why i'm not close enough with my schooldays friends

January 22, 2012

I have traveled many places even during my schooldays. i mean inside Johor. From pekan nanas, i moved to one school at muar. its quite far more than 90km. well, even though you cant tell any differences between school in pekan nanas and muar, but for me, you cant measure the differences because it was more than the earth and the sun's distance. 

oke. let me start from my kindergarten.. i'm not remember anything.. unless syukri. oh he's my bf during my kindergarten days.  the only memory still lingering in my mind is, after class, we went to play swings, and he shared his vitagen with me. we shared the same straw. kyaaa~~ so indirect kiss happened *blush* during kindergarten days, only emad still in contact with me, but that's all

next, primary school. oke. primary school nothing happened. me with my cliques jek, like bella, zul, paan, hakim and farid. yet, when evrybody at pekan nanas and wanna hangout, then we will contact to each other. paan-he had many problemsss with me. whatever. 

for my secondary school--there were bella, tiara, nabilah hussin, uje, tikah ramli, halim? paan, farid. well, its quite few but still, they have their own life. I knew what happened to them but,,, we're you know only sometimes.

my high school. oke, tbh, they kind a weird. no I'M WEIRD. well, i'm not going to explain on them. 

UITM TESL friends are awesome... they're superb the best!!! I LOVE THEM.

UTM friends.. idk but certain ppl - anith, maira, ika. ahaha.. and i'm still awkward arund my classmates fyi. but its okay, i have another 7 sems with them. 

the reasons? IDK. i'm not cool enough . HAHA

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