imma princess.

March 24, 2011


because its my 19th birthday..!! wee :)

before tiup LILIN...i wanna make wish.

1) wanna be taller than usual, even though its impossible, but who cares. nk jugak !! nak jugak !!

2) wanna have a BOYFRIEND..hahha.. 
normal lah kan.. kawan2 dah ade yg ade bf, so, what's wrong if I ask the same thing. ITS MY BIRTHDAY THO. *jgn ngade2 clo..-.-''

3) having a party with ARTISTS.. especially SHINEE :))

5) LAST BUT NOT LEAST.. nk lepak balik dgn kawan JEBAT :(

not forget them :D

okay lah.. BOYFRIEND dah tggu dpn rumah for date :D

and he brings present !!!

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  1. haha....Hope your wishes come true...but the first wish seems impossible la Clo..=D

  2. oh..thanks !! hahha.. yeah, the first one is very tough.. but hahhaa.. NAKKK JUGAKKK !!!

  3. ==" perasan sikit2 dah melebih. :p


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