May 27, 2013

I was having conversation with Kak Fasiha about what I'm gonna be after grad. To be honest- all I could think of is continuing my study a.k.a taking master. I would say, that is so TIMID version of me. before this, I was so adventurous, inspirational and so not afraid of trying. But now, I'm so lazy, cheap, broken and bent.  Where's the concept of wild, young and free?! I don't know!! Let me show you the version of me after I finished my foundation. I have so many opts- I wanna take degree in English (Literature) or I wanna take architectures or Art and Designs, or major in Masscom as a journalist *i'd like to be a food journalist* You know, one thing I've found from my lecturers in Foundation, they encouraged us to be more than a teacher.  You can see there are a lot from my batch choose English, Procom,mascom or even culinary for their first degree. The thing is, my lecturers in my foundation years were so inspiring and did not give us the pressure to be a teacher ONLY. Let me review the version of me now. All I want to do after my graduation, I just want to further my studies and at some point in my life I just wanna settle down and having kids. That's all. No more opts that I could find in my head. 

Actually, I have plans of yeah to be more me rather than following the 'educational' flow. But I think my life is all about being what society and family want  me to be. Oh gosh these things reminded me how fooled I am in recent incidents of my life. I don't wana talk about it. I've found it is so relevant to keep everything with my self and share this to no one, since I have no one interested to me nowadays. I hope it's all about timing. Maybe at this moment I just so messed up with my life and I hope one day Allah show me what I should be. Bak kata Yana- Yang terbaik pun tak semestinya mmg baik untuk aku. Indeed Allah knows the best.

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