[REVIEW] Argan Oil make up remover cleansing towelettes.

January 25, 2016

Assalamualaikum. So today I'm going to review this make up remover towelettes that I bought in Watson. After 20% less, this wet tissue costs me only RM7.92. This is my fourth make up remover tissue after Biore, Simple and Daiso's. I've tried this product and I think it cleans my face well. After that my skin feels smoother and moisture. 

I bought this product just because it's cheaper than the rest. I want to stick with Biore's make up remover however, I want to try it because it contains Argan Oil. Argan Oil is very popular these days therefore, I wanted to know what it benefits on my skin. 

Based from what I read and what I heard, Argan oil is from a tree called Argan. It's a fruit that rich with Vitamin E and fatty acid. As we know Vitamin E is very good for the skin while fatty acid is very popular for as cleansing agent. Argan oil functions to moisturize, anti-aging and heal the skin. One of the reasons I bought this make up remover, I heard Argan Oil is good for acne prone skin because it is non greasy so it will not give you oily effect. To know more about Argan oil you can just click here

This is what it looks like

There are two things that makes me think, I may not repurchase this make up remover unless, if I broke. First, this product is not suitable to remove your eye makeup. Since it contains fragrance and scented, so when it has contact with eyes, you might feel poignant. Silly me, I do not read before I use it because in the "Cautions" part has warned the user to avoid with direct contact with eyes. Second, it contains methylparaben. Haha, dang it! Silly me again, I supposed to read the ingredients before I bought this product but I realize, since it helps and suitable for acne skin therefore, the manufacturer of course will include paraben in it. Screw paraben!

Other than that, it is all good. I mean it helps to clean all the dirt on my face well. I dont have to wipe for the second time by using the second sheet. Means that, I only have to use one sheet to clean all my makeup. Hence, 3.5/5 because it contains paraben! :P

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  1. I bought this yesterday and then remember you once blogged about it! Hehe. I got to admit, the ingredients are not too friendly but it works really well and it's cheap too. I beli pun semalam sebab emergency, nak solat kat luar but I forgot to bring wipes. ;P

    1. OMG you commented my post! Yes, it worked well but the indgridient... hurm boleh lah kalau terpaksa hehe


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