq nk tulis mcm kau. cinta.. LOVE, cinta LOVE. nk dekat satu dunia tulis mende yg same. #$%^&* and aq pon tade sebab nk tulis psl cinta sbb cinta tuh ape pon aq tak tau. dah2. kau tlong mak kat dapur lagi bagus. aq tak blh tlg mak kat dapur, sbb aq keje.. :D  aq nk tulis bahasa ape pon ape kaw kisah. aq tulis bahasa omputih sbb aq nih setahun blaja kat uitm tuh kos TESL-teaching ENGLISH as a second language. aq amik muet 2 kali kau tau tak.. kalau kau cmpur band2 yg aq dpt, aq dah dpt band7. wat pe aq membazir ape yg aq ade. aq tgh blaja bahasa korea, nnt aq buatkn name kau dlm bahasa horea. nak?? hehhe..oh yeah.... selamat hari raye maaf zahir batin :)


June 14, 2011

 first of all, ALHAMDULLILLAH...
yesterday was a....... full of surprise (?)
at last, I got what I should've got for past MUET test. LOL.

ahahha.. nak tau result tuh mmg sumpah payah...aq tau pasal MUET result ni setelah beberapa hari aq tak online, tibe2 kecoh kat wall TESLIAN page dgn goodluck wishes for the REPEATER -.-'' I was so miserable okay. in shock...and then, tepat pukul 12.00 a.m , aq pun msg lah MUET RESULT <> 920324-01-xxxx and dengan pasrah nye send kat 15888. okay 2 kali aq hantar. sedar2 kul 2 dy balas.. 
''maaf kredit anda tidak mencukupi''

takpe2... sabar jek.. aq decide nk tunggu pukul 9, nk bukak site mpm.. dah pukul 9, aq tak bukak pon site tuh, aq tau msti bz, ceh... kunun2,, aq pon bukaklah dlm pukul 11.. and yeah... msti lah tade lg!!!! hahha... and worst thing ever.. tade pon kdai topup bukak.. aq tak paham betul knp kredit slalu tade kat saat2 yg genting(?) mcm tuh..disebabkan sbnrnye aq nk rahsiakan dari parents aq, aq tak bgtau pon dorg. tp dlm pukul 11,aq dah tak leyh tahan, disebabkan mereka ade credit, dgn cowardly, aq pon bgtau mak aq.. and then mak aq dgn excitednye taip msg dan hantar ke 15888.. SREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  pukul 11.30 barulah kdai topup bukak...dgn gelojohnye jumpe abang kedai topup tuh... okay2.. dah topup2, selawat skit hantar balik msg tuh.. kalau dy balas lg kredit aq tak cukup, mmg nk kne mkn mpm nih.

aq mmg tak jangka pon yg mpm nk balas msg tuh trus. tapi mase tuh lah bnnyk msg masuk.. terutamanya dri MAXIS.. demmit!! aq berdebar lah giler... okay2... aq pon bz kan diri dgn kerja2 berfaedah, photostat lah ape2 yg patut.. tgh2 photostat, aq rase nk buang air, cek hp japlah.. tgk2 ade msg masuk.. jeng jeng jeng.. dari 15888... okay.. ape2 hal, aq buang air dulu. dah basuh tgn bersih2 touch lah hp touch skrin aq tuh, bukak inbox.. alhamdullilah.... keluarlah nombor yg aq nk tuh. jyeahhhhh..... alhamdullilah lg skali.. so best tak cerita aq??
thanks XD

p/s : saye baru tau BRB tuh be right back. naah

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