June 26, 2011

my stomach upsets me.. TT___TT cruel. how can I live without my STRONG STOMACH? its really rare my stomach having problems. if i eat expired food, my stomach can digest it well. but today? i ate only half of my meal and my stomach is like on fire. i feel something burning in my stomach.. and i started to upset with everything now~~ :(

and suddenly, I found SOMEONE's page. its killing me.. please kill me now!!! argh... i have huge CRUSH for him and now, I found HIS GF's page and it is really killing me. but i'm alive...!!! argghh.. *lari2 pergi kat pink panther*

u know. i dont know how much I'm sucks in GETTING OVER SOMEONE. roughly its been more than 4 years and i'm still like yearning for him. OVER lah I nih...and yeah, I'm good in STALKING but for god sake, dont you ever stalk ur crush, ex etc. STALK IS GOOD BUT THE RESULT WILL NOT ALWAYS GOOD. trust me with all your heart pleasee..

my crush's GF which also my junior.. and yeah, i found her blog. practically, I'm quite happy because me want to know what the thing that makes our lecturer pissed off. i tried to be like HOLMES but yeah I've got a big FAILED....

respect the failed.
i think I shouldn't click her blog. just FUCK. I wanna know bout something else but I ended up with something else that I'm totally hate! come on!!! I should've get over him like 1000 years before. I look pathetic. now, blogging, facebooking just make me stress. You know, everytime I put my ALL determination to forget him and it will only bring me to the same place. Its like you make a U-TURN in your life and then you actually found out that you just made a ROUNDABOUT. either he comes back to ur life or you hit him in the middle of the road or somewhere. This is really disappointing! I thought its just a feeling of a heroin in the movie who cant forget the romeo. and yeah, a hypocrite like me, will never except the truth.

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