June 12, 2011

last night, i have a DEEP-LONG-SERIOUS-yet MEANINGFUL conversation with my old friend. frankly, its hard to get those conversations nowadays. but thanks to HER, her words really makes me feel better. Girls talk. Yes-BOYS,LOVE,WEIGHT, ACNE etc. out of  sudden, she asked me something that i've never been thinking of. 

''do you know what advantages of one-sided crush?''
''save your money, since couples love to exchange gifts,surely need lots of money. there's no restriction, its all about need to consider bout your partner, so you will save your effort. you don't need high expectations,just watching him is enough. when you want to stop, you can stop anytime. since you are the one who will sad,so, its okay...''

another question
'' what do you think about crush?''
''for me its about keep worry about him. you afraid of he'll burden of you feelings. so, you'll end up with learning how to endure it'' usual, i didnt answer the question. WHY? I have my own reasons. anyway, thank for the answers. and FYI i'm still thinking about it. 

i didnt know you've grown up a lot. thanks for the words. friend. if u have problem i really wanna help u. if u need a shoulder to comfort you, i'll be there for u. sorry for last night. i'm too immersed in what you said. cause it was really are gorgeous and i proud of  you. till we meet again.

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