July 07, 2011

okay. the story began when my friends were talking about UPU result. fuck. I'm not happy with the news. because its my future and ............i dun know. you know, when I think about my future @ life @ after life,, no excitement will appear. I cant predict my future since I always love this quote...

what should i do... i'm freaking nervous and afraid of that day. but i'm okay until my mom ask me.. 

MAMA : eh, kak.. result upu kuar nextweek an?
AKU : mne mama tau..?
MAMA : td cg ___ bg tau... _____ bg tau dy.. oh, ank dy mintak UTM gak mcm kau.. tapi math lah..

AKU : alah, baru nk rahsia.
MAMA : hah??
AKU : erm?? tak saba rasanya.
*ni namanye conversation berdarahhhhh

okay. cmon. dun tell ur mom everything lah.. see, u ruined my plan!!! at least if I can be prepared in any possibilities. huh... I'M SIGHING SO HARD RITE NOW!!! I BLAME YOU!!!!!!!!

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