automatic heart

October 15, 2011

i dont care i dont care i dont care
i wont care i wont care i wont care

okay, yesterday was my last-crush-moment. thank god it didnt reach one year yet. i've wasted my time for about  8 months *ider* okay he is a good guy, i mean everybody wants him. he got the look an everything but biatch you annoyed me. there are many things about you that not under my criterion but when it comes to you i just ignored it and you know how unfair i am to myself? you just dun know. u make me hate you twice. wow! congrats ! 

yes. i want to have ur attention, i want to have ur heart, i want to boast around about you *when we have special bond hell-no-i-dun-want-it-anymore*, i want to make everybody's jaw drop seeing you with me. i guess my intentions WERE not right but that's how i felt. Its just make me regret, i dont even forget my first crush yet, but when you came into my life---------------i just forgot bout him. DARNNNNN !

u sucks at taking care others' feeling. u said that I made you dissapointed  but u made me even worse.

so- for those who are over-sensitive and emotional. i bid my goodbye.
i regret nothing.

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