June 02, 2011

I'm not a girl with make up. 
in my bag, there are only purse, my purplish mp4, and vaseline-for my CRACKING lips. *problematic lips*
you'll definitely cant find-foundation, blusher, or whatever.. 
and maybe sometimes u can find concealer in my bag. 
*yeah, its for my PRETTY acne scar that gradually fading...but it takes a very LOOONGG TIME. 
and hell yeah,, thanks to my friend, 
they introduced me to some of the BIZARRE make up.. dun worry it wasn't bad, you just make me into a girl who REALLY has general knowledge.. aha

done with mumblings.. and, presenting...

tralalallla... BB CREAM
I'm interested to try this because I watched one video from one of the famous youtuber

dont u think its SUPER COOL... 

kalau kesan macam nih lagi lah aq meronta-ronta nak beli BB cream.. oh yeah

even though they gave me choices to make, I mean we have to choose either 
BB cream-matte or shiny one
let me ask MR GOOGLE first before I can choose. 
and hell yeah- MONEY is not a problem since i got my first PAY yesterday..

QUESTION OF THE DAY- why is it in the world , the name of the cream is BB?? why not CC? orDD?
this cream trying to be cute?

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