January 18, 2012

The horrible girl remembering her last time she's crying. It was a dark night. Meeting that nice boy was ripping her heart. As they looked into each other's eyes, the horrible girl remembered of their first meeting. Their hearts were fluttering and both of them barely breathing as they were trembling. But that night, it was different..  That nice boy that previously did not has a guard to call the horrible girl, at last open his mouth. Reaching out his hands ended up with falling.The stone-hearted horrible girl cant stand her view. She quickly grabbed his man's hands. Their eyes met. 

Tears rolling out. That nice man, can't stand anymore and realize how he was in the same state. The burden between the was reaching the climax . After a long fight, they still lose. They didn't blame anyone. It was just a sign from God that they were not meant for each other. The white flag was flown.

The world remains silent. Life goes on. 

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