this is not my dream.but half of my dream.whaaat??

August 25, 2011

okay. actually i got this story from tmblr.okay i shouldn't mentioned my tmblr here. since i'm not giving away my tmblr url. but but i just can't. i'm sorry. i'm just trying to be annoying guise. okay. back to topic.
 all credits are for theyeolkid.
*fyi : ur dream was soo frigging awesome. i mean in the sea, red necklace. thumbs up for the dream. if not i wont post it here.

i will use different fonts. hehhe.. menariklah kunun. its just i'm in the mood. XP

Someone pushed me off this bridge thing and i fell into the ocean and i was struggling to swim back to the surface and i gave up since i lost conscious. Then i woke up in this underwater place and freak out so badly then i was told i was half mermaid and i was like “what the fuck”.

Then it was night time or something and we have to look for a spouse or something or rather so everyone had this like red necklace around the neck and i was like oh screw this and i bumped into someone.

And i kept looking at his necklace and he did the same then our eyes met and i was like “im so sorry” then there was 6 other boys ran up to him and Daniel was like “so your that half mermaid girl, how pathetic. You cant even swim even if your life depends on it” and he spat and i flinched since they look like they’re rip me to pieces and Sam was like “Yah, dont be mean to her” and i look up and ran away.

Then i got drag in this theater room where they shows all our spouse ideal type thing and my name went bright red and they went through all the names on the list and Sam’s name was red as well and his name was classify under royalty. Every girl in the room wanted to kill me since they know i was only half mermaid with no power.

So i walked out of the room and Harry and Daniel were behind me, and Daniel gave me a disgusted look Harry  just gave me the glare and said “my brother is in love with a human, you should’nt even be here you freak”. (man that really hurt ;_;)

So Shawn called out for them and he was like “what are you doing?!” to Harry and Daniel and he realise i was there and he gave me a smile i pushed him away and ran for my life until i reach to this portal where i can leave the underwater world and tried find my way back to the surface.

And March caught up to Daniel, Harry, Shawn and back handed both Harry & Daniel and said “if you think she was a freak why on Earth did you save her in the first place”

Then everyone else caught up with them and Sam suddenly droped him Americano and screamed out my name and ran to the portal.

Then i woke up coz David texted me .

so the spouse is SAM. Harry and Daniel are just scumbag jerks that always hated half mermaid.while March and Shawn appear just to make the dream merrier. 
Doncha think her dream was awesome. I THINK SO.


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