cant get enough

February 28, 2012

i'm really sorry. too vulnerable lately. i'm in distress and everything in a mess. i just dont get it why I'm always in rush and ppl around do the same. it's just some matters were not destined to happen like now. it's a God's timing. we just dont know.  I hate being pushed doing something that I'm not doing it not because I'm lazy or think that all that stuffs are being irrational, but I need a perfect timing. Please ...... listen to the timing.  So, some ppl told me that when you wait for a timing, it will never get right and it'll take forever. but here's what I'm thinking. If things will take forever,it'll be forever and it's a sign from the God, that you're not good enough for that. I hate being such a paranoia but things never work for me. The best conclusion ever. I just hate ppl talking when I'm. Ppl will never listen-keep it in your mind. I'm just a person with no importance. Persons who I'm holding to, leave one by one without looking back. That 's a true story.

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