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August 02, 2012

okay. I want to tell you a secret. Once upon a time, I joined art class. hah~ see? I grew up decently.I really like things that do not use much of my brain juice. More to skill, hand job . I asked my mom, if she let me join art class. And my mom, got some extra money at that time, so she registered me to one art class at my pekan. First time, I felt so awkward because I'm the only Malay in the class, and I joined class with the 2nd grade which the majority of the students is from a primary students-at that time I was in form 1.  


This is scrapping technique. you scrap while the colour still wet. 

this is my first painting. comel.

This is the hardest one. I don't really like and talented in sketching. Too much details and focus needed. You'll be fully starving after you did this. I'm not lying

this is my fav - RUST 1

WARNA PANAS. 2 weeks to complete this. seriously
Got tons of paintings, but next time ha. I attended this class for quite some time. But I quit because I have to enter boarding school. I really do like in drawing, paintings. There are many more to do in order to become a lady. If I get a chance, I want to try oil paintings which is very expensive and yoga. 

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