what's wrong with me???

June 25, 2011

okay2.. dah ade cerita.... latest news.. okay, all of you know I'm too obsessed to KURUS. haah.. but bukan lah tahap mcm TAYLOR SWIFT to... smpai dada dy nampak tulang selangka.. euwwwww....

aq mmg suke condemn taylor swift
then, then, then..... aq nk badan mcm nih.. i mean nk kecikkan paha skit, lengan dgn nk build perut skit.... so that pkai jean lawa... and my jean size target is 28. but but but.. aq nk simpan pp aq nih..cume nak elak double chin jek.. ahaha.. mcm dak uee nih haaa.... I HEART YOUR BODY BEIBEI..because she doesnt skinny as other korean artist....


alhamdullilahhh.. aq wat sit up for at leat 50 times.... and DANCE.... and skipping for 200 times.. it works.. now, jeans size dri size ___ ke size__. *fill in the blanks* but seriously it works. I tell you, if u dance for about 10 minutes.. its reallly tiring! ahahha.. and now, I mastered APINK-I DONT KNOW dance. its super duper fast and cool. and I started to dance RUN DEVIL RUN by SNSD. because the dance is good for my whole body.. bler mnari tuh lemak2 sume gegar.. aww~~ aq terasa sgt sihat and tadelah mcm lembap jek badan nih. silap2.. aq blh bukak klas trian in future. WOW... ahhaha... but still, seriously mmg susah nk kurus.. but you pay for it lahh,,, sape suruh mkn ayam bnyk sgt! hahhaha.. mak aq suruh minum ubat kurus dy .. but i dont want lah... sbb bila fikir, aq nih tak kahwin lagi, so its easy to maintain berat badan sbnrnye.. the effect who knows kan... side effect tak dtg skrg, mybe 20 year,30 years in future...time tuh, dah kurus pon tak gune kalau sakit. and yes, I didnt have specific diet just decrease the amount of carbohydrate. sng jek, minum air bnyk2, korg tak rase lapa.. dats the trick. aq plak, kalau lapa jek, aq menari.. takpon solution pling senang, tdo smpai pagi. hahaha... saba jeklah... but by the way,, I LOVE MY BODY NOW> its so precious...lantaklaaaah org pkir ape...

dari jauh pon besar -.-''

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