ini kisah cinta #1

June 21, 2011

I fall in love.....
Last Sanday I have a date with Meia . She VISITED me. *okay now I sound like her grandparents XD.. ahhaha... we went to PIZZA HUT in PONTIAN.

MEIA : Clo, aq rase nk makan McD lak..
CLO : aish~~ aq pon.. family aq tak makan McD tuh yg susah tuh
MEIA : family aq ponn.. 
CLO : tapi kat sini tade McD lah..

out of nowhere, we went to PIZZA HUT... I've never sooo excited in PIZZA HUT. but that day I'm overexcited.  we ordered REGULAR SIZE of THAI SEAFOOD PIZZA, BAKED CHAR GARLIC RICE, ICED LEMON TEA for meia and for me.... SUNNY FUZZY! i dont have the picture but u can click here.
It tastes sour but its not strong-heavy sour. just nice and its refreshing. it got red jelly in it and has 3 layers.. I guarantee u can fall in love like me. especially in hot weather :)

I'm waiting for july- I want my pay!  I want to buy this shirt for SHINEE SHOWCASE nnt :( I want my pay!!

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