beautiful eyes

July 26, 2012

my spectacles' power seems increasing day by day. I mean during this mid sem break I look at TV and my laptop screen more than I look at my reflection in the mirror. See how I benefit the usage of my eyes to see everything that only you can see through screen. I know I know. How can I be so pathetic enough? So you know I spent only 7 to 8 hours in a week to see other things because I only out of my house during the weekend. If my parents are nice enough to bring me out. Ok back to the eyes.

I want to tell you about *cough*my husband-boyfriend-soulmate-to-be*cough*. I met him last month, but I found him that I cant stop thinking about him lets say 2 weeks ago. He is older than me and he is a nice guy. Straight to the point, I stalked  investigated him on facebook. So, nothing much I can get from there. So, I realized that he had tumblr account. Which is very good- because he seems more open there. So, I learnt that he is very excited about the eyes. How to put in me too.

In 100 facts column of his tumblr blog, he stated that he really likes eyes. He said that when he found someone special it's okay if she cant speak or cant hear because through eyes, he can see everything. He said that he lives to see other's eyes so that he can knows other's heart. WOW. hopeless romantic. miaow. Me too. I mean I'm not using the eyes to see other's heart, but for god sake, eyes are the most erm erm pure? Because there is a place where you cant lie. You can shed fake tears but the eyes cant make you lie.

Hey there. So nice to know you.

P/s : oh,jemaah2 masjid jamek pekan nanas. sory kalau saya tak perasaan akan diri anda. ini kerana saya rabun dan tidak memakai spek ke masjid. segala ksulitan amat dihargai 

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