good for youu.. bhahahhaha

July 27, 2011

okay. stalking. haha.. i read HER BLOG- no need to mention who because i've mentioned her soo many times. 
so kesimpulan nye disini : YOU'RE THE BEST, AFIQAH.

haha.. i'm not proud of my self. berhidung tinggi di sana sini. but sometimes u'll be more appreciate ur existence in this whole big world. and today's scope more on the relationship between the human. i'll never touch on relationship with god because i'm not the one who judge it. no no no. 
since i've lost him. i feel bad. you know like you're sucks! you're good for nothing but.. thanks to HER post today,i fell like.. cmon.. you're JJANG!!! yes, in term of body, or face i might lose but in term of relationship i think i much better than her. bwahahahahah.. bergaduh sane sini and you brave enough for being cocky in the blog such a LOSER lah. 

dah lah. smile for today. anyway thanks to HER. for HIM- i've wasted my time for you. BYE2 FOREVER!!


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