whatever bnyk2 kali

May 27, 2012

i've seen many damages that had been caused by the second thoughts.
Yup,for simple-minded person like me, i became menyampah with people that always had a second thoughts. 
Cmon dude, setakat nak ajak keluar pun lu ade second thoughts, please, i advice you to stop thinking.
You think that you are cautious, matured, thoughtful person, but seriously you annoyed me. 
I mean, because of your second thought I've became left behind as you said you need time. whatever. huh whatever. 
I'm not saying that being a simple-minded person is good, but sometimes, by having second thoughts you are giving someone hope and then after your brain are blending with facts that maybe could never happen, you just destroyedddd the hope.
As a friend. you are not always right and don't over think.

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