January 27, 2012

life is full of surprises. 
so my life.from the past few days, i've been facing with surprises that will change me forever. mark my word. FOREVER. 
and everything starts on this SUNDAY. oh my god. to be honest, i'm so freaking out for this SUNDAY-4PM. Its just I'm worried to let go something that had been with me for 20 years and looking forward for something that will not gonna let me down. 
That's why suddenly I'm not confirm about hanging out in Melaka. I hope it'll be okay if I cant make it, and my friends will understand me. I hope it'll be fine if I go there and not being judged. Because i'll be different from  someone that you've ever known.  

Semoga Allah mempermudahkan segala perjalananku untuk hari itu dan seterusnye. 

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