September 27, 2011

i hate random questions. since i was born. especially the things that i dont PREFER to talk about. so lately i spend most of my time thinking something weird. but possible.
I was thinking if my boys classmates ask me. "DO YOU HAVE CELLULITE?"

it is not a nice and pleasant question. but can you imagine one of ur classmates asks u the question. it is not possible rite? so what answer twill u give them.
"NO, I DON'T" damn. if u are skinny then they can believe you, if i say NO. it means i've got MANY cellulite.
or "YES, SOME PARTS" of course they will immediately set eyes on you. and vigorously imagine which parts that you meant.
scary rite. I KNOW.
so please hate random questions like me. *with sweet face*

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