July 29, 2011

hai.. dun know what to do. i'm completely bored + unhappy. with what? not sure though. its soo obvious that I'm not getting my pay tomorrow. boss said he will give on 2nd. MEANINGLESS. i want the money tomorrow so that I can treat my family SECRET RECIPE before puasa.aih~~ i need rm40 for something and the due is on 4th. I'm going crazy. haha.. suddenly i dun need a reason to work superhard tomorrow. and i'll not tolerate to work on SUNDAY. NEVER. tomorrow got kenduri arwah and sah2lah i cant go. because of WORK. big EFF there~. arghh..

out of sudden i'm dissapointed with my life now. YES. I'm not happy. something is missing. to face the fact that I have to get up at 6am *frankly 15 minutes before 7*,working at 7am, and back home at 6.30pm and busy busy busy util isya' and sleep at 9.30.EVERYDAY. do you see any other word like-cycling or jog or dating etc? mmg takde pe pon yang best. luckily sis at my workplace layan least we can still laugh by watching RUNNINGMAN. no point at all.

i'm not saying that i'm not grateful with my life now. you know having a job, understanding parents, superb boss and workmate.everything I mentioned before SOMETHING IS MISSING. arghhh~~!!emo. this is only because THAT symptom  into me now. kill me now. or make me unconscious for a while. i just wanna have time for myself. that's all. that's all that I need. not mentioning about my LOVE LIFE. u will found nothing. and I have nothing to say for that. I just think  BOYS are too cruel. *okay. sorry. please understand me i'm not okay at this moment* I thought I dumped him but I realized he dumped me for a very loong time need or shed a tear because I SAID I DUMPED HIM. for the very first time in 4 years at this moment I'm certain that I'M SINGLE and AVAILABLE.
nuf said.


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