Blow my whistle

December 26, 2012

okay this post's title is freaking wrong.
I'm gonna tell you how this blow my whistle thingy makes my life miserable
okay, in my family-from my mom's side, I'm the only one who is taking TESL as a major. yeah. 
in other words, taking English.
So, many of my family members will come to me when we talk about English and yeah, they did treat me like a 'walking dictionary' but whatever. 
So, yesterday, I have small family gathering in my Mak Tam's house and one of my nieces met me and he talked about how fluent of him in English
To be honest, I'm impressed with his effort to talk about it since it is school holiday and nobody wants to study at this time even though I'm in my study week to be honest.
So I transcribe the conversation: 

Niece:  Mak Long Ika, kite dah pandai English *dgn senyuman*
Me:  Oh, nice! cube speaking sikit
Niece:  kite tak pandai speaking lah Mak Long tapi kite blaja speaking dgn hafal lagu English.
Me:  wah, hebat tau skrg. oke, meh kiter dgr awak nyanyi lagu English.
Niece:  "can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby.let me know. Girl I'm gonna show you how to do it, and we start real slow, you just put your lips together.... bla bla*
Me:  *shocked* Okayyyyyy~~ pandai nye! so, mane tau lyrics2 ni. knp hafal lagu ni?
Niece:  Selalu dgr kat radio. Kite search lah lirik dy kat internet. Pandai kan kite nyanyi?
Me:  Pandai.. bagus2.. Ni tau tak maksud dy?
Niece:  nnt kiter nak bukak kamus, tgk mksud.
Me:  HA??? okay. lagu tu macam tak best la. Apa kata dgr lagu Maher Zain, dy pny perkataan lagi susah. nnt kalau awak gune, org mesti respek..!
Niece:  okay. lepas kite cari mksud lagu ni, kiter search lagu Maher Zain pulak ^^

Okay, seriously Flo Rida what have you done with my niece??! This song is obviously dirty and way too dirty. My first English song is I have A Dream by Westlife and my niece's first English song is Blow My Whistle by Flo Rida. To be honest, English songs nowadays are way too dirty and even me cannot handle it. I cant imagine my own children sing those dirty songs in the car, and seriously it is seriously annoying. I think learn English through songs is not valid anymore. 

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  1. omg if i were the auntie i will definitely make my niece swear not to sing that song again.

  2. generasi baru yang kasihan...=_=''


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