This post is so childish and I'm gonna put my palm face here, because i'm too childish. This post is childish.

August 08, 2012

I think my blog posts are too clear. Damn. My talent. Someone caught me and he complained how it happened. That guy sms me,out of blue.

''So, you moved on?''
''Tell me more..''
''There's no more. I moved on.That's all''
''Because I was wasting my time. And thanks to you my school life was sucks. So I wont make you ruin my youth too. Enough?''
''Guess you will write this whole thing in your blog''
''Guess who's right? Well if you want the credit, I'll write your name bigger.''
''No thanks.''

I did a good job because I'm not the one who started it nor who ended it. Pls behave.

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