August 10, 2012

This saturday (12/8/2012) I planned with my other friends to go Iftar at my school-SM Sains Muar. Actually,I cant attend the Iftar because I didnt register and pay for everything, but I will just go. Hehe. Wooow.. it's been a while for me-for being there. The last time, I was there for taking my SPM certificate in 2010 or early 2011 maybe. I dont even remember. 

So, I was a little bit nervous, happy, overwhelm (?) I cant even sleep. It is just how am I going to face or react in front of my friends, classmates, dorm mates, because people changed. I do. My mind now keep reminiscing my mems there. 

dorm mates

dorm mates

friends :)

soulmate. okay LAME. -.-''

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