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October 12, 2011

i dun know how you guys live ur life. okay, reminder- for those who in happy mood, please leave my blog because you will see me so pathetic. 

these days, i've been thinking about my life. LIKE A LOT. i'm stuck with unsettle things. I know ur life must have been more sucks than me, but please this is my first. I can cry without a single reason pun. thankfully tears wont come out in front of my friends. now I can see the effects of run away from the problems. PROBLEMSSSS. but i cant do anything else. i'm helpless. I dun want to put my head on others' shoulders because they have their own problem. I wish I could scream so that the burden pour out. Inside of me is very shaky and I can really fall anytime now. i tried to put aside of my feelings and just cherish every breathe that I take, but as I breathe, it gives me more pain and pain. my life seems perfect but IT WAS. maybe i'm just thinking too much. but you see, ppl wont treat you as you want its a normal thing but i really need tiny respect for me just to stay alive even it is for a second. and i figured out that's not my problem too. feel empty maybe yup. I tried to be happy as I am, i'm still trying but it wont last long. sorry. this is my biggest breakdown in 19 years. I just can't.

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